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Memo to All Students

10/4/2004 — from the office of the Dean of Students

All girls should be advised against wearing clothing that reveals areas of their body that they would prefer to leave covered.  Examples of this kind of clothing include loose-fitting tops, miniskirts, and hip-hugging pants, to name just three.

To make this advice crystal clear, we have developed the Rule of Constant Coverage, which states:

“(1) Any clothing which does not completely cover a body part all the time is not permitted to cover that body part at any time; and (2) Any clothing that does not cover any private body part may not be worn”

Example 1: Cleavage.

The danger of wearing a loose-fitting top is that a girl might expose the skin between her breasts (cleavage) when she bends forward.  If the girl would prefer that her cleavage not be seen, then this type of clothing should not be worn.  On the other hand, if she wants her cleavage to be seen, then she should not be bashful about it.  She should wear a top that fastens between the breasts, and display her cleavage fully by leaving her top unfastened.

I like to wear the kind of top that shows
off my cleavage.

“Any clothing that does not display
cleavage all the time must
never display cleavage”

A girl should decide whether or not she wants to show her cleavage.  If she does, she should show it fully; if not, she should wear more modest clothing.

A girl who shows cleavage might as well show it all the time by leaving her shirt or unfastened.  As you can see from this photo, there is no violation of the Dress Code.  This girl remains fully covered.

Girls should realize they can’t have it both ways — either they display cleavage or they keep it covered.  This is the Rule of Constant Coverage.

To allow a girl to wear clothing that displays cleavage some of the time, but allows her to coyly cover herself other times would be wrong.  Such clothing might be worn by girls who prefer not to display their cleavage, and these girls might then inadvertently display themselves.  It would be much better if such girls would wear more modest clothing, so their cleavage will never be seen.

To support the girls who prefer to wear more modest clothing, it is required that any clothing that does not display cleavage all the time must never display cleavage.

To resist the temptation to button my
shirt, I pulled the buttons off — now
I’m not tempted to break the rules.

The girl pictured here would be violating
this rule if she buttoned up her shirt,
so she should leave it unbuttoned.

It should be stressed that the reference to “cleavage” is used only as an example.  The rules set forth in this memo apply to all displays of skin.  More generally, then, clothing that hides some area of a girls body must hide that area at all times.

The reason for this is simple: for modesty.

The girl pictured here is violating the rule by wearing this shirt.  Her breasts are covered some of the time by her shirt, as you have seen, so they must be covered at all times.

It is very important to recognize that the girl pictured here with her breasts uncovered is not violating the Dress Code, because the Code requires only that her clothes be capable of covering her breasts, and this shirt clearly is capable of it.

However, because her doesn’t always cover her breasts, it breaks the “useless garment” provision of the Rule of Constant Coverage.  She is forbidden from wearing this shirt, and thus she is required to remove it.

I like to wear my pants as low as
I can so people won’t notice if I
flash my tits once in a while.

The sequence of pictures, above, illustrate the main point of this memo: clothing that covers some of the time must cover all the time, or it is simply not permitted to be worn.  It is hoped that girls will respond to this memo by wearing clothes that cover themselves all the time.  However, we can’t prevent an alternative response, which is to wear clothes that never cover certain body parts.

Although there are, alas, no photos to illustrate the point, after this girl was forced to remove her shirt, she bent over to lay it carefully on the ground.  At that time, it was noticed that a very slight amount of her butt crack was visible, as her pants hang rather low on her hips.  Her pants, if they cover her butt crack some of the time, should have covered it all the time, so she was given two choices: lose the pants, or else wear them lower, so her butt crack was always visible.  Naturally, she tried to keep them, but she had to unzip them to get them down over her hips.  Later, it was noticed that her pussy came into view when she stood a certain way, so she had to lower them further in order to keep them on at all.  Finally, with her pants lowered to her knees, she found she was attracting more attention than if she were naked, so she simply took them off.  The moral of the story is that girls should choose and wear their pants carefully so they stay covered up.  This is especially important if a girl is forced to go topless, because then her pants are her only item of clothing.

Example 2: The MinidressAs a second example, consider the minidress.  If you have read the Dress Code carefully, you are aware that undergarments, such as panties, are not permitted to be seen.  The intent of this rule is to encourage girls to wear dresses that completely cover their underclothes.

Some girls, however, prefer to wear sexier clothing, such as the minidress pictured here.  If this girl wore anything under her dress, she would be violating the Dress Code, so she wisely wears the dress by itself.

This dress covers the girl’s breasts, including her cleavage, all the time.  It’s also long enough to cover her vagina, just barely, as long as she takes ordinary precautions, such as keeping her legs together.

I love to wear a minidress, and I
know it can’t hide my butt crack
just part of the time, so I make
sure it’s short enough to show it
off all the time.

This dress meets all the requirements;
an ideal dress.

As she bends forward to select a song on the jukebox, this girl must also take precautions to avoid showing her anus to anyone who might be standing behind her.  She can do this by gently clenching her cheeks, and by keeping her legs together.It has been determined, as an axiom of this memo, that a girl’s anus is considered covered at all times by her posture and by ordinary precautions, just as her vagina is considered covered by a dress whose hemline is at least even with it while she is standing.

This definition should allow girls to relax, and not worry about whether their anus is visible — by definition, a girl’s anus is not visible.

The butt crack is not protected by any such definition, so if a dress covers it some of the time, it must cover it all the time.  If this dress were any longer, it might cover her butt crack some of the time, and thus violate the rule of constant coverage.  Such a dress would have to be removed immediately upon discovery of the violation.

This dress is snug enough to stay put, keeping the girl’s breasts covered, while at the same time never slipping down enough to fully cover her butt crack.  This makes it ideally suited for this college, adhering to the letter of the Rule of Constant Coverage, if not its spirit.

This dress is snug, so
it keeps some parts of
me covered all the
time, and other parts uncovered all the

Example 3: Stockings

A girl may worry that the Dress Code and this Memo might severely limit her wardrobe choices, to the point where she is unable to cover her legs.  After all, any loose-fitting dress or skirt is liable to reveal some skin only part of the time, violating the Rule of Constant Coverage.  Pants have the same problem.  So a girl may get the impression she will never be allowed to cover her legs.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Dress Code famously prohibits the wearing of panties with a garter belt, because they are both considered underwear.  The Dress Code also prohibits the wearing of underwear under most shirts and dresses, so a girl who wants to wear underwear is more or less forced to wear nothing else but underwear.  This suits a girl who wants to wear panties just fine — she can go topless, and still let her vagina be covered.But a girl who wants to wear stockings would still run afoul of the vaginal coverage rule.  So, to allow a girl to wear stockings, the rule requiring her to cover up her vagina has been waived.  In addition, a girl may cover her breasts with a teddy or bustier, as long as her vagina is fully exposed.

A bustier may be worn with
stockings, allowing this girl to
keep her breasts covered.

But the Dress Code is not the only authority on the wearing of clothes.  The Rule of Constant Coverage has a little-known “useless garment” provision that states that a garment that covers no private part may not be worn.

This would seem to make stockings, and, for that matter, shoes, illegal.  Rest assured, girls, that stockings, along with shoes, hats, and a few other types of garments, have been “grandfathered in”, and may be worn, as long as all the other provisions are carefully adhered-to.

Section 2.2 of the College Code of Conduct allows other students to touch your exposed body parts, including any skin on your thighs and torso.  Since this Memo extends the Dress Code to effectively rule out the wearing of pants or any dress that covers your butt crack, you should expect to have your butt crack stroked from time to time.When you feel a hand on your naked ass, spread your legs apart and bend over, as directed by the Code, and try not to get wet.  Although it isn’t possible to hold out forever, you should pray for the touching to be over before you give in to the excitement of it.

This girl relaxes, knowing the vag-
inal coverage rule is waived as
long as she is wearing stockings.

A girl may be reluctant to wear stockings for fear her fully accessible vagina might become an easy target for anyone who might want to test her ability to stay dry while being stroked.  She should not worry about this, because any dress short enough to be allowed under the rules of this Memo will also be short enough to allow full vaginal access from the rear.

Although students are, strictly speaking, not permitted to touch your breasts through clothing, or remove any of your clothing, a student who is stroking your pussy may wonder if your nipples have become hard.  A student is permitted to check your nipples to verify they are still soft, but he is not permitted to stroke them or try to induce them to become hard.  If you feel your nipples pressing against your top, and fear this will make them hard, then you are permitted to remove your top, but only as long as you are being fondled.

If the touching lasts more than just a few seconds, you will probably be unable to stay dry, or you may find that you are unable to will your nipples to remain soft, and find yourself in an unfortunate public display of sexual excitement.  If this happens, you should remain bent over, and allow yourself to be raped, which is the accepted punishment for public excitement.  The more you relax, the less it hurts, especially if the boy chooses rear entry.  It is natural to feel ashamed for allowing yourself to be publicly excited; however it is just as natural to be raped afterwards.  So try to get over the shame and humiliation as quickly as possible, and then, if any of your clothing was removed, feel free to dress yourself.

If you have any questions about the rules set forth in this memo, please feel free to come to the Dean’s office, where the Dean will be glad to instruct you.


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