Ashley’s Diary — Thursday, April 9, 2009 (archives)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Today, after we did our selection, the body painting artist visited our homeroom, and told us that three lucky girls would be given the opportunity to have her body painted.  It was so exciting!  He passed out a more detailed brochure, showing the steps involved in body painting.


The pretty girl who was painted in the brochure posed to show how completely her butt was covered, almost all the way down her crack, past her asshole, so that she would be completely covered, when she is viewed from most directions.


A very interesting picture showed the girl squatting with her legs apart to show that the upper parts of her lips were completely covered, and even her hood, too.


When the artist asked for a show of hands of the girls who were interested, my hand shot up, along with about half the girls in the class.  The artist said uh-oh, I can only paint three of you.  That’s when the teacher gave us some restrictions, which he hoped would cut down on the number of interested girls.  The most significant restriction was that we would have to get completely naked to be painted.  This caught me by surprise, although I suppose I should have expected it.  After I thought about it a little, I didn’t find any problem with it.  I would only need to be naked for a short time, after all, after which my paint would be my clothing.

Then the artist described the designs he had in mind.  The first design was the one shown in the brochures, although the girl can pick the colors of her virtual top and shorts.  To be fair, the girls who have the most points were called first.  Taylor, with 11 points, jumped at the chance.  The teacher asked her to remove her clothing.  She blanched!  “Now?” she asked.  “Of course,” said the teacher.  The artist saw her hesitation and jumped in to help.  “Of course, I’ll give you a robe to wear until painting begins,” he said.  He reached into his bag, and removed a thin robe, and held it out for Taylor.  Taylor removed her dress, but left her panties on.  She had such pretty breasts, it seemed a shame to cover them, but she donned the robe in record time, and held it closed with her hands, since it lacked any snaps, belts, or the like.  The robe was waist-length, showing some skin between her panties and the robe.  “I’ll take your clothing, Taylor,” said the teacher.  “You’ll get it back exactly seven days from today.”  She blushed, brought her minidress to the front of the room, and handed it to the teacher.  Given the microscopic length of the robe, Taylor was secretly happy that she bothered to wear panties this morning.  She could have very easily come to school without any panties, and in that case, the robe wouldn’t have covered much at all!

“I’m sorry, Taylor,” said the teacher, “but I’ll need all your clothing.”

Taylor gulped.  She stood, and since I was sitting behind her, I could see her pretty cheeks clenching the thin fabric of her panties.  “P-p-please,” she stammered, but she knew it was no use.  She so wanted the body paint, but on the other hand, she was very shy, and although the robe covered her pretty breasts well enough, it did nothing for her cute little bottom.

“Well, we can go on to the next girl, then,” said the teacher.

“No, no, please!” said Taylor, hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her cute little panties.  Without committing to removing them, she started to lower the waistband.  I think she was hoping for a miracle.  None came.  She slowly lowered her panties, and then stepped gingerly out of them.  She put one leg in front of the other just like a supermodel, and handed her panties to the teacher.  Then she did a model turn, and strutted back to her seat, clutching her tiny robe to her large breasts in a parody of modesty that I found rather funny.  The robe covered so little of her pretty body she might as well have let it blow in the wind, for all the modesty it afforded her!

The second design was a short robe, which is open in the front, but magically covers both nipples, and one flap just barely covers the pussy!  The back of the robe would cover the upper part of the butt, with a shadow that covers the next inch or two of the butt, including the girl’s asshole.  So even though the robe leaves her asshole uncovered, the shadow covers it, which gave me a key insight into body paint: the clothes can be dangerously sexy, and still cover the girl completely!

The next girl in the point total was Liz.  Although Liz is almost as shy as Taylor, she is a lot more practical.  She bared her pretty round cheeks, and medium sized breasts without any complaint, got up stark naked to hand in her clothes, and then accepted a robe from the artist.  Liz’ robe was much longer than Taylors, which I found very funny.  Although Liz is quite a bit taller than Taylor, her robe covered about half her butt, and if she had closed it, her pussy would have been almost completely covered as well.  The artist asked her to pause before taking her seat, while he adjusted the robe on her.  He draped it neatly over her nipples, and held one side of it over her pussy.  “This is how your body paint will look,” he said.  Very tasteful, I thought.

The artist explained the third design, which he said was the sexiest of all.  It was so sexy, in fact, that he would ask for a girl to commit to it first, and then he would reveal the design.  The teacher called on me, since I had the third highest point total.  This would be a hard choice.  The first two designs cover all body parts completely, and the third, I was sure, would at least mostly cover me, too.

I took a deep breath.  “OK,” I said.

Everyone looked at me, and then I remembered that I was expected to remove my clothes.  I had worn bikini panties under a black micro-minidress.  A really cute outfit.  Oh well.  Body paint was more important.  I took off my panties first, and brought them to the front of the room.  “Do I really have to take off my dress now?” I asked.  I unbuttoned it, and let it hang open while the teacher thought about my request.  I prayed he would let me keep it on.  “Look,” I said, ripping the buttons off the dress.  “It barely covers me, now,” I said.  “Can’t I keep it on?”

The teacher thought about my request.  “Put your arms up, and spread your legs apart,” he said.  I was so hoping he would let me keep my dress, I did as he ordered, even though it opened me up to full view.  Even my breasts were uncovered as my dress hung open.  “Chelsea, please come up to the front of the room, and help Ashley decide whether to keep her dress on.”

Chelsea was a bit surprised, but did as she was told.  “First,” said the teacher, “I want you to hand over your thong.  Failure to do so means Ashley has to strip naked.”

“Please,” I begged her.  She shrugged.  Since she was wearing a crotch-length dress, she didn’t mind too much.  She handed it over.  “Thank you, Chelsea,” I whispered in her ear.  “I owe you one.”  I kissed her sweetly on the lips.

“Keep kissing, girls,” continued the teacher, “and then one of you will submit to having her dress removed by the other,” he announced.  I realized I would have to lose my dress, because, after all, I would need to be naked to be painted, anyway.  So I stopped trying to strip Chelsea, and as we kissed, I let her slip my dress off my shoulders.  We continued rubbing each others’ backs, and breasts, and soon I was completely naked, my nipples rock hard, and my pussy dripping wet.  I kept my legs spread wide apart, and let her have her way with me as we kept kissing.

“Very nice,” said the teacher, motioning for Chelsea to sit down.  I mouthed “thank you,” to her, and watched as she sat down.  She sat with her legs spread apart, aparently unaware how clearly excited she was.

While I stood naked, the artist began explaining the third design.  The third design is a singlet that comes down exactly to the top of the pussy, and covers the top part of the butt crack, leaving the girl essentially bottomless.  I was at the same time shocked by the prospect of going bottomless for the next week, and anxious to get at least some body paint on my naked body.  “Bottomless?” I asked, hoping for some reprieve.

“Not exactly, dear,” said the artist.  “There’s a little shadow under the singlet, which will cover your hood and the top part of your lips.

“And in back?”

“Just keep your cheeks together, and you’ll be fine,” he replied.

It could be much worse, I thought as I sat down.  I looked down at my lap, and was happy to see only the top part of my pussy was showing.  It could be a lot worse.  I’ll be fully covered where it counts, I thought.  The bell rang, and I got my naked body up and along to my first class, looking forward to the body painting, and the week to follow!

And for today’s pretty girl of the day…

The cookie girl outfit is just perfect for this little sales person.  It’s decent, and sexy at the same time.  She’ll be happy to explain that you really can’t wear panties under a skirt like this, because they would show.  A low-rise thong might be possible, but then it would make unsightly lines.  Best not to wear anything at all under the cute little skirt.


Now, the best way to make cookie sales is to wear the skirt just a little high in the back, but, of course, not too high.  The idea is to show off just the tenderest part of the sales girl’s cute little butt, but not too much!


The main objective is to always leave people wondering whether she’s wearing a thong.  Oops!  Oh, well.


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