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Posted on February 16, 2012 by MzM

Monday morning. I wasn’t sure I’d make it back to my dorm. I had stayed out all night partying way past daybreak. Everyone was getting their day started but i was just about to go to sleep. I was tired, so i wasn’t particularly in the mood to deal with an inspection as I made my way back to campus this morning but i found this girl wandering around and she appeared to be lost. Even through my daze and sunglasses, she stopped me in my tracks.

Now, i was going to let it go cause i was very tired and my mind was already in bed. I skipped a couple steps in protocol and i know it’s not an excuse, but i just wasn’t in the mood. I had this horrible feeling deep down that this particular girl had been flaunting multiple violations of the dress code. Even more than the ones that were immediately visible to the eye. Without even introducing myself, I flashed my badge and told her to get up and accompany me. She did.

I wasn’t going to waste much time on this one cause i really needed to get to my room to crash. I told her i was in a rush and that i would make it easy on her. I thought to myself, if her violation is limited to what I’m seeing on the surface, I’ll let her off with a warning and just collect the article that is in violation.

So i asked her to lift her shirt and show me if she had a bra. And, o’boy… I mean really. Who is this girl? Is she nuts?

“Ma’am”, i said, “You’re already in multiple violations of the dress code.” I went on, “may I ask what it was you were thinking when you got dressed this morning?”

“I’m sorry, i don’t understand”, she lead on, giving me an innocent look as she batted her eyelashes at me. These girls like to mess around with us sometimes. I can see that even though i had the intention to keep this simple, she wasn’t going to make this easy.

I asked her to the side, away from the traffic that was passing. I still wanted to salvage this encounter and wanted a good outcome for everyone in the end, but i ordered she pull her bra down. With that, her nipples were exposed.

I proceeded with a lecture. “Ma’am, you can’t possibly think that you weren’t going to be called into an inspection with that shirt you had on. If you were going to insist on wearing that shirt, you should have known it suited you better as a dress and therefore you should have no bottoms.”

“Furthermore, you should not have been wearing a bra under that shirt. So you’re also in violation of our multilayering policies.”

“As I’m seeing, you’re also wearing shorts”, i added.

“I guess i am”, she responded. “Can i see your badge again?”

“Miss, i showed you my badge already, if you wish to see it again, I’ll show you at the end of this inspection.”

“Okay…”, she nodded.

I can see she was going to play games. So now, i wasn’t in the mood to be compassionate anymore. “Miss, you move over by that tree and lower your shorts…”


“The tree, Miss, lower your shorts and touch the tree!” I insisted as i raised my voice somewhat.

Immediately, she responded, dropping her shorts to her thighs and putting her hands against the tree.

“Sweet Mother of…”, i looked on at her ass. “Panties… you’re wearing panties underneath your shorts.”

“Yes”, she said.

Had it been any other day, I’d have straightened this matter out much better. I was just too exhausted to deal with this. It was clear this girl was out to challenge the Universities policies and that she had no respect whatsoever for the school system or regard for her own appearance.

“Just take the shorts off”, i told her. I also noticed she had put her nipples away from view. “Miss, i didn’t say you were allowed to cover your breasts again. Also, please hand those over.” I snatched her shorts from her, checking them for a moment before dropping them in a pile next to my shoes. I grabbed a pen and my pad from my pocket and began to jot down some notes. She adjusted her bra, again, exposing her nipples.

“Miss, stand straight and hold the branch”, i asked her just as people began to gather around. Nothing out of the norm. The usual buzz and comments which i have to ignore. Some random voice asked why i was doing this to her. Whoever, it was, i responded by asking them not to obstruct.

I kept jotting down notes on my pad and asked her other questions. As i did, i started to realize something was off about this girl. She seemed too cheery or helpful. Too happy or naive. I wasn’t sure what it was, but i was beginning to question my previous assertion that she just wanted to mess with me. Still, i moved forward with the inspection.

“Miss, can you bend on your knees for a moment”

She cooperated. The crowed kept building up around her. “Miss, you realize what you’ve done wrong here today, yes?”

“No, I’m really not sure…”, she answered looking back. “Ugghhhhh!”, i threw my head back in frustration. If she’d just admit the violations i would let her go! There was no way anyone was this ignorant! She wanted to throw the gauntlet down, well i had a few more minutes to kill!

“Miss, bend over and grab your knees”, i asked her. She cooperated. Some people laughed in the crowd, others were still questioning what was going on. I stayed focused on this girl. One moment, i was thinking she was completely aware of her guilt. At other moments, she seemed to be smiling too sweetly with me not to know. So what was i dealing with here?

The crowd was getting a little loud and i had a headache. So i asked her to follow me around the corner of a nearby building. It was there i told her to take her shirt off as well as her bra. She complied immediately. She lifted her shirt off and unhooked her bra. I extended my hand out, “Please pass them to me”.

Shed handed them both to me. I ran my fingers through the material of her shirt and took some more notes. I did the same with her bra.

I told her then she also had to take her panties off. She paused with this request, as though mulling it over for a good minute. I told her not to make me wait too long. She began to pull them down and struggled with this a little as they got to her sneakers, but eventually managed to pull them off, kicking them over to me.

“Miss, I’m going to allow you to keep your sneakers, but i will need to confiscate your other clothing.” I finished wrapping up her copy of my citation and tore it out from my pad, extending it to her. “Please don’t lose this”

She folded it up and stuffed it into her sneaker, “Can you explain to me what i did wrong? I honestly don’t know what it was, sir”

I looked at her and saw this girl was sincerely clueless for some reason about what she had done wrong. Everything about this girl was saying she honestly didn’t have any idea. She even picked her shorts and panty off the ground like she was going to put them back on. I reminded her that i was confiscating her clothing, but she looked at me like I’d been talking in marsspeak. I really started feeling bad for this girl. I asked her to take a walk with me because the crowd had built up once again.

We made our way down the road and i arrived at a tunnel i had never been through before. I stopped there and told her that there were a couple of more things i needed to do to finish the inspection. She seemed to understand and kept her composure.

First, i asked her to face me, and i touched her gently on each of her breasts. She looked on at my hand like she’d been half expecting it. I pinched her nipples softly and also rubbed them for a while between my fingers. Everything was in order there.

I asked her to turn around and studied her behind. I knelt down and took in a close up look. I gave it a couple of slight squeezes and rubbed her down there for a minute or two. She kept quiet and let my hand explore the soft skin on her lovely little rump. She was very soft. Everything was in order there as well.

I finally asked her to bend over and touch her toes. She had a great attitude about it and smiled, looking up at me as she did so. I asked her to hold that position and went around to back to see her lovely pussy puckered out into the air.

With a couple of fingers, i touched her there as well as gently as i could to make sure things were right. I didn’t penetrate. Just some over the surface soft petting. She looked over and seemed to like it, and i couldn’t help but appreciate the charisma and charm she’d shown during the entire inspection. I didn’t find anything wrong with her pussy, but i gave her a few tickles on her labia for a few moments, as she seemed to like it. “You’re so cute”, she complemented me.

Everything was in order here, too. With that, the inspection came to an end. I withdrew my hand and i broke out the pad and pen to jot down some final notes.

“That’s it?”, she asked, as if though she’d been expecting something else. I really needed to get back to my room and i told her it was over. That was it. She just kept staring at me and her face seemed to transition a bit toward disappointment. I thought it was cause it was finally sinking in that i needed to take her clothes. I informed her that she would get them back at the end of the day.

“I don’t get this game, Officer, but you can’t leave me hanging like this.”

I looked over my sunglasses at her, “Officer?”

“Yes… you’re a policeman right?”

She lowered her hips, ass just a few inches off the ground and spread her legs at me. She then started rubbing her clitoris very furiously. “You can’t do that… and just leave me hanging…”

What the? Masturbating? Didn’t this chick know better? Police officer? What’s going on here? Was this girl crazy?

I looked at my surroundings trying to make sense of this. Just then, i felt a mild disorientation lift. There, a few meters off was a sign. It was the intersection of two street names i have never seen before in my life. For some reason, i guess i made a left when i should have made a right and i wound up in some other place that looked like our campus! It was one of the parks. No wonder i didn’t recognize this tunnel! This girl didn’t even go to my College!

Did i mention i was on the track team? I have never sprinted away from anything so fast in my life. Before i knew it, i was back zipping through the fields of my campus but i wasn’t going to stop. I actually spotted a few legitimate violations, but nope! Sorry! No time now! I need to get to my dorm!

I got in and slammed the door behind me. I looked at my hand. Ahh, crap! I still had her clothes!

Model is Danielle from FTV Girls:

5 Responses to Wrong Turn Inspection

  1. base says: February 16, 2012 at 11:02 pm excellent! great twist. Loved it. Reply
  2. Zerinza says: February 16, 2012 at 11:33 pm You might feel guilty about having kept her clothes, but by the time she got home I’m thinking she may not have wanted them back! (^_~) Reply
  3. Slick P. Wraith says: February 17, 2012 at 12:30 am Oh well, we all make mistakes. Although, it seems as though she would have made a near perfect student for our college. Reply
  4. William Kazak says: February 17, 2012 at 8:31 pm Yes, everyone can make a mistake or two or three or more all on the same day. If we learn from our mistakes, it is better for everyone concerned. In this case, the mistake was not going through with the entire inspection even though the girl was asking for it in her own way. Running away with all her clothes without getting her address and phone number would be a major mistake. I hope you got her address so that you can personally return her clothes to her, bring her flowers and then give her what you did not give her during the inspection. Maybe she will be happy with you if you do that. Reply
    • base says: February 18, 2012 at 1:44 am Wasn’t she the one that made the mistakes? She just assumed he was a police officer at the flash of a inspector’s badge. Wasn’t she the mistaken one to assume a mere police officer could publicly strip search you? How insane of her on all counts. The inspector made an honest mistake. Forgive and forget. She however lost all her common sense. Perhaps in the future she will not be so gullible. She learned a valuable lesson, a free education at that, well except for the price of her clothes and modesty.

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