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The Crack of Dawn

Another fine morning arrived, and Donna was dancing for joy. “I love School Spirit days,” she declared, annoying her naked slumberbuddy.

Crysta rolled over onto her back, revealing not only her perfectly shaved pussy, but a pair of enormous breasts as well. “Hmmm?” she said, sleepily.

“It’s T-shirt and Panty day,” she said, as if Crysta didn’t already know. On various days throughout the school year, days called “School Spirit Days”, there is a special way of dressing, which the students follow to show their school spirit.  The spirit days arrive at random intervals throughout the year.  Every Wednesday, for example, is midriff day — the girls showing the most spirit have no clothing whatever between their breasts and vulva.  Crysta’s favorite day is Bottomless Day, which happens every time there’s a full moon — get it?  Girls are supposed to show spirit by not wearing any bottoms — no panties, no skirt, no pants — but they can still wear a dress if they like.  The girls who want to show the most spirit are the ones who wear the shortest dresses — to emphasize their bottomless attire.

It’s important for the girls to show their spirit, because there’s a special punishment for the girl with the least spirit, which I’ll describe in a minute.  You might think that on Bottomless Day the girl showing the most spirit is the one who decides to get completely naked, and you might be right about that, but there’s a special rule, called “Open Season”, which applies to naked girls on any Spirit Day.  If you’re a naked girl during Open Season, and someone touches you, then you are required to stop.  You aren’t allowed to resist in any way.  Even token resistance, like “flinching” (i.e. closing your butt cheeks when your ass is touched) is not allowed.  No big deal, you might think — just stop every now and then, and let somebody grope you, what’s the big deal? — but then what if the touching causes you to get excited?  Stranger things have been known to happen.  Then you can be raped, because of the “asking for it” rule in the College Code of Conduct (CCC).  The CCC prohibits public displays of sexual excitement, and provides for enforcement of this rule by permitting any girl showing sexual excitement to be raped, because she is considered “asking for it”.  The problem for any naked girl on a Spirit Day is that any boy can start touching her, and since she’s required to stop and basically be fondled, she is liable to become excited.  Boys do this routinely just so they can rape girls, and there’s nothing the girls can do about it except let themselves be raped, again and again.

So being naked on Spirit Day is not a good thing.  By the way, the “Open Season” rule on Spirit Day is a good reason for girls to be very careful not to violate the Dress Code — she might have to appear before the judge on a Spirit Day, and since all defendants must appear in the nude, it is quite likely that she will be raped on her way to her appearance.  All the more reason to be very careful to adhere to the Dress Code every day.

Before I go on with the story, I have to tell you about the punishment for not showing enough spirit.  (I alluded to this earlier).  The punishment is carried out in a ceremony called the “Stripdown”.  All the girls meet at the cafeteria for breakfast, and check each other out.  There, each girl picks out the one girl who seems to be showing the least spirit.  Without words, they come to a group decision.  Then, all at once, the girls attack this one victim, stripping her of her clothes.  The victim tries as hard as she can to hold onto her clothes while dozens of girls crowd around her, clawing and ripping at her.  Then, after 60 seconds (a time that must seem endless to the poor victim) someone yells “Time!” and everyone stops.  At that time, the victim is allowed to keep on whatever clothes she was able to hold onto during the frenzy.  As you can well understand she has a special motivation to keep a shred of clothing on this day, too, because of Open Season on naked girls on Spirit Days.

So, in summary, if a girl shows too much spirit by getting naked, or too little spirit, and getting stripped in the Stripdown, then they’re in big trouble.  Now, back to the story.

Donna was so happy, she couldn’t contain herself.  Today is T and P day — T-shirt and panties.  Donna lives for T and P day; it’s her favorite.  Naturally, you can’t wear just any T-shirt and panties, or you won’t survive the Stripdown.  The panties have to be sexy — thongs are good, especially the Wicked Weasel Microminimus; sheer lacy panties are good, too.  The T-shirt can’t be too long, either.  What’s the point of wearing sexy panties, and then covering them up with a long T-shirt?  Donna put on her sexiest panties — the sheer pink ones with a flower design to barely hide her pussy — and a sleeveless college T-shirt.  From the front, the T-shirt covered almost all of her panties, which actually made her look sexier, because from some angles it looked like she wasn’t wearing anything under it.  From the back, her tight little panty-clad ass peaked out from underneath the T-shirt, her butt crack visible through the thin, sheer fabric. The outfit was perfect!

Crysta finally had enough of Donna’s prancing, and dragged her naked body out of bed. She grabbed her stuff, and headed to the john to freshen up. Donna watched her walk down the hallway, turning a few heads as she went. She marveled at Crysta’s ability to go anywhere naked, and still feel comfortable. When she returned, Crysta was a new woman — her hair was wild and sexy, and she was smiling. “I’ve figured out what I’m wearing for T-shirt and panty day,” she announced. Donna watched with rapt attention as Crysta rummaged through her closet for just the right outfit — a T-shirt that looked just a little small for her, which served only to emphasize her enormous breasts.  She put it on, struck a pose with her hands in the air, and sang, “da-dah!”

“It’s a good start, Crysta.”

“A good start? This is my whole outfit!”

“You forgot one thing, though. This is T-shirt and panties day. You have to wear panties.”

“I do? But I don’t even own any panties.”

Donna laughed, and then stopped suddenly when she saw Crysta wasn’t laughing with her. “You’re not kidding? You really have no panties?”

“I’ll just stop at the Student Center and buy some panties after breakfast.”

Donna shook her head. “No good — the Stripdown is at breakfast.”

A look of panic came across Crysta.  She had forgotten about the Stripdown.  “What can I do?  I need to find some panties to show my spirit.” Her lips curled on the word “spirit” revealing her contempt for the whole sordid process.

“Donna to the rescue!” She pulled out her “dental floss” thong, and gave it to Crysta. Crysta quickly tried it on. It fit her perfectly.  As you can imagine from the name, the dental floss thong was just about invisible from the rear.  In the front, a tiny triangle of fabric covered the space between Crysta’s lips.  It didn’t cover her completely though — it left her hood uncovered, providing easy access to her clitoris.  This was of little consequence to Crysta, though, since covering her clitoris wasn’t a priority for her.

“Thank you, oh thank you!” Crysta put her arms around Donna (this lifted Donna’s dress, but she didn’t notice), and kissed her passionately.  She was truly grateful.  Donna watered at the sudden display of affection.  After a minute, the girls broke off their embrace, and headed out the door — they didn’t want to be late to the stripdown. They half-walked, half-ran to the cafeteria, and got there just in time. No one was eating their breakfast. Instead, the girls were all milling about, and the boys were sitting at the tables, watching.  Some of the girls seemed to be circling Donna, as she was circling them — Am I going to be stripped?  She started breathing vast, and felt her pussy moisten at the thought.  She splayed her legs, and leaned forward to let the sexy feeling subside, unwittingly showing her vulva through her sheer panties as her T-shirt rode up her back.  The girls saw Donna’s sexy panties, and decided to pick on a different victim.  The girls gradually formed a ring around one girl — poor Dawn.

Donna knew her from one of her classes. She was wearing what looked like a nightie — or maybe it was a long T-shirt. Sensing that she was going to be singled out for the stripdown, she started to panic.  Her eyes darted from one girl to the next.  In desperation, she lifted her nightie, to show her panties. “See?” she said, panic rising in her voice. “T-shirt and panties!” Her panties were plain and white, not sexy at all. The girls circled closer and closer to her. “Please, no, please no,” Dawn kept repeating. But it was no use. She knew she would be stripped.  She was alone inside the ring of girls.  They gradually closed around her.  She clutched her body in an effort to keep her clothes on. One of the girls finally grabbed her, and held her arms behind her back.  Other girls pulled her panties down.  Dawn’s pussy was nicely shaven.  Desperate to keep her panties on, but deprived of the use of her arms, she kicked viciously at any girl who came close.  Dawn was apparently one of those girls who gets turned on by a struggle, because before long, her pussy was open, wet, and red with excitement.  In the midst of the mayhem, some girls found themselves strangely attracted to Dawn’s pussy, and took delight in her excitement, to the point of becoming mesmerized by it.  This gave her a chance to break free.  She jumped to her feet, and tried to run away, her breasts bouncing.  Her panties were gone, and her T-shirt hung in tatters about her.  The girls around the edge of the ring spanked her bare butt, and pushed her into the ring.  Finally, one girl was able to grab Dawns arms again, and restrained her.

“Five seconds!”  Some self-appointed timekeeper called out.

The girls attacked Dawn with renewed energy.  Dawn knew she had precious seconds left to hold onto her clothes. Her legs were still free, so she kicked ferociously at any girl who came close.  Her nightie was hanging by a thread, but it stayed on as the crowd counted “Four! Three! Two! One! Yaaaaaay!”  She collapsed in a heap on the floor, exhausted from her fight, but happy she won — her nightie, what was left of it, was still hanging on her body by one sleeve. It no longer covered even a single breast, but that wasn’t important to her now.  Her pussy was dripping wet, and pulsing with excitement, but she was no longer embarrassed by that.  She would wear this one sleeve proudly today, knowing it would protect her from Open Season — a horrible day of constant raping.

A boy approached the now naked Dawn, and asked, “May I?”  He cast his eyes down to her pubic region, where it was evident that Dawn was ready.  The boy was ready, too, having removed his pants.

Suddenly, Dawn realized she would not be protected from being raped, because her sexual excitement still constituted an open invitation.  Having no choice, she nodded. “Yes,” she said.  The boy hoisted her onto his pelvis, and she wrapped her legs around him. “Mmmm,” she purred as he eased his manhood into her, his hands supporting her ass, one of them stroking her asshole. “Ohhh!” she said as he slowly stroked her.  He eased his finger into her asshole as he lifted her up and down his shaft.  She came, but he was still going. “Ohhhh!” she said again.  She didn’t know if it was one long orgasm or multiple ones — one for each long, smooth stroke — but it didn’t matter. It felt good.

After about five of these orgasms, he stopped, and squeezed her tight, cumming into her.  She came, too.  She unwrapped her legs, and he set her down gently. “Thank you,” he said.

“You’re welcome,” Dawn said.  Then she wondered why she said that.  She was just raped, after all.

Donna felt relieved that she escaped the stripdown, and she felt a bit sorry for Dawn.  She called to Dawn, and invited her to sit with her and Crysta. Donna patted the seat next to her, and Dawn sat her naked bottom on it. Donna saw she was still leaking, and said, “Would you like me to clean you up a bit?”

Dawn said, “Yes, thank you,” and leaned back on the bench seat, spreading her legs wide, facing her pussy toward Donna.

Donna said, “It’s easier if you kneel on the table.”

Dawn looked around, and, satisfied no one was paying them much attention, said “OK,” and knelt on the table in front of Donna.

Donna leaned forward and began licking Dawn’s pussy. She sucked the boy’s juices out of her, and swallowed them.

“Thank you,” Dawn repeated after she was all clean. She sat down next to Donna, rested her hand in Donna’s lap, and played with the waistband of Donna’s panties, gradually lowering it.

Donna was curious to see how far Dawn would go, so she lifted her weight off the seat, and, sure enough, Dawn took that opportunity to bare Donna’s ass. Her panties thus lowered, Donna sat down again, and engaged in small talk with Crysta as Dawn lowered her panties to her knees. From there, Donna took over, letting gravity drop her panties to her ankles, and then onto the floor.  Donna felt sexy in the private knowledge shared only by herself and Dawn that she was bottomless.  Now unencumbered, Donna spread her legs apart, revealing her glistening inner lips. Dawn stroked them gently, soaking up additional moisture from within Donna, and using the lubrication to keep Donna’s lips moist.  Before long, Crysta saw what was happening, and moved behind Donna, reached under Donna’s T-shirt, and massaged her breasts.  By this time, Donna was so caught up in the pleasure of being serviced by two beautiful girls that she didn’t even object when Crysta lifted the T-shirt over Donna’s head, and took it off.  It felt good, so she kept quiet.  Besides, she thought, everyone else is eating their breakfast now, not paying me any attention.  Without warning, the two girl’s gentle touch caused an avalanche of joy that Donna couldn’t contain.  She screamed with pleasure, oblivious to the fact that she was naked, or that her screams were drawing attention to her.  Crysta pinched Donna’s nipples as she came, and Dawn began using her tongue as well as her fingers on Donna’s girlhood.  The girls took delight in Donna’s pleasure, giggling as Donna screamed again and again in ecstasy.

While Donna was cumming, one of the boys snuck under the table, and absconded with Donna’s clothes.  Dawn and Crysta saw this, but Donna was oblivious.  When Donna’s pleasure subsided, she looked around for her clothes, and started to panic when she didn’t see them.  The girls giggled at Donna’s indignation.  “Come on, girls, this is not the day to play this trick on me — naked girls get raped on Spirit Day!” Donna stood up, not caring who was looking at her hairless pussy, and started looking under tables in the area.  She was oblivious to the fact she was displaying herself vividly every time she bent over. Donna’s cheeks, being so firm and tight, didn’t block the view of her gorgeous asshole or the beautiful view from the rear of her puffy red vulva.

“I swear, I didn’t take your clothes,” Crysta protested, still laughing.

Dawn, too, laughed at Donna’s indignation, now that she was just a tiny bit nakeder than Dawn. Donna wheeled around to glare at Dawn.  She held up both hands in protest.   “I didn’t take them either, I promise!” Dawn said, and put her right hand over her lovely left breast.

Donna sat down again, and thought about this problem. “Girls, I can’t spend the day being gang-raped. I need to find my clothes.”

Dawn put her hand on Donna’s shoulder, and let it slip down to stroke her erect nipple, then said, “I’ll tell you what, Donna.” Donna looked at Dawn with puppy-dog eyes, as Dawn started to slip out of the tattered remains of her nightie. “I’ll let you wear my clothes, and I’ll go naked.” She thought back to the rape she had experienced just a few minutes ago, and started to get excited all over again. “I just might enjoy being raped a few more times today.”

Donna slipped the single remaining sleeve of Dawn’s nightie onto her arm.  As the three girls stood up to leave, Donna said, “Thank you, Dawn.”  She put her hand in Dawn’s crack, and fondled her asshole as they walked out of the Cafeteria into the bright morning sunshine.  Dawn felt herself getting excited, and instinctively tried to hide it, but then she remembered — there’s no need to hide her excitement today, because today is open season on naked girls, whether or not they’re excited. So she relaxed her cheeks and her pussy, and enjoyed Donna’s ministrations.  Dawn stretched her arms in the sunshiny air, and displayed her readiness to anyone who might like to fuck her. Before long, she met a willing volunteer.  She put her arms around his neck, and smelled his manly fragrance.  This will be a fun day, she thought as the boy came inside her.

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