Archived: My Girlfriend Understands Me

My Girlfriend Understands Me

Posted on February 14, 2012 by MzM

Two of my greatest pleasures in life are still ongoing. I’m a 21 year old guy with two great passions. The first is in serving as a college dress inspector. The second is my girlfriend.

I’ve been working as a college dress inspector for about 2 years now. However, for years now I’ve been seeing my girlfriend who was also my neighbor which i grew up with. Growing up, she’s been my everything. Playdate, to schoolmate to prom date and finally girlfriend. Things got a little more official our Senior year in High School.

Sadly, that was also the last year i got to see her as often because after High School, we split off and went to different Universities. The thing you have to know about her is that she is one of those generous girls who is very considerate of others and tries very hard to excel. So the college that wound up accepting her is actually very lucky to have her.

Lately, although I’ve been seeing her on the weekends, something has been gnawing at me. I haven’t outright let her know for fear of hurting her. So for the time being, I’ve kept it to myself.

The problem with being a College inspector and dating a girl from outside of your University is that you’re faced with a bit of a dilemma. There is a constant urge riding you at the back of your mind because it is on a constant auto pilot. Out here, you see a normally dressed woman. Me, i see many repeated violations of CCC regulation. You want to inspect every girl you see, but you can’t because this is not campus. Thing is, you have to learn to manage through this whenever you’re off campus and so many of my peers who inspect with me somehow manage to toss it off like a switch. Me, I’m having a harder time turning it off.

Having been struggling with it, i recently asked my girlfriend and long time friend to humor me whenever we were hanging out alone and let her top up. I also always ask her if she is wearing panties. We run through these motions at the end of each date, and regardless of whether she has a bra or panty on, she will flash me what she’s got by lifting her shirt or unzipping her pants or skirt. She knows I’m a dress inspector and she thinks it’s funny. So this has been a running gag which as held pretty consistently for the past years. The inside joke at the end of each our dates. She’s ever so happy to put herself at the butt of our comedy.

She has no real obligation to listen to me. Still, she does her best to humor me, as you can see.

What she doesn’t know is that for the past year or two, the clothing she has been wearing has actually been bothering me. It bothers me the most on her because she spends a good amount of time with me. It’s always the splinter in the back of my mind. An ongoing cogitation and wonder of how much of the dress code would i find her to be complying with if she were suddenly inspected. I feel dotty and like a real weirdo for not being able to control it but it’s a real problem. So it’s been getting me down even though I’m trying hard to hide it and even ignore it.

Today, as we were parting for the evening and waiting for her parents, she noticed something was off. She brought it up and although at first i was a reluctant to dump this problem on her, her keen and intuitive line of questioning eventually brought out the truth.

She started first by asking me if there was a problem. Grudgingly, i did suggest there was a problem but made it abundantly clear i didn’t want to burden her. She pressed it though and asked if the problem involved her or us. Again, i did my best to avoid touching down on the topic, but eventually i had to cave and explain it to her.

She was very understanding to say the least. So what she agreed to do was let me run through a mock inspection session with her and agreed to make herself subject to any of final calls I’d make.

I started it up.

I asked her that i needed to inspect her shirt and that she should hand it over to me. Which she immediately pulled off and handed to me. I ran it through my fingers, searching for the standard discrepancies that I’m used to checking for. As i did this, we had a deep discussion about why i hadn’t asked her to do this sooner if it had been bothering me.

I explained to her how i felt about her and how i felt about the dress code. The inner struggle i was managing through. That i couldn’t control it but at the same time i didn’t want to be analyzing her on each of our dates to see if she was apt to standards. She leaned back and chatted at length about it and she managed to draw out all the fine details. That i didn’t want to wonder if she had a bra on or what was underneath her shirt all the time.

Her response was simply to say that she won’t come out on our dates wearing a top anymore. I was immensely thankful for that since it would put my mind at ease from now on.

As much as i wanted to push through this issue, i couldn’t continue push the inspection forward. By then, she was leaning in and asking if it was normal that an inspection of a shirt take so long. Obviously, it wasn’t normal, but this was a bit of a complicated matter. I wanted to move forward but i knew what continuing the inspection would mean in the end.

It’s then that she got up and grabbed the hem of her skirt, which had been unzipped from before and emboldened me to continue the inspection. So i did.

Though i had already known from before, i asked her to remove her skirt because i suspected she had been wearing panties. She complied immediately, passing to me her skirt.

I went on and informed her that, unfortunately, because she had been wearing panties she would have to relinquish them to me and that they would be returned to her tomorrow afternoon, as it was evening and the courts were closed. She would have to spend the rest of the evening and night naked. With no demur, she handed over her panties to me and smiled.

I spent the next few minutes explaining some strategies she could use to feel dressed. We joked around about how women’s attire is so diverse and that just about anything can be put on a girl and it would look fashionable, including air. The thing is that, this is actually true. I told her girls are about the only creatures on the planet that can go without clothing and still appear to be completely dressed. She twirled around and helped me make my point. We were both in total agreement.

I went on to explain that girls can keep their legs together and for the most part never even show a hint of that special place they were always trying to guard from everyone. So there wasn’t really anything to worry about. That on my campus many of the girls seemed to have some methods to detract attention from between their legs and that i could almost swear some were going topless just out of the fact that they knew breasts somehow pulled the eye away from the pussy. She relaxed and sprawled on her side, laughing and somewhat suggesting that if that were the case, it seemed the girls were probably in a bit more control of things over there. I had to stop and think on that one a little.

As time passed, she sprawled on there, completely nude and staring back at me, we exchanged various ideas of dress without dressing. I even passed to her some simple techniques she could use in seating which were dress postures that were passed between the girls at my school. Between using proper placement of hair or a shoe, if inspectors were kind enough to allow you to keep them, you could work with these elements alone to dress yourself again. She also gave that a try.

I was much happier, to say the least. But still she saw something was sill weighing me down. Serving as go-between my inner feelings and what needed to be said, she assumed the last of it had to do with my wondering if i had to worry about her wearing panties forthwith or what may lay underneath her skirt at other times.

Having her keen sense, again, she offered another solution and simply said that she won’t come out on our dates wearing any bottoms anymore. I was extremely grateful for this since it would put my speculations to rest from here on out.

With this, almost every issue i was mulling over this evening had been resolved. Though, there remained one thing that was still a problem. Not surprisingly, she knew what it was. At first, she asked if there was anything else but just as i was going to avoid expressing the final concern she cut me off. “It’s ok”, she said.

Her hand found its way to my crotch, where she instantly learned how hardened I’d become. She unzipped me and exposed my stark manhood, and began giving it a few pulpy licks. She then ran her tongue repeated coiled twirls and brought me to an even greater state of arousal.

Without really asking what i wanted to do, she lifted her naked ass over my crotch, and as she faced away from me she lowered her hips slowly until the surface of her wet mound made contact with my warm cock. with her labia kissing the tip of my glans, i slowly snaked into her softness. There she straddled me for several minutes, unleashing many love contractions as she deliberately squeezed the walls of her pussy around me for the next several minutes.

Just as she was bringing me to orgasm her parents pulled up. Her ride was here. They spotted us over where we had been sitting. She yelled back out to the car and told them to wait a couple of minutes. She straddled me for another good minute and asked me to tell her when it was almost time. When i was almost there, i told her and she got up, immediately grabbing me in her hand.

She stroked until eventually my cum ripped across the air landed everywhere on the grass and chair as well as her arm. It kept spilling on her hand and she used it to lather me up and enhance the pay off as she massaged it back into my skin.

With that, she wiped her hand on her panty and threw it at me and kissed me softly on the lips, whispering to me that she’d be back next weekend. She said she would deal with explaining the problem to her parents and not to worry. That she’d see me for sure next week and that she would be naked.

I stared at her nude bottom as she walked away from me and headed off toward the car. Her gorgeous ass lasciviously swaying, fleshly lines from her butt crease alternating left to right and enhancing her round shape as she made it to the vehicle, where her parents looked out at us in a confused daze.

It was thankful. Overcome, really, with relief and intense amazement in my girlfriend.

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  1. William Kazak says: February 14, 2012 at 10:02 pm Your girlfriend sure is a good sport and it is obvious that she wants to keep you happy. Have you considered marrying her? You have known her for many years and it sounds like an ideal situation to marry someone you grew up with. Separate schools sounds like a bummer to me. Can you get her to go to your school? That way, you could inspect her every day. Reply
  2. base says: February 15, 2012 at 12:56 am Bravo! Once you accept the Dress Code, it is inevitable that you will see “violations” around you off campus. Stop thinking in terms of violations or not. Think in terms of decency and prudishness. Then on campus your inspections may or may not result in a violation. That girl at the mall in the short-short skirt. Is she decent? If she is not flashing you a pair of panties, she is. Makes no difference if her bare pussy can be seen or not. As long as her skirt is long enough for her to feel decent and comfortable wearing it, it is decent. Being a short skirt, of course, also dispels the prudish angle, but the MILF wearing a long skirt or mom-jeans, well, you know she is a prude and has lost her girlish ways. Now, you no longer should feel compel to strip search each female you see. Smile at those being decent without being prudish. Be polite to the others, and make a suggestion when at places like the mall when you see those mom-jeans, “I just saw a red leather skirt at the shop down there that would look great on you.” Or you might help steer those wearing visible panties in the direction of a lingerie shop with a comment, “If you are going to flash you panties, you might consider a nicer pair like the crotchless variety in Victoria’s Secret.” Be helpful, not critical. The women will appreciate your honesty and recommendations. However, there might not be a nice way to present the unkempt pubic hair-jungle monster when visible. Perhaps recommend they donate their pubic hair to Locks of Love. Or just direct them to the closest drug store for fresh razors. Reply
  3. Concerned says: February 15, 2012 at 6:13 pm Nice story, but I think that there’s too much blatant sex. I thought it was agreed that we would keep the “steel 8 inch cocks ramming in and out of their pussies” out of this site? Reply
    • MzM says: February 15, 2012 at 7:32 pm I searched around the site some. Maybe you could point me to where that consensus was reached? I generally do shy from sex in my writing, but I’m trying to find a way to assort the situations. Keeping in mind that I want to make both the male and female readers ‘happy’. Climbing in the other genders frame of libido isn’t a very easy thing to do. I thought I’d post a story to demonstrate sex here can still be fun and romantic, while yes, even if a tad raunchy. If it’s not your thing, i have posted 8 other stories which might be up your alley. Reply
      • Zerinza says: February 15, 2012 at 8:55 pm I’m a female reader and this story made me happy. ^_^ Also, I’ve been reading the archives and it seems to me like there’s been blatant sex in these stories for a very long time. So now I’m confused. Unless Concerned means M/F sex maybe? Regardless, this one was right up my alley. ♥ Reply
      • base says: February 16, 2012 at 1:15 am Twas not a consensus. When we (me) asked for readers’ ideas, I requested they not request “Steel hard 8 inch cocks ramming in and out of her tender young virgin pussy”, and that could be done at other sites. This was not to say sex scenes are not appropriate. Dick Hertz’s universe includes consensual rapes. What was meant was to avoid the cliches and tired visuals to make a sex scene, and the sex scenes ought not dominate the story itself. We do not need a narrative of each thrust and pull to complete a sex scene (unless you are writing about Jack be Nibble, Jack be quick, Jack premature ejaculates). Each writer and reader will have their own take on how far that allows the sex to evolve. There’s room for it all, but avoiding cliches is a worthy goal for any writer. Reply
  4. MzM says: February 15, 2012 at 7:31 pm Thanks for the comments, everyone. They do help.

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