Ashley’s Diary — Monday, March 23, 2009

What a day!  It turns out our teacher wasn’t bluffing, he has a whole plan to strip one of the girls in the class each month for the next six months, starting in April.  He kept stressing how much fun it will be to see the girl being stripped, and then watch her throughout the day, trying to fit in and behave as normal, while completely stark naked.

But all I could think about was the poor girl who would be stripped, and how awful it would be for her.  And I wasn’t alone, either.  I was relieved that Hanna, Megan, Mandy, and Kathy all asked pointed questions.

Hanna has the most adorable light blue eyes, and medium-length curly brown hair.  She never wears a bra, because she really doesn’t need to.  Don’t get me wrong — she’s very attractive and girly — she’s just not blessed with big boobs.  “If one of us will be stripped naked, how can you promise that girl won’t be upset about it?”

“It’s all a matter of degree,” said the teacher.  “How upset would you be, if it were you who is stripped on the 24th of April?”

A shiver went down my spine at the mention of the exact date when one of us would be stripped naked and forced to parade about the school in her altogether.  Hanna didn’t respond.  She was as stunned as me, I guess.

“I would be very upset,” said Megan.  She looked around the room nervously.  Her long wavy brown hair framed her pretty round face.  Her big brown puppy-dog eyes looked up at the teacher beseechingly.  Her nipples pressed against the front of her thin white top.

“Well then, there’s something you can do about it, Megan.  And you have a week to think about it.  All this week, I’ll be explaining the rules of the game, and then starting next week, you will be able to earn points that will exempt you from being stripped.

“Points?”  Her pretty green eyes darted back and forth.  Was she wearing panties under her pretty sundress, I wondered?  Probably.  Even though her dress was long enough to hide a complete lack of underwear, I sensed that Mandy was not much of an exhibitionist.  She had a lot to hide, after all: big tits, curvy hips, and a booty to match.

“You girls are getting to the age where you are not just girls any more, but beautiful young women.”  Oh, no, I thought: this will be another one of his crazy statements.  I can feel it.  He went on, “And as the sexy things you are, you have a lot of charms…”  Charms?  What was he trying to say?  “And so it would be sad to think of those charms being hidden away, never to be enjoyed…”  And so you’re going to strip one of us? Is that where you’re going with this?  “And so, if you feel comfortable doing so, of course, you will be encouraged to, as it were, turn on the charm for us in class…”

“And this is how we earn points?” Kathy asked with a sneer.  “By turning on the charm?”  Kathy’s high cheekbones gave her the just-sucked-on-a-lemon look that the boys all seemed to find very attractive.  Her pretty blue eyes framed by long straight black hair seemed to turn them on, too.  Or was it her big boobs?  In any case, it wasn’t her personality, which was the opposite of soft and gentle.

“Exactly!” said the teacher, smiling broadly.

Now, for todays pretty girl, who seemed a little surprised that I snuck up on her and snapped this photo while she was in our school’s library.  She had worn a bra and panties to school this morning, and only took off her bra temporarily because she thought no one was around who might see her.


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