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Posted on February 16, 2012 by MzM

Many of you girls arrived on campus at the end of last year and got stripped of your clothing. Many wondered why a school like this is even allowed to exist. Trust me when i say I’ve felt lots of your pain and anguish. It’s a strange thing that any modern group of people, especially a school, be allowed to make girls conform to dress standards which often render them with no choice but to be nude.

What i have to offer are nothing more than reminders of things that have been said here already dozens of times. So this is just to reinforce and remind.

I understand your suffering, and i get why you’d be angry. I was subjected to the same rules when I arrived. Now, I’m a senior. What you have to try and understand, before anything else, is that these rules are for your own good. I’m not saying that to quell any anger or frustration. All i really want is to help you out.

The thing is that, many girls perceive the CCC to mean that they are not allowed to wear clothes. That’s just silly and simply not the case. The CCC actually allows you to wear clothing and even cover up those parts of your body which you’re so bashful to show in public to others. The issue is that different girls choose different methods to manage their personal situations.

Take me, for instance. To the naked eye, anyone would think I’m standing out here for the joy of being naked!

The fact of the matter is that, I’m not. What’s my logic? Well, i simply don’t believe that. First off, I’m the type of girl that can cover one of her special areas without any real effort. What do i mean by that?

Well have a gander between my legs. Do you see anything particularly special?

Nope! You might find a itsy bitsy suggestion of something, but the fact of the matter is that what i really care about you seeing is totally put away from sight. Isn’t that just amazing? However, one critical thing you should know is that girls and only girls have the ability to pull something like this off.

Now, if i wanted to technically feel dressed, one might suggest that i just have to cover my nipples and that the rest would take care of itself. To that, I’d say, sure! That’s kind of true! Why not?

I can agree with that.

But the fact of the matter is that, there really isn’t a real reason to cover your breasts from public view. Plus, it’s against the rules.

Though, the more you believe breasts are some special thing to try and conceal from view, the more power you give to inspectors who are teeming around campus, searching for the perfect opportunity to find a girl that feels vulnerable. That she may need to shelter her breasts in such a way is a clear indicator to them that there is worry about something. They love to spot that kind of stuff. So like vultures to a carcass, they will be drawn straight to you.

So instead of trying to cover anything with your hands, try my method. Believing.

What you have to try to believe, from the moment you deprive yourself of clothing in orientation, is that your chest and nipples are not so different than that of a mans. Can a man go topless without worry that he is exposing himself? All the time! However, for some strange reason, girls seem to think that because there is a mass or definition to their chest that is different from a mans. That this is cause for reservation and hiding.

And it’s not.

That you cover with a shirt or bra, given the size of your bust, does not protect you from a man being able to render what your breast look like in his mind. Regardless of size, they are just two little ol’ lumps on your torso with the same exact thing that he has.

Equally, many girls also make this huge deal about their ass being seen in public. I understand that concern because when i first arrived 4 years ago, i cried when i thought they made me take off both my pants and my panties. We were in orientation, just as you, and we were given a brief review of the CCC in the auditorium. Many girls, including me, felt that the best thing to do was to take off all of our clothes. Again, it wasn’t something that was actually required, but because of poor understanding of the logic of the CCC as well as our need to feel safe and compliant, we did.

What most didn’t consider at the time is that a girls ass is not very different from a boys. It just has a contour and slope to it that distinguishes it from the male backside. Is this alone a reason to hide it from others? Of course not!

A butt is just a butt.

So really, what that leaves, is a concern for your overall sense of decency. Can i feel decent without having clothing? Many girls can say yes but still wind up making some mistakes, again, with that hand. Covering their crotch area can be done for shame and embarrassment or sometimes might even happen without a girl being directly conscious of it. Although they’ve chosen to do away with clothes, they haven’t practiced enough from liberating themselves, mentally, from coverage issues. They simply don’t believe hard enough that they are dressed.

So the hand naturally still wants to move to these areas. Why? Because even though they’ve chosen to find decency in nudity, they are still thinking about the good old days they used to were clothes. So this keeps them tethered to all of those old fashioned, natural worries that may come from wanting to hide behind fabrics. This, more often than not, results in the hand having a mind of it’s own and moving to cover things like their pussy.

So instead of worrying about managing your hands because you’re finding that they naturally shift to one area of concern, try doing what i do. Believe.

Just cross your arms together and relax. You can do this standing up or you can do it laying down somewhere. Believe that the parts of your body that need to be dressed do dress. Because the truth is that, they do! In a very natural way!

You’ll also find my method is best because it keeps you in compliance with the CCC without the worry of jumping through all those hoops and keeping updated with changes to code. Although naked isn’t really what the school wants, they do tolerate it. So take advantage of that and liberate yourself from concern. You won’t have to worry about inspectors calling you out because you’re covering your breasts, pussy or ass with your hands, because again, you believe you’re dressed exactly where you need to be.

So to recap, remember always that breasts or tits aren’t necessarily anything to concern for to keep from public view. Like i said, even if you had a shirt on, they’d know more or less what you would look like below it. As far as what’s between your legs, if you’re built anything like me, just keep your thighs together as i do and you shouldn’t have to experience too much misery. Your pussy will be hidden from view.

In my personal opinion, I recommend strongly abandoning your clothes once you arrive at this college. The clothes tend to create too many issues to deal with. That’s just my personal opinion. My first three years, i tried very hard to find a medium between compliance and wearing the tiniest shred of fabric to preserve the smallest dreck of pride. Believe me, between you and me, it’s not worth it. It’s just going to cause you a lot of headache.

Granted, you put yourself at risk to be touched as well as undergo many more deeper physical encounters by being nude. However, its not as frequent as most people would think. Anyway, if you’re very afraid of excessive sexual encounters, to that i say, excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude. And you gain that only through experience. Also, there aren’t pleasures in fights, but some fights are a pleasure to win. Sex will always be pleasure, regardless of who you fight.

You can find a way to win.

Model is Jami Ferrell from Playboy:

2 Responses to Senior To Freshman Advice: Freedom From Worry

  1. Slick P. Wraith says: February 17, 2012 at 12:35 am What a powerful message for the female students. Believe. This is sure to inspire every young lady new to the college to adopt this ethos and apply it to their wider lives, long after they’ve graduated. Reply
  2. William Kazak says: February 17, 2012 at 8:53 pm Sounds like some wisdom has been reached but it took her to the Senior level to figure her philosophy out and to live it. If the faculty would also be living the dress code, then the Freshman would get the philosophy discussed here much quicker than Senior level. We live and learn and what works best for some students may not be the correct choice of philosophy for another. At least the Freshman would be alerted to different viewpoints and they could practice the techniques discussed here rather than making continuous mistakes in judgement all through their college years. Seeing is believing and the faculty could be leading the way on this.

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