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Shorts Part 7: The Defense

Crysta straightened herself up, and said, “I call Donna.”

“Call Donna,” echoed the bailiff.

Donna’s heart beat fast as she made her way to the witness stand.  She was keenly aware of her nudity, and acutely uncomfortable as she turned her naked pussy to the spectators to take the oath.  But she was relieved to sit down in the witness chair.  She was thankful for the partial privacy of the railing in front of the chair as she awaited Crysta’s first question.

“Are you familiar with the Dress Code?”

“Objection!” said Harriet.  Suddenly she thought better of it, as she remembered the judge’s threat to take articles of clothing from her.  “Never mind,” she said.

“Overruled,” said the judge.

She knew from bitter experience that she must take off her top right away.  If she didn’t hand it over right away, the judge would humiliate her, and make her expose her pussy, which was the absolute worst thing for her.  During a previous trial, she had been wearing a miniskirt and blouse.  The judge had ordered her to hand over an article of clothing, but she had refused.  So the judge ordered the bailiff to restrain her.  A scuffle ensued, and in the end, the bailiff had managed to handcuff Harriet.  Then the judge ordered Harriet again to remove an article of clothing.  When she refused again, the judge ordered the bailiff to begin lowering Harriet’s miniskirt an inch at a time.  After her pussy was fully exposed, she finally agreed to take off her blouse.  But the judge didn’t allow her to pull up her miniskirt for the whole rest of the trial.  Harriet remembered this as being worse than naked — all she could think about was her naked pussy, and how wet it was getting from being exposed like that.  She just wanted to get the trial over with so she could pull her miniskirt up again.  So this time, without being asked, Harriet quickly removed her top, and handed it to the bailiff.

“Yes, I’m familiar with it,” Donna said, remembering Crysta’s question about the dress code, as the eyes of the courtroom turned from the topless prosecutor to the naked defendant.

“I happen to have a copy of it with me.” Crysta handed Donna a booklet, and exchanged nods with the judge.

“The booklet will be entered into evidence,” he said.

“Could you read me the definition of ‘panties’?”

Panties are form fitting clothes with an elastic band that goes around the body (waistband) and a strap that goes between the legs, covering the opening of the vagina and the anus.  Panties are either “bikini” style or “thong” style.  Bikini panties must be very brief or else they are called “shorts”.  They are defined as those that do not cover higher than an inch or two above the top of the vulva nor more than half of a girl’s butt crack.

“Sure,” said Donna, leafing through the booklet.  Harriet had no idea where this was going, but she was scared to object, so she held her tongue.  “Panties are form fitting clothes with a waistband that goes around the body and a strap that goes between the legs, covering the opening of the vagina and the anus.”

“Thank you,” said Crysta.  “Panties can be either bikini style or thong style, right?”  Donna nodded.  “Will you please read the definition of bikini panties?”

“They are defined as those that do not cover higher than an inch or two above the top of the vulva nor more than half of a girl’s butt crack.”

“Thank you,” said Crysta.  “Now, would you please think back to the 27th of last month, and tell me if your shorts would have met that definition of panties?”

Harriet jumped to her feet, her breasts jiggling, but she did not object.  If she weren’t afraid of losing her skirt, she would have complained that this question assumed facts not in evidence.  And she would have been quite right to do so.  She sat down, quietly lamenting the way this judge stacked the cards in favor of the defense.

“Yes, now that I think of it, I think they were small enough that they would have qualified as panties.  The front of my shorts just barely covered my pussy, and the back came only half way up my ass, showing a lot of ass cleavage.”  The spectators tittered at that description.

“Thank you, Donna.  Now, could you please read section 3.1?”

“OK,” said Donna as she flipped ahead in the booklet.  “Oh yes,” she said as if she hadn’t rehearsed this testimony, “this is the panty exception.  It says panties are, in effect, small shorts, so panties can be worn as a ‘bottom’ in place of shorts, but a girl wearing panties as a bottom may not wear a shirt–”

“Let me stop you there,” interrupted Crysta.  She turned to face the jury.  “So if you are wearing shorts so tiny that they qualify as panties, then you may not wear a shirt, is that right?”

Harriet stood up again, ready to object.  Crysta stopped, and stared at her shorts.  They barely covered her pubic bone.  Everyone stared at Harriet’s shorts as Crysta slowly circled the prosecutor.  Her rear showed a lot of cleavage.  It slowly dawned on everyone that Harriet’s shorts would qualify as panties under the definition in the Dress Code.

“Donna, were your shorts as short as Harriet’s?”  Harriet, still standing, gasped at the question.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, they were.”

“Your honor,” Crysta said, “with your permission, I would like to try the prosecutor’s shorts on the defendant, so the jury can see how she was dressed at the alleged infraction..”

“That request seems reasonable to me.  Any objection, Harriet?”

Harriet was agitated by this latest development.  If she objected, she would be overruled and lose her shorts, but if she agreed, she would lose her shorts anyway.  Her breasts rose and fell with each heavy breath, and her nipples were hard with anticipation.  She felt her pussy getting wetter, knowing she would soon expose it to the world.  Finally, she realized there was no alternative, so turned her ass to the judge, and bent at the waist as she lowered her shorts, mooning the judge.  When she was naked, she turned to face the judge, her arousal quite obvious.  “Can I have them back before you send the jury out to deliberate the verdict?” she asked in a last-ditch effort to salvage some of her dignity.

“I’ll take that under advisement,” said the judge.  “Until then, the shorts will be entered into evidence, with all parties stipulating they are similar to those worn by the defendant on the day in question.”

The bottomless bailiff took the shorts, and handed them to Crysta.  Crysta brought them to the witness box, and handed them to Donna, who eagerly donned them.  They fit her tight round ass perfectly.  Crysta asked Donna again, “Since you are wearing shorts so tiny that they qualify as panties, the Dress Code requires that you may not wear a shirt, is that right?”

“That’s the way I understand it, yes.” Donna replied.

“The defense rests,” said Crysta.

Harriet rose to her feet, and resisted the temptation to cover her nudity as everyone looked at her.  “I would like to redirect,” she said, her pussy watering from the attention it was receiving.  The judge nodded.  “Donna,” she began, as she approached the witness, “you testified that you understood the code to prohibit the wearing of shirts with panties, is that right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Yet you wore a shirt that day, didn’t you?”

“You mean this thing?” Donna lifted the shirt that was draped around her neck, resting on the upper slope of her firm breasts.

Harriet nodded.

“Oh, no,” Donna replied.  “I didn’t wear a shirt that day.  This is a necklace.”

Harriet just stood there, and gaped, unaware that her legs were apart, and not caring that the spectators were getting a rear view of her pussy and asshole.  She shook her head, and went back to her seat, her high-heel shoes clicking with each step.  She hadn’t seen any of this coming.  She flopped into her seat, still wondering how she had been so thoroughly defeated.  A necklace, indeed!

The judge looked at Crysta, who repeated, “The defense rests.”

The judge heaved a sigh of relief.  “We will have a short recess, after which we’ll hear closing arguments.  Both sides approach the bench, please.”  With that, he banged his gavel, and people started milling about the courtroom.  Crysta and Harriet came up to see the judge.

“Girls,” he said, “I don’t like long closing arguments, so I’m going to invoke rule 15.”

“Oh, no, please judge,” said Harriet.

“What’s rule 15?” asked Crysta, innocently.

Harriet explained, “They tie you up, and the bailiff puts K-Y jelly on your asshole, and rubs your pussy to get it good and wet.”

The judge interrupted, “Then we invite selected people to fuck you while you give your closing arguments.”

“They can fuck you in the ass or the pussy,” Harriet added.

The judge continued, “and when you cum, then your closing statement is over — no more talking.”  He looked at the girls, and added, “OK?”

Both girls nodded.

Apparently, Harriet was used to this treatment, but Crysta was horrified.  The bottomless bailiff took Crysta by the hand, and the topless one took Harriet.  They positioned the girls facing each other, directly between the judge and the jury.  Each girl was ordered to put her arms around the other, and Harriet was handcuffed.  Crysta didn’t need to be handcuffed, because her gloves held her hands together.  Their pussies were already wet, but just to make sure, the girls were ordered to kiss each other while the bailiffs spread the girls’ feet apart, and greased up their assholes.  Once she recovered from the shock, Crysta considered her strategy under rule 15.  She hoped to cum while the bailiff was greasing her up, because it would take her longer to cum a second time.  That would give her more time to give her closing argument while she was being fucked.  She shuddered at the prospect.

The jury filed back into their box, and were delighted to see the two girls still kissing.  The judge banged his gavel.  “Harriet, are you ready to close?”

Just as Crysta came, Harriet released her lips from Crysta’s, and said “Yes, your honor.”  She turned to face the jury, dragging Crysta, her pussy still pulsing with orgasm, around with her.

A man, wearing only a shirt, appeared behind Harriet, and wasted no time inserting his dick into her greasy asshole.  He grabbed her around the belly and shoved himself into her as Harriet began her closing statement.

“The defendant,” Harriet began, “was seen wearing a shirt that was too small to cover her breasts.”

Crysta realized that if she could make Harriet cum sooner, then she would have less time to make her closing statement, so she licked Harriet’s breasts as the man pumped her from behind.

“She will claim,” Harriet continued, “that her shorts were really panties, and that –”  Harriet lost her train of thought when Crysta began sucking her clitoris.   A few more pumps and the man came, while Crysta kept licking Harriet’s pussy.  Another man came up behind Harriet, and asked her to bend all the way over.  So Harriet bent over, and held onto Crysta’s ass for support, and tried to continue her closing statement, addressing the jury from between Crysta’s legs.  The man entered Harriet’s pussy from behind, while Crysta massaged Harriet’s back and buttocks.

“As I was saying,” Harriet continued, oblivious to the comedy of the situation, “she will claim that her panties were short and –” Crysta had somehow moved her hands around to Harriet’s front, and began massaging her clit while the man grabbed Harriet by the waist and pushed himself into her hard.  As hard as she tried not to cum, Harriet came.  She let out a scream as she and the man both came, and then she relaxed as the man pulled out and went back to his seat.

“Thank you, Harriet,” said the judge, quite satisfied by the way rule 15 had cut Harriet’s normally long-winded closing short.  “Now, the defense may make a closing statement.”

Crysta turned to face the jury.  She was no longer wearing her gloves, and Harriet was too tired to try to make Crysta cum again.  But there was no shortage of men eager to fuck the naked girl.  Crysta spread her legs apart as the first man approached her, offering him a choice of openings.  He chose the  back door as Crysta began her statement, “Ladies and gentlemen of the JURY, the defendant was WEARING panties as outerwear, and according to the dress code, she was not permitted to wear a shirt.”  Crysta’s voice got louder each time the man pumped.  He pumped a few more times, then sighed, and collapsed onto Crysta as he came.  The boys in the jury box were at full attention, and the girls were all wet from excitement as Crysta continued, undaunted.  “So instead, she wore the necklace you see here.”  Crysta gestured to Donna as the next man positioned himself to enter Crysta.  “I URGE you to find the defendANT not guilty.”  With that, Crysta was done.  But she let the man pick her up and enter her from the front.  She wrapped her arms and legs around him, spreading her pussy and asshole wide.  He held her, supporting her ass, and pushed a couple fingers into her asshole as he bounced her up and down.  She let his dick slide in and out of her slippery pussy.   Her nipples were hard as they rubbed against his firm chest.  “Oh!” she screamed as they came together.  He stopped bouncing, and just hugged her, his fingers still massaging her asshole.  After a moment of snuggling, he set her down, and left.

Donna came over to her, and kissed her tenderly.  “It was a great closing,” she said.

The judge banged his gavel.  Crysta found her glove dress, and put it on again, and stood facing the judge.  She kept her legs apart, because her pussy and asshole were still throbbing with excitement, not caring that the spectators could see everything.  Donna stood next to her, with her shoulders back, her tiny shirt draped over her firm breasts.  Donna’s nipples were hard from watching Crysta and Harriet getting fucked during their closing statements.  She ran her fingers up and down Crysta’s butt crack as she replayed the sex scene in her mind.  Crysta responded by spreading her legs further and fully relaxing her cheeks, and Donna gently caressed her asshole as the judge began speaking.  The girls played this sex game as often as they could — the game is played when one girl rubs the tender area between the other’s legs and cheeks, which must be fully relaxed and opened for full access.  The objective of the game for Donna is to make Crysta cum, and for Crysta to try not to cum while avoiding clenching her cheeks.

“Members of the jury, it is up to you, now, to assess the facts of the case, and determine if Donna violated the Dress Code by wearing a shirt that was too small.  Bailiff, please escort the jurors into their room.”  The jurors stood as the two officers began escorting them out of the jury box.  Each one of them was still quite obviously excited.  Within seconds, a note was sent to the judge, asking to see the three items of evidence.  The judge asked Donna to strip, which she did reluctantly, having grown attached to the prosecutor’s shorts, then the bailiffs brought the items into the jury room.  A minute later, they sent out another note, asking if Donna would come into the jury room so they could compare her size to that of the clothing.

The bailiffs escorted the naked Donna into the jury room, and remained there to watch over Donna while the jury did their examination.  The foreman, still erect, asked Donna if she wouldn’t mind getting on the table on her elbows and knees.  Donna looked around, hoping someone would object to that, but no one did, not even the bailiffs.  So Donna knelt on the table, and lowered herself onto her elbows, ass high in the air.  The foreman asked Donna to close her eyes, so she did, dreading what was to come.  He spread her legs apart, and slathered her ass with K-Y.  One by one, the male jurors banged Donna, some in her ass, others in her pussy.  She lost count of the number of guys who fucked her, but she knew it was more than six, so she knew some of them took seconds.

Finally, when the guys were all done, the girl jurors said it was their turn.  They made Donna lick their pussies and give rim jobs until her tongue was sore.  Again, Donna lost count, but she’s sure each juror came at least once.  Finally, they excused her, and she went back to the court room, exhausted.

A short time later, the jurors filed into the courtroom, and told the judge they had reached a verdict.

Donna was sore and tired, but satisfied she had done a good job in the Jury room, so she expected a favorable verdict.  That’s why she was stunned when the jury said “Guilty”, and horrified when the judge pronounced sentence: she would be required to arrive, fully clothed, to the courtyard outside the dining hall, and allow herself to be tied up beneath the “Code of Conduct” sign, and then she would have to stop passers-by and beg to be stripped.  Once naked, she would have to think sexy thoughts to try to make herself wet, at which time she would have to be fucked by at least three boys and remain naked for two hours, whichever is longer.  As she listened to the details of her punishment, the courtroom faded to black, and disappeared.  She awoke to Crysta slapping her face, and asking if she was alright.  I must have fainted, she thought.  She managed to get to her feet, and found that Crysta was hugging her and talking about celebration.  “What are you talking about, Crysta?”

“Your verdict — not guilty!” said Crysta.

Donna looked around, and found all the spectators cheering.  “I thought, I mean, …” Donna was really confused.  Had I?–I must have imagined the guilty verdict as I blacked out.

“You are free to go, Donna,” said the judge.

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