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Posted on February 14, 2012 by MzM

Hi, girls! Congratulations to those who’ll be graduating later this year. I’ve been asked to pass a little information to assist you all with your career hunt. Mainly, to point out what to look out for once you’ve landed that job.

As for me, I’ve applied my the skills i learned in college to become an Office Clerk. Now, most are in need of a little career info. So here i am to offer a few morsels of helpful info which I’ve gathered in the little time I’ve been on the job.

I’ve been working as an Office Clerk now for about a year. You may not believe it, but in that bit of time I’ve seen lots of people come and go. It’s a simple fact of today’s economy. Jobs aren’t really as stable as they once were. You have to be willing to be a little extreme in your competitiveness. I meet many people from day to day and have to communicate and disseminate lots of info. It can be trialing to keep up with the demands of this job and also be aware of your standing with your employer.

One of the methods i use to enhance my performance may seem underhanded, but once you get out in to the outside you’ll start to see that work is just more than showing up 9 to 5 to perform. There are all kinds of struggles from different people who all have varying interests and often conflicting goals. You have to find a clever way to reconcile the fray while you get your work done.

So what i would like to do here now is offer some helpful tips and hints you probably have heard several times already. Many of them quite obvious info that was repeated while you were in school. Do your best. Work hard. Try and try again. I find, though, that redundancy is a friend to good habits.

First, this may sound horrible but I’ve come to realize that one of the most important factors of holding a job down is dress. While some jobs outline what they expect in dress, there are still many employers won’t tell you how important this is or what it is they want you to wear. So you have to figure out what it is they want you to wear. Sometimes, this may include shaking up what their perception of what proper dress code may be.

To start this off, let’s have a look at what i picked out today. The best way to keep a job down in today’s world is to dress, yes professionally, but with a critical eye as well as an aim for zest. Your outfit should have some kind of oomph which would be absent in the drab of most of your coworkers have chosen to throw on. Most of them are thinking that it’s enough to slap on an expensive blazer and skirt. With their generic office collar shirts and hosiery. They really dull the place up. This makes your effort for keeping a good sense of sexy on the job stand out so much more. What this doesn’t mean is dressing up like a floozy. As you can see, today i have picked out falls perfectly into the category I’ve just described.

Although, many jobs you’ll be going off to won’t require you to follow CCC style dress codes, it’s always good to try to maintain the spirit of what you learned in college to enhance the reciprocity in what should always remain a high energy environment. Having graduated from this college, you’re at multiple advantages in the work place but just as well, in constant competition against most of your peers who are watching your every move and waiting for you to fumble something.

Whenever you want to get the upper hand in such an environment, you’ll find time and again, that your thinking reverts constantly back to your attire. You realize that many of the standards the CCC had ingrained in you in your college years actually laid a very helpful foundation for dealing with many of the office problems you encounter.

Obviously, not all employers are keen on keeping up with rules about panties or a bras. So you’ll find that your performance may be suffering some as a result of not having a system of checks. Tomorrow when you are on your own in the world, If should find this to happen to you, don’t panic.

Although the practice of following the tenets and policies of the CCC may lapse, a basic inert need and desire to uphold traditions will never leave you.

Firstly, when you find the urge to pop out of your outfit in some come-hither, flash of the moment, you’re free to do so without getting into any real trouble. Your employers know what college you went to even though your coworkers may not immediately know it, they will accept it with some time. Since you know that no one wants to work in a stale and spiritless setting, you try to bring back the pizazz. Even though I’m the only one using this method around here, that doesn’t make me shy away from giving it a go. What i try to do is liven things up and undo the top buttons on my shirt.

You’ll find that, though, you’ll get some really ugly looks from some of the other girls in the office, your boss will start behaving much differently with you. Usually, most Managers avoid commenting directly about when you do this, but you’ll find that day passes your exchange will be friendlier, he’ll smile much more and his requests will come more and more amiable of tones.

I’ve found similar results in exposing my panty. Often letting my skirt hike up a little when i bend over in front of one of them or letting my cleavage spill out when i lean on a desk. I’ve been doing it some months now and it’s been effective.

The problem is that once you start doing this frequently, you’ll find that the undoing of few ol’ buttons on your blouse garners an eventual wide acceptance from everyone. It becomes a norm. Eventually, the mood and morale in the office begins to fall again. So if you’re not very selfish, as you were taught not to be not only in our college, but as a member in any of it’s containing sororities. You’ll know that the best thing to do put aside a bit more of that inhibition and buck up. Take one for the team. At such, when you take note that of those whom were previously getting drawn into staring at your bra are no longer doing it, you’ll know it’s time to up the ante. You might then want to consider unbuttoning the rest of your shirt and pulling your bra down. This is actually my first time taking it this far around here, but i want to do it for the sake of demonstration.

One very crucial yet typical error other girls tend to do is relinquish only a partial degree of exposure. While it’s ok for you to ease into it, don’t spend too long revealing only one of your breasts. Give no suggestions, subtle as they may be, to evidence you’re anything other than diligent and proactive. That you do things fully and thoroughly without having to be told. That you can perceive the task in it’s entirety and when asked to do it, you go the full way. Make sure this is also seen in your form of dress.

So, right now, I do this by exposing both my breasts.

With this, there is a bit of commotion in the office and i believe i may have upset some of my female coworkers. If this should happen to you try to ignore it. I’ve stayed in touch with a few of my college mates and have learned that they have undergone similar experiences. The problem with women in your work place, should you get a job later, is that they’re just a tiny bit envious of your looks. You may have noticed that our college has some of the most beautiful women on the planet. There is a reason for that. But to cut down on the explanation, let’s just say it’s a rite of a woman such as me or such as you to do be able to do this wherever we should go. We don’t owe anyone explanations.

There is one woman here, though, that is getting indignant with me. You’ll encounter conflicts in an interoffice settings, as issues can politicize there very easily. Always stay cool. She’s not very pretty so i don’t judge her for being so reserved in her own dress. Still, it seems some people can’t let others be. One awesome piece of advice i can give you when handling these people is, again to ignore them. This time, i pass this tip with a technique you can use to drown out the fuss or yelling. Get on the phone and call someone. You probably have a list of calls to get out of the way. This way, if and when the boss comes around you’ll look busy and she’ll look less productive, even obtrusive, to the work flow.

In my case, she won’t get off my back. She’s now said several very impolite things to me and i see that unless i act, she won’t be able to take her focus of my breasts. My response to this is to use a powerful technique which you’re probably already familiar with from college. Based on the method we used to apply at college, by going topless to draw attention away from our pussies. Well, this is the inverse diversion method, which uses this same concept but in this case the goal is to pull attention away from my breasts. I admit i didn’t make this technique up but I’ve tried it at the cafe once and it worked. This is my first time trying it here.

I spread my legs somewhat, and i pull my panty aside, maintaining a calm decorum and never breaking my concentration from the topic I’m discussing on the phone. As i take note of statistics and details being passed to me, i diffuse the local problem all the while improving the way i was dressed. The woman that was angry moments ago just throws her hands up and walks off. Mission accomplished. This is multitasking and if you’ll have many opportunities to show you can do this in the workplace. Especially and mainly when you undress at times you have carry out different and difficult day to day undertakings. It seems that taking off clothes often solves multiple problems at once. So if ever you’re feeling overwhelmed, give it a try.

Having improved the mood at my office drastically, i feel a much more model employee and I’m happy to say i have the approval of the majority of my coworkers, who are mostly men. My boss even stopped by to see what the commotion was but turned his back quickly and walked away immediately when he saw how hard i was working. Unfortunately, i can’t sit all day with my legs parted, as my job requires me to walk around the office to fulfill other duties. And sadly, when i stand up my panty has a tendency to fall back in place and cover my pussy again. The most immediate instinct for me as would be the case for most of you post graduates is to lower your panty to a sufficient extent to prevent this from happening.

But what did i say about being diligent and proactive? I said show no evidence that you only do half the job. Who you are and how you function is expressed mostly through your appearance. At such, if you have your panties halfway down your thighs, then again, you are clearly suggesting you do things only halfway. Even if just subconscious message, the practice will ultimately affect your good standing with your boss. So remember. Pull those panties completely off.

If you’re going to communicate and choose to use your wardrobe as a way of boosting office morale, make sure what you’re communicating be clear and concise.

I have to say i feel a little guilty and extend my apologies to my former school for a mistake i made in dressing today. It’s hard to transition back from college, where we were constantly stripped and inspected for decency, to a setting where everyone has no concept of what true decency is. During the entire time I’ve been offering all these tips and suggestions, i was multilayering. It actually would have been a double offense had i been back at school. In my case, my shirt was really obstructing areas that i should have been more conscious of keeping decent. Now with my shirt removed, anyone that might be looking at me from the back won’t question as to whether or not i am wearing panties of which i should not have been wearing any to begin with. I probably should not have worn the shirt to begin with as well. So I’m very sorry about that.

Now that I’m dressed more acceptably, some more of the females seem a little annoyed. I think in reality, they’re just a bit impassioned about wanting to be as decent as i am. Since this is the first time I’ve really ever dressed as reasonably on the job, I’m seeing a lot of agitation but it seems mostly positive. More and more people are passing by my area. When this happens at your job, you can be sure it’s just momentary episode. Remember how in college everyone would gather around when you were inspected? Well, it’s the same here, except you don’t have to worry as much because you’re in control of your career. It’s the real world. Just do your best to continue working with focus and concentration.

You may also, ultimately, run into this other predicament. My boss has come back into the area to tell me something. Although he’s not appearing super angry, he seems a little awkward and slightly miffed. Red in the face as i am noticing. We all have to deal with an angry boss from time to time. Before he can talk, i interject and pass on a little charm. I try to calm him and offer a soothing resonance in my voice. Just in case he is indeed upset, he will find some alleviation in interacting with me. Our bosses are human beings, just like us, and can be brought to petulance as many things build up during the day which may peeve them repeatedly from one moment to the next. I do make it obvious in my tone and attitude that I’m someone that is willing to do what it takes to keep his approval and make sure he is kept happy. That your employer know that you offer any range of services in skill will be one of the most alluring points on your resume.

In my case, my boss seemed to be on the verge of explaining some kind of problem he was having but then withdrew. Maybe i made some kind of mistake earlier in some work i had done or maybe he was just having a bad moment. The point is that i made it clear to him that whatever the issue was, i was not part of the problem but that I was part of the solution. This might have come as a result my approach in speaking or it might have been because just as he was coming at me i had decided to lower my leather mini. I anticipated there may have been a problem with it. I’m always trying to keep a step ahead and it dawned on me that a leather miniskirt might actually not be the best choice for the office setting I’m in. I started pulling it down as he opened dialogue and clearly this must have been the issue cause it caused him to stop talking and just simply stare. He was gone for about an hour after that. I will make a note not to wear it again, or any skirt for that matter, in the future.

Finally, as I’m peeling off this clingy leather skirt, i realize I’d been perspiring under it and it had been gumming up against my skin with a bit of sweat. So final point to pass on to all of you girls that are graduating soon, is that you should always dress comfortable and in a way that your clothing imposes no hindrance to you. Remember that covering up with too much can be distracting as it is confining. Not just cause it impedes your ability for physical movement, but cause it also serves as a mental distraction as well. When i was wearing my skirt and panties i was constantly adjusting myself and stopping my panty from riding up my bottom. As well as similar problems with my shirt and bra. Overall, this skirt was just a mess to manage anyway.

So having considered that, when removing an article of clothing, does everyone remember what I said about doing it only partially or halfway?

Take it all the way off!

Now that I’m free of any cumbersome attire, i can focus much better on my work. I know my professional attire might come as a bit of a shock to everyone, but you have to believe me when i tell you they will all get used to it. We live in wonderful and interesting times where these things can happen. Though, there may be a little resistance at first, such concepts of having to bare a little bit of skin to be more competitive, productive, focused and efficient will become more and more embraced. As long as each new person you encounter during the course of your career eventually understands that these are self evident truths. That a bare pussy isn’t so different than a bare thigh. That a bare breast isn’t so far off from a bare shoulder. Then, and only then, will everything be ok. Once you’ve modeled your work moral and ethic to flow seamlessly with these irrefutable axioms, and convince yourself first that this is true, you will be easily able to convince others. Because no one is going to believe in something if they don’t see that you adamantly believe in it yourself.

Finally, are there any perks to this? There are many. Too many to list. Now that I’m representing myself at my job as i should, even when i goof up or make a mistake it’s hardly noticeable. When you’re wearing just one small article of clothing, it’s hard for others to notice your gaffes. And they do happen.

The other thing is, when i was dressed i was worried about moderating my temperance. Were my panties showing through my skirt? When is it acceptable to show some panty? When should i show my bra? Am i forgetting to close my legs? Is it wrong that my bra show and not my panties? Is this skirt appropriate? These questions are endless. Now, i’ve taken all of that and thrown it right out. What’s left is a very tolerable and manageable situation. Because I’ve made minimized all of these local complexities and have made my dispositions nakedly obvious, i am much more approachable for anyone that might need a hand on the job.

The best perk of all? You might get a little buildup of libido from time to time. Though being salacious at the job isn’t something you want to be known for, it’s just an all convenient fringe if you’re wearing this kind of attire. If you have to rub one out, try to do it at lunchtime or if that’s too difficult, then at a time when the foot traffic in your area has died down a bit. Also, it doesn’t hurt to check with your coworkers if it’s ok for you to do this. I doubt you’ll find sufficient objections and if any, they’ll most likely come from the other females. You can rest assured that if they object, it’s because they’ll do what they need to thumb you down and keep you from advancing in your career.

In which case, do whatever it is you need to do to hold down that job!

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  1. Zerinza says: February 14, 2012 at 1:24 pm Speaking as an office assistant in real life, this article is full of helpful advice. ^_^ Reply
  2. base says: February 14, 2012 at 5:15 pm “The Secret to My Success” is no longer a secret. Thank-you. Others will now also practice this, and what a joy it will be to come to work, even on Monday mornings. I’m sure the co-workers bonds will also be enhanced during afterhour get-togethers. Also, folks will more likely to show up before start and keep working pass normal quitting time. Reply
  3. Mzm says: February 15, 2012 at 3:10 am There seems to be a few conflicting values in this case. You have a graduate who seems to recall regulation and convenience. She uses her underwear to boost the overall morale of the office but then she apologizes later for having it on in the first place. Not sure if she really got the point of the CCC. Maybe what’s important is that she is even still keeping the job, which i guess is the point of the story. I guess we’ll see how other girls are doing in other jobs and see if they are applying what they learned correctly.

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