Ashley’s Diary — Thursday, April 2, 2009 (archives)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It was only a matter of time before one of the girls got desperate enough to come to school topless.  Today, it was Becky.  If any of us could pull it off, it would be her, because she really has nothing to hide.  I’m not being mean, it’s just that her tits are really small, so if you don’t look at her closely, you could take her for a boy.

I asked her how she got out of the house topless.  Didn’t your mother see you, and tell you to put on a shirt?  Becky leaned in close to me.  Her baby blue eyes were so pretty, and she smelled so nice, I kissed her.  It was an impulse, which could have turned out badly, I know.  But I felt her nipples harden as we kissed, and knew I had made the right choice.  She held my head tight with her hands and kissed me with unexpected passion.  Then she told me her secret: she wore her skirt as a top to get out of the house.  Apparently, a thong and a skimpy top was OK by her mother.  Then, to comply with the no-changing rule, she pulled her skirt down to her waist before getting on the school bus.  I told her how much I admire her courage.

Then, for the judging, tragedy struck poor Becky… again!  As she stood topless before the class, her nipples as stiff as can be, the teacher made her pull her skimpy little skirt down lower and lower, until it was hanging a good three inches below her crotch.  Then he made her sit down!  Needless to say, she started crying a river of tears, and I don’t blame her!  Of all the girls, she’s taken the most chances, and so far she has nothing to show for it.

Meanwhile, I was wearing a white silk man-tailored shirt with a collar and everything!  I thought about borrowing one of my dad’s ties, but in the end, I thought it would be sexier to unbutton a few buttons and show some cleavage.  It was such a cute look, but I almost took it off, because I felt like I wasn’t sufficiently covered.  Even though it looked long enough in the mirror, it just felt too short.  I think it’s just that I’m not used to wearing such a light fabric — the silk is so thin, it weighs practically nothing!  In the end, it was a good choice — although I felt naked, I looked great.  I know because I got a lot of compliments from the girls, and a lot of playful slaps on the butt from the boys.

After four days, our standings looked like this, with me and Laurie leading the class, and poor, topless, Becky at the bottom of the doghouse.

Ashley – 6
Lauren – 6
Taylor – 6
Elizabeth – 5
Alexis – 5
Jennifer – 5
Samantha – 4
Courtney – 3
Katherine – 2
Megan – 2
Nicole – 2
Chelsea – 2
Kaitlyn – 2

Brittany – 1
Hannah – 1
Amanda – 1
Rebecca – 0
Emily – 0

After the judging was over, I stopped at Becky’s desk, and bent over to talk to her.  As we talked, I consoled her by rubbing her cute little breasts, and she rubbed my thighs and buns.  As she gently stroked me, her fingers lightly passed from one cheek to the other, each one tickling my asshole.  At that moment, I wished my shirt were a bit longer, because I could feel myself getting pretty excited, and I knew the boys could see that.  But I left myself open, because Becky was being so sweet to me, and because she needed me.  I told her about my experience yesterday wearing an apron, and suggested that would be a way for her to catch up.  A sexy apron can earn you three or even four points, I said, without baring anything more than just your butt.

“I’ll do just that,” she said, wiping her tears.  She grabbed the collar of my sexy little shirt, and brought me close to her.  I felt the breeze on my now totally bare butt, as she had lifted the shirt pretty high!  There was no time to look around and see if any of the boys were watching me, though, because Becky had me in a lip lock!  What a great kisser!  I hugged her as tight as I could, all bent over like that, and kissed her for what felt like several minutes!

“I’m so looking forward to earning some points tomorrow,” she said.

Today’s pretty girl is so heavenly, she could walk on water.  She could walk on the water in a pool, couldn’t she?  Or on a pool table, anyway.


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