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Shorts Part 6: The Trial Begins

“Well, this is it,” Crysta said.  “What we’ve been waiting for all day!”  With that, the girls got up from their seats at their last class of the day, and walked across a grassy lawn to the courtroom for Donna’s indecency hearing.  When they arrived, the courtroom was packed.  They  walked together past the spectators toward the only seats left in the courtroom, near the front.  Donna was naked, and Crysta was almost naked, covering only her front with her “glove dress”.  The spectators delighted in the girls’ naked asses — their first look at this evening’s entertainment.  Apparently, they were just in time, because theirs was the first case.

“All rise,” said the bailiff, a scantily clad woman.  Along with everyone else, the girls stood up, affording the spectators another glimpse of their feminine beauty.  “The honorable judge Willie,” she announced.  At that, the judge, a handsome young man, entered the courtroom, and sat down in the judge’s chair.

“Be seated,” said the judge.  To the bailiff, he said, “Call the first case.”

“The case of Donna, um,” began the bailiff.  She seemed confused.  “No last name, your honor.”  The judge nodded.  The bailiff continued, “who is charged with violating the Dress Code on the 27th of last month.”

“Let me take this opportunity to thank the bailiff and her deputy for attending today’s proceeding with just one uniform between them.  It is very kind of you girls to share.”  The two girls smiled as the judge turned to Donna.  “Please take your seat at the defense table.”  He gestured to a patch of empty floor.

Donna got up from her seat and stood where the judge indicated.  “I don’t see a seat here, or a table, for that matter.”

“Objection!” shouted a young woman seated at the only table in the courtroom.

“Harriet, this is just a hearing, not a trial.  I don’t want you slowing things down by objecting all the time, do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she said.  Harriet was a beautiful woman, very casually dressed, wearing a belly shirt and daisy-dukes, which were shorts cut in such a way that her ass cheeks poked out of the leg holes.  Very sexy, Crysta observed to herself.

“Now, I’ll let you keep your panties on this time, but any further outbursts, and I’ll just have to teach you a lesson.”

“But I’m not wearing any –”  But then she stopped, realizing the judge was referring to her shorts as “panties”.  “Yes, sir.”  Harriet hated this judge, because she often ended up just as naked before him as the poor defendant.

Turning to Donna, the judge said, “Before we begin your hearing, do you have anything to say?”

“Your honor, can I have my friend, Crysta, up here to help me with my defense?”

Crysta stood up.  The spectators clapped and whistled.  The judge thought over the  request, then said “Well, this is highly irregular.  But I’ll allow it as long as Harriet agrees.”

“Fine, your honor,” said Harriet.

Crysta made her way to Donna’s side.

The judge smiled at the two girls, and said, “First, we’ll select a jury — 12 people — from a pool of 12 men and 12 women.  Each side gets 6 peremptory challenges, and an unlimited number of challenges for cause.  Will the first 12 members of the jury pool enter the box, please?”

With that, 12 potential jurors shuffled into the box.  The judge continued, “Harriet, you go first.”

“Juror number 3 is excused,” she said.

A handsome young man, a weightlifter by the looks of him, stood up, and walked out.  Darn! Crysta and Donna thought, together.  A beautiful young girl took his place in the jury box.  She was wearing a minidress that wasn’t even long enough to cover her matching panties.

“Your turn,” the judge said to the girls.

Crysta walked over to the jury box.  She turned, and said to the judge, “I would like to pole the jury.”

The judge laughed, and said, “You can’t poll the jury now.  They haven’t rendered a verdict yet!”

“No, judge,” Crysta said.  “I don’t want to poll the jury.  I want to pole them.”

The judge was confused.  Harriet thought about objecting, but didn’t want the judge to make her strip.

Crysta explained, “I want the jury to take off their pants, so I can see their poles.”

The judge cleared his throat, and said, “Oh, well, um.”  He was at a loss for words.  No defendant had ever asked to “pole” the jury before.  He looked at Harriet who shrugged, and then back at Crysta.  Finally, he turned to the jury, and said “very well, the jury will be poled.”.

Reluctantly, the men in the jury box started removing their pants and underpants.  They all had hard-ons to some degree.

Crysta reached into the jury box, and began stroking one of the poles.  The juror tried to remain nonchalant.  “Your honor,” Crysta began as she continued stroking him, “I don’t think it’s fair for the women to stay covered up, do you?”

“I agree.  Bailiff, please collect the pants, skirts, and underpants from the jurors.  The jurors may leave their tops on, though.”  The girls in the jury box removed their skirts and pants.  The one who was wearing panties took them off as well.  Two of the girls were lucky — they were wearing long dresses, so their pussies were still covered.  Crysta decided not to press her luck, and allowed those girls to keep their dresses on.  Her thoughts were interrupted when the man she had been stroking came all over himself and Crysta’s hand.  He covered his face with his hands from embarrassment.  Crysta wiped her hand on his leg.

“May I approach the jury, your honor?” Crysta asked.

“I’ll allow it.” said the judge.

Crysta entered the jury box and began touching the jurors.  Each one stiffened as they were touched.  When she was done, every man had a full hard-on, and many of the girls were wet.  She picked a dry girl.  “Number 7 is excused.”  She was one of the lucky girls wearing a long dress.  She was replaced by a girl in a tank top and shorts.  Before she sat down, she took of her shorts, and handed them to the bailiff.  Crysta smiled when she noticed that the new number 7 was completely shaven.

Harriet didn’t waste any time.  “Number 5,” she said.  Another strapping man stepped down.  It was clear that Harriet’s plan was to excuse all the men she could, and Crysta’s was to excuse all the women.  When each had used six peremptory challenges, the jury consisted of six handsome and horny men and six gorgeous and wet women, all twelve bottomless.

The girls resumed their places, standing at the defense “table” — just an empty area of floor.  The judge addressed the girls, “The charge against you, Donna, is indecency.  How do you plead?”

“I plead this way,” she began. She fell to her knees, and put her hands and arms together as if praying, and looked up at the ceiling.  “Oh, please have mercy on me!”  Then she got up and went over to the jury box, and kissed one of the horny men on the lips.  Then she lowered herself onto his penis, and said, “Go easy on me, pleeease,” as she rocked slowly up and down on his shaft.  Just before he came, she pulled herself off him, and went over to one of the girls.  She kissed her on the lips, and when she responded in kind, she rubbed her pussy, and found her quite wet.  The girl came right away, and seemed a bit upset.  Donna said, “shhh, it’s OK,” and stroked her hair.

“No, Donna,” said the judge, “I mean do you plead guilty or not guilty to the charge of indecency?”

“Oh.  Not guilty.”  Donna winked at the jury, and went back to her place.

Without waiting for instruction from the judge, Harriet said, “Your honor, I should like to call Bill Clinton to the stand.”

A shudder of surprise echoed throughout the courtroom.  But Bill Clinton was nowhere to be seen.  After a stunned second or two the good looking young man who had given Donna the ticket came up to the witness seat.  The bailiff made him raise his hand and swear an oath to tell the truth.  Then he sat down.

“Will you state your name for the record?” Harriet said.

“Bill Clinton,” said the man.  A murmur echoed throughout the courtroom, with some laughter.  The man became agitated.  “Can’t two people have the same name?” he said indignantly.

Ignoring his outburst, Harriet continued.  “On the 27th of last month, did you observe a young lady dressed in an indecent manner?”

“Yes,” Bill said.

“Can you point her out to the court?”  Bill pointed.  “Let the record show the witness identified the defendant.”

“Mmm” said the judge.

“Is this the shirt she was wearing at the time?” Harriet held up the short shirt that had been confiscated from Donna during her Inspection.

“Yes,” Bill said.

“Judge, I would like to have the defendant wear the shirt, and then visit with the jurors so they can determine whether the shirt is, in fact, indecent.”

“I’ll allow that,” said the judge.

Harriet brought the shirt to Donna, and asked her to put it on.  Donna pulled the shirt over her neck, and let it drape about her neck, resting on her lovely breasts.

“Finish putting the shirt on, dear,” said Harriet.  She wanted to show have Donna tuck her breasts into the shirt, and then embarrass her by having her raise her arms so that her breasts flop out of the shirt.

“This is how I wear it,” Donna said.  She had rehearsed this part with Crysta.  “It’s a necklace, really.  Not a shirt.”

Harriet was at a loss.  She hadn’t planned for the demonstration to go this way.  “Then go and show the jury,” she said.  What else could she say?

Donna pranced over to the jury box, and leaned forward so each juror could judge for him or herself whether the shirt was indecent.  Some of the jurors touched her breasts, to which Donna giggled and shook them.  Others touched Donna’s pussy, which was already very wet from the excitement of the trial.  Just about all of them rubbed Donna’s flat belly and tight buns.  When one of the men rubbed her upper thigh, she spread her legs apart, and slowly sat on his legs, facing him.  He guided his dick into her pussy.  She murmured “Mmmm” as she pressed her breasts into his, and rocked back and forth.  When he fingered her asshole, she came, but she kept it to herself because she sensed he was about to come, too, and she didn’t want that to happen.  She wanted him to stay horny.  So she gave him one last kiss, and got up.

Harriet was pissed.  That didn’t go at all they way she had planned it.  “The prosecution rests.”  She was thankful for her shorts, because without them, everyone would see her wet pussy and know that Donna’s performance had excited her.

“Very well,” said the judge.  “Defense?”

Crysta smiled, because she had a plan — not only to get Donna acquitted, but also to humiliate the prosecutor at the same time.

author: Richard Hertz

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