Ashley’s Diary — Saturday, April 18, 2009 (archives)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

“Amanda,” I said after earning my 30th point, “you’re not getting it.  I thought you were going to come to school bottomless, and earn some points.”

“I know, I know,” she said, hanging her head in shame.  “I lost my nerve.”

“But yesterday, you spent the whole day wearing just a little top, and you were fine!”

“I wasn’t fine, though.”

“Really?  What happened?”

“I was fine in school, but then when I came home, bottomless, my dad asked me where my panties were.  I told him I threw them away, and he went ballistic!  He said clothes don’t grow on trees, and blah blah blah (I forget the rest of it).”

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“And then he made me bend over, in the family room where my brother and his friends were watching TV, and wait while he decided how many times to spank me.”

“He made you wait?  All bent over?  With your brother and his friends watching?”

“Yes, it was humiliating.  He made me stand directly in front of the TV, so there was nothing for them to watch but my bare butt.  I must have stood there with my legs together, touching my toes, for ten minutes before it became unbearable, and I had to spread them apart.  Finally, my dad decided to begin spanking me.  It came almost as a relief at first.  But then after each spank, he would gently rub my bottom, and even though I was embarrassed and humiliated to be spanked in front of my brother and his friends, I found my juices were flowing.  After he had spanked me about a dozen times, he asked me if I had learned my lesson.  I told him I had, and he believed me.  He put some Aloe lotion in his hands, and spread it all over my bottom, and between my legs to sooth me, and it was very soothing, but…”

Mandy covered her face.

“It’s OK, I said.”

I had an idea what she was going to say.  She said it in a whisper.  “I came,” she admitted.

I knew how she must have felt, to get sexually aroused at her father’s hand.  “It’s OK,” I said.  We kissed, and I stroked her hair.

I want to direct your attention to a very pretty girl’s very pretty butt.  It’s our pretty butt of the day.



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