Ashley’s Diary — Sunday, April 26, 2009 (archives)

Alright, where was I?  Oh yeah, Nikky and Chelsea needed to put on a little show for us, to convince us they were happy to be stripped, and wouldn’t mind parading around town in the nude all weekend.

I already knew from their behavior that they weren’t at all comfortable being stripped, so I was going to enjoy their show.  Nikky wanted to go first, which was fine for Chelsea, so she sat back and watched.

“Five minutes,” said the teacher.  “And class,” he reminded us, “you will be voting for the winning girl — that is, you will vote for the girl who will be saved from stripping.”

Nikky seemed nervous, but her voice was strong.  “First of all, like Brittany, there…” she gestured her way, and the class got another look at the naked girl, “I’m going to take off my clothes, and show them to you, so you can get a good understanding of my outfit.”  She gulped.  “I’m going to take off all my clothes, and within the next five minutes, I will be standing naked before you, so that you will see there is no need to strip me; you will have much more fun stripping my competitor here.”  Chelsea looked stoic.  Or was she ready to crack?  I couldn’t tell.  I was just looking forward to seeing this shy girl strip for us, just so we would vote in her favor.  “I’m wearing panties,” she began, lifting her tiny skirt so we would see she was telling the truth.  She unsnapped the stockings from her garter, bent over, and pulled her panties down to her ankles, and then kicked them off.  “I won’t be needing these again,” she said, walking over to the bulletin board.  She pinned them up, above Brittany’s shirt, stretching high on tippy toes.  We all got a good look at her pretty butt crack, and her pussy, because her skirt was so short, well, she really needn’t have bothered.  She unbuttoned her tight vest, and the top few buttons of her thin blouse.  “Next, I’ll remove my bra, and I’ll leave it off, too.”  She fished it out of her shirt, and pinned it next to her panties.  “Consider my bra and panties a donation to the classroom.  Win or lose, today, I’ll spend the day without them, and I’ll go home without them.”  She was starting to look extremely sexy, as her shirt not only so thin it left little to the imagination, but wide open as well.  She removed her vest, and laid it on the floor, followed swiftly by her blouse.  Now wearing nothing but a garter and stockings, she looked very sexy indeed.  She might have gone further, but the teacher said “Time!”

He waited while she put her blouse and vest back on, then turned to Chelsea.  “You have five minutes, dear,” he said.

Chelsea gulped.  Nikky’s would be a hard act to follow.  “Socks,” she said as she took them off.  “Pajama bottoms,” she said, and off they came.  She stood, frozen, before the class for what seemed like an eternity.  She seemed to be dreading each item of clothing more than the last.  “Leggings,” she said, finally.  It took her a long time to take them off.  She was wearing a silk pajama top that was big enough to hide a pair of panties, perhaps.  Which would she take off next?  “Panties,” she said, ending the speculation.  She turned her back to the class, and pulled them down her long, thin legs, finally bending over to pick them up off the floor.  When she bent over, we could all see her cute little butt hole, and her pussy, which by this time was glistening.

“Time,” said the teacher.

“But I wanted to take off my bra and pajama top, to show the class,” said Chelsea.

“Sorry,” said the teacher.  “You can put your clothes back on, if you like.”

“That’s OK,” said Chelsea, clearly disappointed.  “I’ll be happy to wear just a bra and pajama top.”

“Wonderful!” said the teacher in stark contrast to Chelsea’s mood.  “Now, we vote.  Class, if you would like to see Chelsea stripped, vote for Nikky.  And if you would like to see Nikky bare all, then vote for Chelsea.  Vote for the girl who you feel has already suffered enough, and then we’ll all get to see the other one stripped naked.”  He rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

Nikky stood on the red circle, and Chelsea stood on the blue one.  We each had a red and blue ball to throw in the bucket when it came around.  I threw in a red one, because Nikky was already showing her pussy beneath that tiny miniskirt, while Chelsea was clearly scared to death of having to strip for us.  Her show of bravado at the end, just wearing a bra and shirt, didn’t convince me.

The teacher peered into the bucket and announced the winner.  He held Nikky’s hand up, and pronounced her the winner.  She was so happy, she barely noticed her boobs falling out of her shirt, which she had somehow forgotten to rebutton.

“Do-over!” yelled Chelsea.

This caught me by surprise.  But the teacher confirmed that a do-over is possible, and costs one item of clothing.  Chelsea unbuttoned her pajamas, and proudly removed her bra.  “Win or lose,” she said, echoing her Nikky’s words, “I’ll just wear this pajama top.”  And to emphasize her commitment, she pulled off all its buttons, one by one, and let them clatter to the floor.  She stood before us wearing a single item of clothing that covered her butt and barely covered her cute little tits, and nothing else.

I have to admit I admired Chelsea’s courage.  I changed my mind when the bucket came around again.  I threw in a blue ball.  The class agreed, apparently.  The teacher held Chelsea’s hand up, and she beamed proudly, her breasts and pussy fully visible to all the class.  Even when he let her hand down, she was so proud, she left her top wide open, barely covering her shoulders.

Nikky seemed prepared for this.  “I’m calling for a do-over, she said, removing her vest.”

I wasn’t impressed.  Nikky was still wearing lots of clothes.  Sure, her skirt was short, but she was amply covered by her shirt, garter, and stockings.  She was still pretty well dressed, I thought.  I voted against her one more time, and once again, she called for a do-over.

“Nicky,” I said, “We’re just gonna keep voting against you until you’re down to one item of clothing, just like Chelsea.  Only then will we strip one of you.  And Chelsea has already committed to wearing just her pajama top with no buttons, even if she wins.  I think that’s pretty bold, and it makes me want to strip you.”

The class cheered.  “I get the point,” Nikky said.  “I’m stripping down to my skirt,” she announced, taking off all her other clothes.  She pinned them up on the bulletin board in their proper relative position, dressing the board up like a sexy girl!  Her tiny skirt was no more than two or three inches long, with lots of tiny little pleats.  Very cute, I thought.

I voted for Nikky in the end, because overall, she seemed the most confident.  It was Chelsea that I wanted to force to be naked all weekend, and all through Monday.  Apparently, the class agreed.  All eyes turned to Chelsea, as she started crying.  She let her top slip off her shoulders, and grabbed it with both hands just before it would have tumbled to the ground.

Then she picked up her head.  “Do over!”

“I’m sorry, dear,” said the teacher to the beautiful crying naked girl.  You have to be wearing more than one item of clothing to call for a do-over.

“I am,” she said, smiling through her tears.  “It’s my choker.”  She let her top fall to the ground as she lifted up her head, so we could all gaze at her little white necklace.

“Do over it is,” said the teacher.  I’ll admit that I still voted for Nikky, but my classmates were pursuaded by Chelsea’s cleverness.

“Nikky,” said the teacher.  “I’m afraid it’s your turn to strip.”  And this time, there were no surprises.  No hidden items of clothing.  A dejected Nikky took off her tiny little skirt, and pinned it on the board next to all her other clothing.

The teacher held Chelsea’s arm up, and declared her the winner.  Though she would have to spend the rest of the day naked, and even the bus ride home, she looked forward to putting on some clothes when she returned home.

In a show of solidarity with her naked classmates, I thought it was really sweet that Brittany announced she would forgo clothing for the remainder of the day as well.  The three naked girls enjoyed a group hug just as the bell rang ending the most exciting class in a long time.

Today’s pretty girl looks snuggly and huggable in her tiny little dress,


and just as cute out of it!



To wear just a choker for one day to be spared full nudity for four – Friday, the weekend, and Monday. Clever girl, indeed!
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