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The Picnic

Crysta pretended not to watch Donna pose for the mirror as she dressed, but she couldn’t help it.  Not only was Donna knock-out gorgeous, her preoccupation with making sure her pussy was covered was just downright cute.  She was wearing a thin white cotton minidress which wasn’t quite sheer, but it didn’t hide much, either.  Even if her nipples weren’t hard, Crysta was sure she would be able to see them through the thin fabric.  But that’s only because her tits are nestled against the front of her dress.  Her pussy, on the other hand, was not at all visible since the dress flared out at her hips, and it was long enough — just barely — to cover her front.  The back of the dress covered most of Donna’s butt crack, leaving just the slightest cleavage to titillate the imagination.  She looked at herself in the mirror for a long time, smoothing the front of her dress against her flat belly, then turned around to show her ass to the mirror, and looked at herself over her shoulder.  Crysta smiled as a look of dismay came over Donna’s face.  Donna smoothed the back of her dress against her beautiful round ass and she wasn’t at all happy that the bottom half of it was visible below the hem line.  She went to her drawer, and pulled out a pair of bikini panties.  She was about to put them on when Crysta stopped her.

“I thought you were going to be daring”, Crysta said.

“I know I said that, Crysta, but isn’t this dress daring enough as it is?” She smoothed the dress over her breasts to show Crysta her clearly visible nipples.

“It’s a beautiful dress, Donna…” For a minute, Crysta was lost in the beauty of Donna’s firm breasts, but then she recaptured her train of thought.  “but it’s long enough that you really don’t need to wear panties under it.”

“I know, Crysta, and normally I would give it a try without panties,”  That’s a lie, Crysta thought, Donna’s a real chicken when it comes to going bottomless.  “but today I’m going over to Billy’s vacation house.  I need to have a little coverage to go that far off campus.”

“I understand,” Crysta said as Donna put on her panties.

Donna looked at herself in the mirror again, and heaved a sigh of relief.  Her panties, like her dress, were semi-sheer, composed of a single layer of cotton fabric.  Wearing panties without a pussy liner was as daring as she would be today.  Her ensemble went together perfectly, Crysta admitted to herself as she admired Donna’s butt crack, visible through her little panties.  As if in answer to Crysta’s thoughts, Donna said, “If I feel adventurous, I’ll take them off later, honest.”  Yeah, right after Hell freezes over, Crysta thought, but she didn’t say anything that might hurt Donna’s feelings.

“Have fun!” Crysta said, as Donna picked up her car keys and headed for the door.

“I will!”  Donna headed out the door, down the stairs, and into the sunshine.  Some boys whistled at her as her thinly veiled breasts bounced in time with her stride.  She spun around to glare at them, which caused her dress to flare out, revealing her entire panties, and part of her belly as well.  She was glad to have her panties on, because she had more freedom of movement.  When she saw the boys, she didn’t glare, but rather smiled at them — partly because they were cute, and partly because she enjoyed the attention.

She found her car in the parking lot — a white convertible Mustang — and got in it.  Well, it was Crysta’s car, really.  She lent it to Donna for the weekend.  She pulled out of the parking lot, and soon she was on the county highway, enjoying the wind in her hair as she headed away from the city, and toward her friend Billy’s vacation house.  Billy is always such a gentleman, Donna thought.  I wish he’d be just a little less a gentleman.  He would be surprised to find me receptive, I bet.  I need to figure out a way of piquing his interest.  Maybe we should go swimming.  I’ll just wear my panties, and then maybe he would have trouble resisting my feminine wiles.

Her musing was suddenly interrupted by a warning light on the dashboard.  She pulled over on a desolate stretch of highway, and saw steam billowing out from under the hood.  This can’t be good, she thought as she got out of the car.  She managed to get the hood up, but had no idea what could be wrong with her car.  She looked down the road, hoping for some sort of miracle.  The road was long and straight, stretching as far as the eye could see in both directions, and not a car in sight.  She felt her dress sticking to her body.  It was starting to warm up, she thought.  She saw shimmering shapes in the distance, that turned out to be nothing but mirages, formed as the road heated the air above it.

Her hopes of ever seeing Billy diminished as the din of insects grew louder under the silent sun.  Another mirage appeared on the distance, from the direction she was heading.  This time it was getting bigger.  Maybe it was someone who could help me, she hoped.  She stood in the road, and flailed her arms above her head, thankful once again that she was wearing panties.  The vehicle approached her and slowed down.  It was a cute blond boy in an old Ford pick-up truck, the kind that has a big round hood.  He pulled over to her side of the road, and got out.  He was wearing a short shirt that showed off a stunning six-pack, and a pair of faded jeans that showed off an impressive package.

“Car trouble?” he said.

He has a keen grasp of the obvious, Donna thought.  But this was no time to be sarcastic.  She smiled, put her hands by her sides, feeling her naked legs, and wondering if her dress was maybe a little too short.  She tried to look as cute as possible, and it was working.  The boy was already getting a bit tight in the britches.  “Yes,” she said simply.

“Let’s take a look,” he said as he approached the still steaming car.  “Ow!” he said as he jerked his hand back from the radiator cap.  He looked at her, and looked up and down her body — he couldn’t help himself.  “Um,” he said to cover his embarrassment, “do you have a rag or something I can use to grip the radiator cap?”

“Oh, maybe,” Donna replied.  Let me take a look in the trunk.  She pulled the trunk release, and looked inside.  It was completely empty.  She turned around to tell the boy the bad news, and bumped into him.  She didn’t realize he had followed her to the trunk.  Standing breast-to-breast with the boy, she said, “no, I don’t.”

“I see that,” he said, glancing at the interior of the car, which was similarly devoid of anything rag-like.

“What do we do now?” asked Donna, staring plaintively at the steam rising into the air.

“I hate to ask you this, but…” began the boy.

“What?  Go ahead, ask” said Donna.  She was desperate for any idea.

“Well,” he began again, “I just need a little bit of cloth to grab the radiator cap.” He looked at her beautiful thighs.  “I’ll give it back as soon as I get the cap off, I promise.”

Maybe Donna was just being dense, but she still didn’t know what the boy wanted.  She stared at him with a look of innocent beauty that almost melted his heart.

“Your panties,” he finally said.

Donna’s hands snapped to her crotch as if to safeguard her precious panties.  “No!” she said without thinking.

“I’ll just take the cap off, and give them right back to you.”

She looked at him, and he looked back at her with his beautiful blue eyes.  Finally, Donna realized this was her only chance to get to Billy’s house, so she said, “OK.  Don’t look.” She went around to the other side of the car, and crouched down so the boy couldn’t see her, and took off her panties.  She stood up and walked back to where the boy was standing.  He was facing away from her, not looking, just as she asked.  She handed him the panties, afraid he would feel them and imagine he was feeling the pussy they had been covering…  But he didn’t do anything like that; he was a perfect gentleman.

He wrapped Donna’s panties around the radiator cap, and gave it a twist.  Nothing happened.  He grunted, and gave it another try.  Still nothing.  He used both hands, and gave it all his strength, and then finally the cap came off amid a billowing cloud of steam.  The cap, along with Donna’s panties, went flying into the dirt.  He disentangled the radiator cap from the panties, leaving a dirty, wet lump of shredded cloth.  He picked up some of the shreds, and handed them to Donna.  “Here you are,” he said, matter-of-factly.

Donna was aghast.  “I can’t wear this!” she yelled, throwing the shredded cloth back to the ground.

The boy was taken aback.  “Sorr-rry,” he said in mock regret.  “How was I supposed to know your radiator cap would be so hard to get off?”

Donna remembered that the boy was there to help, so she softened.  “I’m sorry for yelling at you, she said.” She felt the breeze between her legs, and reached behind her back to feel the hem of her dress.  It felt like it came only halfway down her butt, but that can be deceiving — Crysta had told her that her butt was mostly covered, and it looked that way this morning in the mirror, she remembered.

“Come here and give me a kiss, and I’ll forgive you,” he said.

Donna didn’t know the boy very well, but he was cute, and helpful too, so she came toward him.  He put his arms around her, and stroked her bare bottom as they kissed.  He was a good kisser, and she didn’t want the kiss to end.  The tips of his fingers caressed her butt crack, gently stroking her asshole, which surprised Donna, but she didn’t pull away from him for fear the kiss would end.  As her pussy moistened, Donna thought to herself, I could do this all day.  But she snapped back to reality, and pulled her lips away from his.  “Can you get my car running again?” she said.

“Sure,” said the boy.  He moved toward her for another kiss, but Donna turned her head.  But she didn’t stop him from stroking her beneath her tiny dress.  “We just need to get some water, and then your car will be fine.”

“Where can we get water?”

“There’s a store about a mile up the road,” he said, gesturing in the direction he came from.  “I can take you most of the way.”

“Most of the way?” Donna asked, the boy’s arms still around her.  She felt like she was about to cum, her pussy twitching with anticipation.

“Well, I know the guy who owns that store, and let’s just say we had a falling out a few years ago.”

“A falling out?” Donna asked.

The boy took his hands away from that tender and slippery place between Donna’s legs.  “Yeah, I kinda robbed his store, and then my dad had some words with him, and he agreed not to press charges, but let’s just say I’m not very welcome back there no more.”

“Oh, I see,” said Donna, hoping the boy would finish the job he started.

But he didn’t.  He went to his truck.  “Come on,” he said.  “I’ll take you most of the way, and stay out of sight while you go in the store.”

Donna was disappointed not to cum, but glad for the ride.  She lifted her dress up, and sat her naked butt down in the passenger seat.  She kept her legs apart and hoped the boy might be enticed to finish the job he started.  But he kept his eyes on the road, with perhaps just a glance or two at her shaved pussy.

“Here we are,” said the boy as he stopped the truck by the side of the road.  Donna hesitated, then got out as the boy gestured to the store.  He watched her half-naked butt wiggle its way down the road toward the store.

She finally saw it.  Rusty’s General Store.  There was an ancient gasoline pump in the store’s front yard.  She stepped onto a wooden porch, which creaked as she walked on it.  She went inside the store, and the bell clanged as the door shut behind her.  “What can I do you for?” asked a middle-aged man wearing dirty overalls, and sucking on a toothpick.

“I just need some water,” Donna said.  The man looked her up and down, snarling at her almost naked condition.  Donna felt very vulnerable.  “For my car.”  The man continued staring at her.  “It overheated,” Donna explained.

The man disappeared into a back room, and came back with a watering can.  “Take this in the back yard by the pump,” he said, jerking his head in the direction of the back door.

Donna said, “Thank you,” took the can, and headed out the back door.  There, in the middle of the yard was a rusty old pump with a big handle.  She held the watering can under the tap, and tried to move the handle up and down.  If she had a feeling the man was watching her every move, she would have been right, but she was too intent on filling the can to worry about that.  Having no luck moving the handle, she put the can on the ground and used both hands to move the handle.  Finally, it moved, and water splashed everywhere! Apparently the pump was so old it leaked, and now she was soaked.  The handle moved more freely after it was primed, so she was able to put the can under the biggest part of the gusher of water splashing out of the pump, and she filled it up.

She came back through the store with the can full of water, and her dress sticking to her skin because she was completely soaked.  “How much do I owe you?” she said out of courtesy more than anything else, because she was sure the water was free, and besides, she had no money to pay him anyway.

“That’ll be thirty cents,” said the man.

Donna laughed, even though she didn’t think the joke was very funny, and started to leave with the water.

“That’ll be thirty cents,” said the man again, more sternly this time.

“But I don’t have any money to pay you,” said Donna, pulling her dress away from her crotch.  She didn’t want the man to see through her wet dress.  (But the damage was done.)

“Tell you what,” said the man.  “I’ll give you thirty cents for your dress, so you can pay me for the water.”

Donna was shocked and outraged, not so much at the prospect of having to strip for the man — she hadn’t thought that far ahead — but at the low price he was offering for her dress.  “This dress is worth more than a hundred times that,” she said.

“It’s up to you,” he said.

Donna looked wanly out the front door, and then back at the man.  She put down the pot of water to consider her options.  If she sells her dress, then she’ll be naked.  But at least she would get her car going again, and maybe Billy would be able to lend her some clothes.  “OK,” she said finally, as she began peeling off her wet dress.  She set it on the counter.  The man watched as she picked up the water (he couldn’t help noticing how her tight cheeks parted to reveal a fine asshole) and started for the door.

“Just a minute,” he said.  Donna stopped, but didn’t want to face the man, because she felt some modesty still.  But the man waited for her to face him.  Slowly she turned around, and he smiled as he took in her naked beauty.  “Here’s your thirty cents.”

Donna reached out her hand to take the money even though she was a bit confused.  “I thought the thirty cents for my dress cancelled the thirty cents you’re charging me for the water,” she said.

“It would,” said the man, “if I was going to let you buy the water.”

“You’re not going to let me buy the water?” Donna asked, honestly confused.  She parted her legs and put her hands on her hips in a defiant gesture.  The man smiled at the sight of Donna’s pink inner pussy lips.  Apparently, Donna was getting a little turned on.  Maybe it was from being forced to parade naked before this man, or maybe it was the mile abuse he was heaping on her.

“Do you see the sign on the door?” asked the man.  “Read it to me.”

“It says, no shoes no shirt no service.  Surely you’re not going to hold me to that after you bought my only piece of clothing!” Donna’s outrage was matched by the crimson color between her legs.

“I am,” said the man.  “Take your thirty cents, and get out of here, and count yourself lucky I’m even giving you that.  Come back with a shirt on, and I’ll sell you the water.”

Donna opened her mouth, but didn’t know what to say.  She closed it, and left the store.

She walked down the road, keenly aware of her nakedness, and hoping the boy was still waiting for her.  When she caught sight of his truck she started running.  He saw her, and got out of the truck.  She kept running right into his arms, then broke down crying.

“What happened?” he asked.

“He wouldn’t give me the water until I sold him my dress, and then he wouldn’t give it to me because I’m not wearing a shirt,” she said.

“Oh, that bastard!” said the boy, as he started swinging his fists in the air, and began walking toward the store.

“No wait!” said Donna.  “You’d better not go in there.  Just give your shirt, and I’ll go back and buy the water.”

“My shirt won’t fit you — I mean it won’t cover you.  I mean…” He was getting flustered.

“It’ll fit me just fine, now strip!”  Donna laughed, and the boy started laughing with her.  He took off his shirt, and gave it to her, and she put it on.  The shirt was so short it barely covered her nipples.  She tucked her breasts into it.  “See?  It fits just fine.”

As if in answer to her question, he pitched a tent in his pants at the sight of this knock-down gorgeous bottomless girl wearing his shirt.  She turned, and walked away from him, swinging her hips in an exaggerated gate because she knew he was following her with his eyes.

Clang clang! went the bell as she reentered the store.  The can of water was still sitting on the floor where she had left it.  The man looked up at her as if she were the hundredth bottomless girl who had walked into his store that day.  “May I help you?” he inquired.

“I would like to purchase a can of water,” Donna said, feigning a British accent.  She opened her hand, and dropped thirty cents on the counter.

“I have to make sure that’s a proper shirt you’re wearing, OK honey?”  He smiled, revealing that he had not yet lost all his teeth.

Donna was used to being inspected on campus because of the way the dress code was so strictly enforced, so she just naturally assumed the position — legs apart, hands high in the air.  The man was delighted.  He walked around the counter, and came up to her for a close inspection.  He grasped her breasts firmly and kneeded them.  This excited Donna, but she tried to hide it as best as she could.  Then he smacked her bare bottom, which surprised her.  That was uncalled for, she thought.  She felt her pussy flushing from this unwanted attention, and then she got really worried.  I hope this disgusting man doesn’t know that I’m asking for it if my pussy gets wet.  She spread her legs apart wider, hoping her pussy would dry off.  Unfortunately the man took this as an invitation to hit her again.  His open hand hit her on both cheeks, his fingers slipping between them.  She bent over in pain, exposing her throbbing asshole and pussy to him.  He hit her one more time, and then smoothed his hand over her wet crotch in a soothing motion.

“You pass,” he said, smacking her pink butt one more time for good measure.  Whew, Donna thought, he doesn’t know he’s allowed to fuck me when I’m wet.

“Thank you,” Donna said as she picked up the water and headed out the door.

The boy’s eyes lit up as she came back to his truck with the watering can full of water.  She got in the truck and put it down on the seat between them.  She was so excited from being slapped in the store that she was unable to keep her legs closed.  She leaned back in her seat, and rested her knees on her breasts.  The boy drove with his left hand, and rested his right hand between Donna’s legs.  Donna leaned back in her seat, allowing him to gently finger her asshole as he palmed her vagina.  It felt so good to Donna that she relaxed her asshole in hopes of inviting the boy in.  She almost came, but they arrived at her car too soon.  He parked the truck, got out, and poured the water into Donna’s radiator.  He put the cap back on the radiator, and asked Donna to start the car.  It started right up.  She thanked the boy, and started to drive off, when he hollered after her.  “I need my shirt back!” he said.

By this time, Donna had become attached to the shirt, but it was his shirt after all, so she reluctantly parted with it.  She whipped it off, and threw it up into the air as she sped off.  She saw the boy in the rear-view picking up his shirt off the road.

At first, she was so happy to get her car going again that she didn’t worry about being naked.  Even when she got on the four-lane highway, and passed a truck, she didn’t mind being naked.  She just let the truckers look down at her.  In fact, she sort of liked the freedom from wearing clothes.  When she got into town, she was a little shy at red lights, because she felt a bit trapped as people looked at her, wondering, she supposed, why she wasn’t wearing a shirt.  She resisted the temptation to cover her breasts with her hands, though, because that would just call attention to her nudity.  She wished she weren’t so low on gas, but she didn’t want to get stranded again, so she filled up her tank at an Exxon station in the city.  She was thankful that she could use her credit card at the pump, and didn’t have to go inside the store, even though she was starting to get used to being naked.  Crysta will be proud of me, she thought, as she strutted around her car with the pump to hang it up.  She waved at the people who stopped to gawk at the naked girl, and drove off, thinking I should do this more.

She was almost at Billy’s vacation house now.  She imagined greeting him naked.  They would hug.  She would feel the rise in his pants.  Maybe they could go skinny-dipping in his pool, or have a nice picnic on the grass, just the two of them.  She was still lost in these happy thoughts when she pulled up to Billy’s house.  She got out of the car, and rang his doorbell.  To Donna’s shock, an elderly woman opened the door.  She crossed her legs and covered her mouth with her hands, then covered her breasts.  Words failed her at first.  Then she managed, “Isn’t this Billy’s house?”

The woman recovered her composure, and said “Why yes, it is.  I’m Billy’s aunt Lilly.” She opened the door to let Donna in, and then announced, “Everyone, this is Billy’s friend, Donna.” About a dozen people were sitting in the living room.  They all said, “Hi, Donna,” and tried not to notice that she was naked.  The woman said, “Have a seat, Donna, and make yourself at home.”

Donna looked around the living room.  There were lots of people in the room, which made her uneasy.  There weren’t any seats available, so she sat on the floor.  Crysta always sat “Indian Style” on the floor at their dorm, and Donna admired the way she was so comfortable letting her pussy open up like that in front of everyone, and she even let her friends rest their hands between her legs, which opened up her pussy even more.  Now, Donna thought what the heck, and sat down on the floor.  At first, she wasn’t able to sit Indian Style, so she sat with her legs together, her knees by her breasts, and her arms wrapped around her legs.  But this was tiring, and as she felt people were beginning to accept her, and not stare at her so much, she opened up, both literally and figuratively.

The people introduced themselves, but Donna forgot their names as quickly as they said them.  Billy’s uncle Lou, cousins Gertrude and Gwendolyn, and a whole bunch of other people.  Finally, Billy showed up.  He sat on the floor next to her and was surprised to see her naked.  “No clothes?” he said as he gave her a friendly hello-kiss.  She kissed him back in a way that surprised Billy — a bit more romantic than he expected.  He rested a hand on her thigh, and stroked it absently as he waited for her to speak.

“I sort of traded in my dress for some water for my car,” she explained to Billy and the people in the living room.  Then she whispered just to Billy, “I’ve almost cum a few times today, and I’m really horny.  Can you help me?”

He continued stroking her thigh as he thought it over, and noticed that her nipples were hard.  “I can’t really get away now; I have these guests, you see.”

She grabbed him by the ears, and begged, “pleeease, help me,” then she kissed him deeply.

This had an effect on him, requiring him to adjust his pants.  “I’ll see what I can do,” he whispered, smiling at the family members gathered around them.  He continued stroking her thigh, and she spread her legs farther apart.

Everyone noticed that Donna was getting excited, but no one knew what to say to her.  Finally, one lady addressed Donna’s glistening pussy with the comment, “Donna, would you like to cover up?”

Donna said, “Yes, Billy, will you cover me, please?”

Billy started to get up, but Donna pulled him back down.  “I mean cover me with your hand, silly.” She took his hand in hers, and laid it gently on her pussy.  He began to stroke it, whereupon Donna smiled and leaned back, letting her hair touch the carpet behind her.  He slid his hand slowly up and down over her wet pussy as the family members carried on their chit-chat, paying little attention to the naked girl.  As he continued, Donna tensed her belly, and sat up straighter.  She grabbed Billy by the sides of his head, and kissed him, oblivious to the surprised glances from his family.  She rose to her knees kissed him deeply, and he responded.  Their tongues did a dance, moving from her mouth to his, and back again.  He kept his hand on her pussy the whole time, making sure to cover it so the family wouldn’t see how excited she had become.  Soon, Donna began breathing hard, so she couldn’t continue kissing him.  She grabbed him with both arms and hugged him tight.  She arched her back, plunging her naked ass high in the air, and then Billy couldn’t reach her pussy any more.  But it didn’t matter.  Donna was cumming with an intensity she had never experienced before.  She flopped her head back and forth across Billy’s belly, totally unaware of the attention she was attracting.

“Are you OK?”  Billy asked as her odd behavior subsided.

“Oh, yes!”  Donna replied, much to Billy’s relief.  Donna snuggled up to Billy, and laid her head on his chest.  Billy put his arm around her, and stroked her hair.  When Billy noticed Donna’s legs were still apart, he put his hand on her pussy again, but she moved it back to her hair.  “You don’t need to cover me up any more,” Donna explained.  “I’m not embarrassed any more, now that I came.”

“You came?” Billy asked, a little too loud.

“Shhh!” Donna said.  Very softly, she said, “Yes, Billy.  You were great.  Thank you.”  She snuggled up to him some more, and he continued to stroke her gently.  For the remainder of the day, she got to know Billy’s family, and she was very comfortable with them.  By the end of the day, she was so comfortable she completely forgot she was naked, and it seemed that Billy’s family never had a problem with her nudity, either.

When the evening finally ended, Donna remembered that she had better get going, if she was going to make it back to the dorm at a reasonable hour.  “Bye, everyone,” she said, as she started out the door.

“Don’t you want your dress back?” Billy asked.

“I told you, silly, I traded it for some water.”  She laughed, and slapped Billy playfully, and headed out the door toward her car.

Billy called over his shoulder, “Uncle Lou, will you get Donna’s dress please?”

Suddenly Donna recognized Uncle Lou as that horrible man in the store who made her strip, and then refused to sell her the water.  He had been in the house the whole time, but for some reason — maybe the stress of being naked in front of so many strangers — she hadn’t recognized him until now.  “You!” she said, suddenly angry at him.

He seemed genuinely surprised by her anger, so he handed her dress back to her quickly, saying “it was all Billy’s idea.”

“Billy’s idea?” she asked, in Billy’s general direction.  Suddenly, feeling that she had been betrayed, she felt naked all over again.  She put on the dress and felt its smooth, soft fabric cover her nudity.  A cozy feeling of warmth enveloped her as she felt her nudity fade away.

Billy looked hurt.  “It seemed like a good idea at the time,” he said.

One of Billy’s cousin’s spoke up.  “Didn’t you have a good time today, Donna?”

Donna noticed this was the boy who helped her when she had car trouble.  Another case of suppressed memory, Donna thought.  She thought over the boy’s question.  “I did have a good time being naked with you today, but I’m glad to have my dress back.  Thank you all for everything.”  She softened, and smiled at Billy.  Softly, she whispered, “Thank you, Billy, for everything.”  She put both arms around his neck, and stood on one leg, bending the other at the knee, as she kissed him deeply.  She felt warm and snug in her dress after such an extended period of nudity that she was oblivious to the fact that the better half of her ass was left uncovered as she walked dreamily to her car, and got in.

What a nice family, she thought as she drove home.  What nice boys, Billy and his cousin.

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