Archived: Strapless Panties (FF, exhib)

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Strapless Panties (FF, exhib)

Crysta was positively giddy as she skipped down the stairs, taking two or three steps, then jumping to the bottom of each landing.  Her babydoll dress flared out and hovered above her hips with each jump, affording Donna a nice view of her roommate’s butt with each jump.

“Don’t you think you should be a little more careful?” Donna asked, while smoothing the back of Crysta’s dress against her naked ass.  Donna was dressed in a more conservative, yet still sexy, style: low-rider denim cut-off shorts and a thin white T-shirt.

“What do you mean?” Crysta asked innocently.

“I mean you passed a bunch of people with your dress billowed out and your whole, you know, out in the open like that.  It’s not decent to go jumping down the stairs when you’re obviously not wearing any panties.”

“Oh, but you’re wrong,” Crysta countered as they walked into the quad between the dorms.  She lifted her dress and said, “See?”

Students hurried to their classes, pausing to look at this beautiful girl lifting her dress.  At first, Donna thought Crysta was lying.  It sure looked like Crysta was bottomless.  Crysta held her dress even higher, and spread her legs apart defiantly as Donna walked a full circle around her.  No panties could be seen from any angle except the front, where a tiny white triangle of cloth barely covered Crysta’s lips.  “That’s amazing!” Donna said at last.

“I think so, too!” Crysta exclaimed, as she let her dress fall, almost — but not quite — covering her gorgeous ass.  As she skipped gaily along the path, the back of her dress bounced up and down, giving Donna, who trotted behind her roommate, a wonderful view of her roommate’s sexy bottom.  The only thing holding the panties in place was a little knob that was inserted into Crysta’s asshole.  A rigid, but flexible, framework held everything else in place.

“What’s got you so excited?” Donna asked, noting to herself that her own panties were getting pretty wet from Crysta’s audacious display.

“I’m going to the Crappo to check my mail,” she said.  “Crappo” was what just about everybody called the campus mailboxes.  The real name was CRPO, which stood for Campus Regional Post Office, so the nickname is understandable.

Soon, the girls arrived at the Crappo.  Being freshmen — the lowest on the totem pole — the girls had mailboxes that were similarly low to the ground.  In fact, the two girls’ boxes were next to each other on the very bottom row.  Donna bent  her knees demurely and rested her denim-clad butt on her ankles as she worked the combination to her box.  Crysta, meanwhile, bent at the waist, causing her dress to fall up over her head.  She wanted everyone to see her strapless panties, and as near as Donna could tell, just about everyone did.

“Anything?” Donna asked as she dumped her junk mail in the garbage can.

“Yes!” Crysta said, jumping up and down, holding a letter.

“What is it?” Donna looked over her roommate’s shoulder as she hurriedly opened the letter.

Crysta scanned the letter, and repeated “Yes!  The Future Up and Coming Kids have accepted my application!”

Donna repeated, “The Future Up and Coming Kids?  Who are they?”  Crysta didn’t answer right away, because she was reading and rereading the letter.  Then, all of a sudden, Donna laughed as she realized that the acronym for this organization spelled a dirty word.

Crysta looked up from the letter.  “What?” she asked, blankly.

“Who are the Future Up and Coming Kids?” she repeated, still smiling.

“Oh,” Crysta said.  “The FUCK are an agency that helps inventors, like myself,” she stuck out her chest and smiled coyly, “market their inventions.”

“Your strapless panties.” Donna said.

“Yes!  My strapless panties!” Crysta yelled.  Everyone in the Crappo looked at the girls screaming about their panties.  Who could resist?  They were making quite a spectacle of themselves.

“So how are you going to market this invention?” Donna asked.

“We’re gonna make an infomercial!” Crysta replied.

“What do you mean, ‘we’?” Donna asked, suspiciously.

“Don’t you want to be in it?” Crysta looked heartbroken.

“I’m embarrassed.  I don’t want to be filmed wearing such a thing.  My parents will see it.”

“What if I promise it’ll be done very tastefully?”

Donna thought it over.

“Please?” Crysta begged.

“I just don’t think I would be comfortable being seen wearing just a pair of strapless panties.”

“You can keep your shirt on the whole time,” Crysta said.

“A shirt and a pair of strapless panties.  On national television.”  Donna paused to think about it some more.  “I don’t know.”

“Why don’t you try it out right now, and see if it suits you?”

“Right now?”  Donna looked doubtful.

“Sure.  I think you’ll feel comfortable wearing just a shirt and panties around campus, and that’ll give you the confidence you’ll need to appear that way on national TV.  Come on.”  Crysta took Donna by the hand, and the two girls ducked into the ladies’ room.

“Give me your shorts.” Crysta ordered.  Two girls who were fixing their makeup at the mirror paused to look at Donna, and then went back to their business.  Donna looked around as if, somehow, someone would come to her rescue and get her out of this situation.  Finally, Donna decided she would play along.  She took off her shorts and handed them to Crysta, who set them aside.

“Oh, that won’t do.” Crysta said, looking at Donna’s muff.  “The panties are too small to cover your hair.”  Luckily, there was a vending machine with disposable razors in the ladies’ room.  Crysta fed it some money, and out came a razor and some shaving gel.  Crysta lathered up her friend, and started shaving, while the two girls pretended not to watch.  Soon, Donna was clean as a whistle.

“Do you have the panties for me to wear?” Donna asked, looking around.

“I sure do.”  Crysta reached between her legs, and pulled straight down on her panties, and handed them to Donna.  By now the two girls at the mirror had given up any pretense of doing their makeup, and were unabashedly watching Crysta and Donna.

“You want me to put on your panties?!” Donna asked, incredulously.  “They’ve been in your ass!”

“So has your tongue, my dear,” Crysta replied.  The two onlookers giggled, then quickly put their hands over their mouths, and pretended to mind their own business.

“Oh, OK.” Donna said, just a little embarrassed when she remembered having tasted Crysta’s asshole.  She spread her legs apart, and held the strapless panties between her legs with the knob back, and snapped them into position.  Her sphincter closed smoothly over the knob.  “Wow, it’s easier than I thought it would be.”  Donna looked down at herself and saw her pussy was fully, if barely, covered by Crysta’s panties.  It was a cute look — her shirt was short, leaving her belly button uncovered, and her strapless panties covered the bare minimum in front.  Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin shirt.  Donna felt very sexy, but also sufficiently covered-up to venture outside the ladies room.

She paused to look at herself in the mirror, and thought, I’ve worn considerably less at the beach.  “OK, I’m ready to venture out,” she said.  Crysta led the way out of the bathroom, with Donna in tow.  Donna was so concerned about her own appearance she didn’t even notice that Crysta was completely bottomless, and her babydoll dress didn’t really cover much at all.

Heads turned as the girls walked through the hallway of the Crappo.  Donna turned the most heads, because her shirt was short enough that it was obvious she wasn’t wearing even a thong.  People who saw her from the back assumed she was naked below the belly button, and people who saw her from the front wondered how the little triangle of white cloth stayed in place.

“Are you OK?” Crysta asked.

Donna held her head up, and kept her shoulders back so that her nipples pressed against the front of her shirt.  She strode confidently on her long legs.  “Sure,” she said, even though she didn’t feel as confident as she looked.  She resisted the urge to cover herself with her hands, and even started to enjoy the warm feeling in her pussy that always seems to come from being on display.

“Let’s take a walk around campus,” Crysta suggested.  “and see if we can feel comfortable half naked.”

If we can feel comfortable? Donna thought.  Then she suddenly realized that Crysta was half naked, too.  “Are you OK?” she asked.

Crysta looked puzzled.  “Oh, you mean ’cause I’m not wearing any panties?”  Maybe Crysta shouldn’t have said that so loud, Donna thought.  Half a dozen heads turned to look at Crysta.  “I do it all the time.  I’m used to it.”  Just then, a gust of wind blew the front of Crysta’s babydoll dress up, confirming for all the onlookers that Crysta was telling the truth.  Crysta enjoyed the breeze and knowing people were looking at her, but she didn’t react.  She just enjoyed the warm, moist feeling in her pussy.

After their walk around campus, Donna started to feel more comfortable.  Her long legs and beautiful naked cheeks still caused as much a stir as ever.  But she began ignoring all the looks she was getting as she passed by.  By this point, Donna was feeling more hungry than embarrassed.  She pointed to a hot dog vendor, and said, “Let’s eat.”  The girls each got a hot dog, loaded with kraut, relish, and mustard.

“Be careful, Donna,” Crysta said.  “If you drip any mustard on your shirt, it could leave a stain.”

As if on cue, Donna dripped a big glob of mustard on her shirt.  “Oh my gosh!” she said.

Crysta, thinking quickly, said, “Give me your hotdog, and then raise your arms.”  She put the two hotdogs down on a napkin on the bench.  She whisked Donna’s shirt off, and ran with it to the nearest drinking fountain, and washed away the mustard.  Donna, meanwhile, was left almost completely naked, except for a tiny triangle of white cloth.  Her instinct was to cover her breasts, but she resisted the temptation.  Instead, she opted for nonchalance, walking quietly toward Crysta, who was working to clean her friend’s shirt.  There, from the rear, it really looked like Donna was naked — not a stitch of clothing was visible from the rear.

Finally, Crysta was done washing Donna’s shirt.  “I think I got it in time,” she said.  Donna put on the shirt, which was still so wet it was almost completely transparent.  She thanked her roommate for her quick thinking, and then sat down with her on the bench to finish — more carefully this time — their lunch.  Passers-by enjoyed Crysta’s pussy as she sat with her legs slightly apart, and Donna’s wet shirt, clinging to her beautiful little breasts.

When they finished eating, Donna said, “OK, I’ll do it.”

“You’ll do the infomercial?”  Crysta was beside herself with joy.  She kissed her roommate with such sudden passion, she caught her by surprise.  Within a few seconds, though, surprise was overtaken by lust, and she kissed back with equal passion.  The girls pressed their breasts together, and plunged their tongues forward.  Each one stroked the other in a wonderful mixture of girl-girl love and passion.  Donna was surprised when she came, and her panties popped out, and fell to the ground.

Crysta said “Hmm, hmm, hmm,” because she was cumming, too.  When she could talk again, she said, “I forgot to tell you about that, Donna.  When you come, your panties pop off — just a little flaw in the design I haven’t worked out yet.”

The panties were covered with dirt, and it would be unhealthy to put them back on, so Donna just picked them up, and walked the rest of the way completely bottomless.  Having proved herself today, she was oblivious to all the looks she was getting.  Her pussy was still swollen and pink when the girls arrived back in their room.  “I enjoyed that,” she said, a classic understatement.

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