A Quick Comment about Decency (archives)

Hi, girls, I don’t want to take up too much of your time, but I really wanted to give you a heads-up regarding decency.  I don’t have to tell you that the thing you want to avoid above all else is flashing your pussy.  Your nipples, not so much.  Boys have nipples, after all.  But your pussy, well that’s your private possession, and you want to keep it that way.

The Dress Code helps you do that, of course, by prohibiting panties.  This will naturally encourage you to wear a dress that covers you decently.  But accidents will happen from time to time.  The wind will blow up your dress, perhaps.  Or, you might be inspected, and lose your dress.  If this happens to you, don’t fret.  If you find yourself in that situation, just look around the campus, and you’ll probably see a few other girls who are similarly lacking.

So how can you remain decent in this situation?

First, make sure you are shaved like a baby at all times.  Then, keep your legs crossed as much as possible.  With practice, you should be able to keep your pussy completely hidden between your legs while you are standing, and even while you are walking.


By following these steps, you can feel comfortable and confident even after a catastrophic wardrobe failure.

Perhaps you’re wondering what led to this poor girl’s predicament?  Well, it was a tragic tale of airport security gone awry.  She had left the College for spring break, and hurried to the airport only to find a long line to get through security.  Once off campus, she felt a little underdressed in her shiny metallic blue micro-minidress, but she tried to ignore the stares she received from the other people waiting in line.  By campus standards, her dress was rather long.  After all, it completely covered her pussy.  But, like most of her dresses, it left the cutest part of her butt uncovered, and that’s what must have been attracting so much attention, she figured.

Finally, with her plane about to leave, she reached the front of the line.  She was asked to put her shoes on the conveyor belt.  She felt a little awkward, bending over in such a short dress to take them off, but she did as she was told, and walked barefoot through the metal detector.

“Please step back through the doorway,” said the guard.

Again, she did as she was told.

“Are you wearing an underwire bra?” asked the guard.

“Of course not,” said the pretty girl, a little embarrassed.

“Any belt, or jewelry?”

“Just my belly ring,” she said.

“Remove your belly ring, and step back through the door,” said the guard.

The other passengers groaned as she looked around for a place to stand that would give her a bit of privacy as she lifted her dress to remove the belly ring.  Once she removed it, she put it in a tray, and put it on the conveyor belt.  She adjusted her dress once again, so she would be reasonably decent as she passed through the metal detector.

“I’m sorry,” said the guard, but you’ll have to remove your dress.

“My dress?” said the pretty girl.

“Yes,” sighed the guard.  “Strip down to your skivvies.  People are waiting.”

“But…”  The girl was going to point out her utter lack of “skivvies”, but then figured what’s the use.  This wouldn’t be her first time being nude in public.   College life had helped her with that life lesson.

Unlike many of the other passengers, some of whom cheered, the guard took the girl’s nudity completely in stride.  “Put your dress on the conveyor belt,” she said.

She did as she was told, and went through the metal detector without setting it off.  The crowd cheered even louder, now that she was through.  She waited at the other end of the conveyor belt for her dress to appear.  Other passengers jostled her as they gathered their belongings, but the girl’s dress was nowhere to be found.  Finally, she mustered the courage to bug the stern guard.  “Where is my dress?” she asked, as politely as she could, fearing the guard’s wrath.

“It should be in the bin,” said the guard.

“What bin?”

“The bin you put it in, when you sent it through the machine.”

“But I didn’t put it in a bin.  I just put it on the conveyor belt, like you said.”

“You should have put it in a bin,” said the guard.

“I realize that, NOW,” she said, her hands on her pretty little hips.

“It’s probably stuck in the machine.”

“Well can you get it?”

“Do you see all these people waiting to get on their planes?” asked the guard.  The naked girl just nodded.  “I can’t stop the machine just to get your dress!”  The guard made a show of looking at her watch.  “Don’t you have a plane to catch?”

She got the hint, and off she went, lamenting her lack of foresight when it came to packing her carry-on bag.  Next time, I’ll pack one or two items of clothing, just in case, she thought.

The stewardess was very nice during the flight.  She offered to waive the blanket fee, since the pretty girl had had such bad luck at security.  Once she got off the plane, she had only a short stretch of nudity to the baggage claim area.  She thought about all the pretty tops and skirts she had in her suitcase.  Let’s hope her luggage made the trip without getting lost!

good post she should have worn underwear.
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