A Message from the Dean about Short Dresses

Welcome, welcome, welcome! It’s so nice to see all your fresh faces, ready for another year at the College. I’m sure you’ve all read the Dress Code, and are eager to comply, so let me get right into my message, which is directed mostly to the incoming freshmen girls.

Girls, you’ve probably heard the rumors of terribly embarrassing Inspections, in which you will not only be stripped naked, but also forced to perform unspeakable acts. That’s not entirely true. Inspections are necessary, of course, but they’re nothing to be embarrassed over. By year’s end, every one of you will have had the opportunity to prove to your fellow students that you are following the Dress Code, so please don’t dread being Inspected. Instead, take it in stride, and get on with your day. If you see another girl being inspected, take the time to watch the inspection, and admire her for being such a good girl.

OK, I know: keep it short, Dean. The message, that is. Dresses, on the other hand need not be so short you feel uncomfortable.

Some freshmen girls, who are not used to our Dress Code, wonder how to judge the perfect dress length. So here are a few tips.

o Try on your t-shirts as dresses. Yes, it’s true. Most t-shirts are long enough to serve quite well as dresses, and in fact, many are too long, which surprises many young girls.

o Your front and back are shaped differently. This is obvious, I know, but I point it out for an important reason: your main objective in selecting a perfect dress length should be to cover yourself as far as your crotch. But an ideal crotch-length dress may not cover your entire butt. Don’t let that bother you! It is perfectly normal for a dress to cover you completely in front, and only half cover your butt. If your tailbone is covered, you’re fine, trust me.

o Upskirt views: If your dress is a perfect length, then when you sit down, you are completely open to public scrutiny. This is normal, especially if your dress is tight. Look around. All girls face the same issue. Teachers and fellow students see this so often, no one pays any attention.

o The Bare Chair: It is normal to feel bare skin against your seat, whether your dress is tight or loose. Just sit your pretty butt down, and trust that you will get used to the feeling before too long.

I hope that after reading this, you freshmen girls will realize that crotch-length dresses are just fine, and that you will resist the pressure put on you to wear shorter dresses that may be too revealing, and make you feel uncomfortable.

Thanks, and enjoy your year at the College!

25 thoughts on “A Message from the Dean about Short Dresses

  1. Kelly

    Yeah Dean, thanks and all, I just wanted to, uhm, ask and stuff and hear, I mean, what would kind of happen, you know, if I wear a dress like this, that reaches my upper thigh? I am not wearing layers and stuff, you see, you can kind of see a dark patch through this thin dress.

  2. Prefect Adam

    Yikes! Kelly, I would have to inspect you on sight if I saw you wearing that. There’s no way for me to know what you might be hiding under that dress. And “dark patch”? That sounds very suspicious. It might be pubic hair or even a tiny pair of panties.

    I would have to ask you to take off that dress, possibly even confiscate it as evidence, right in front of your friends and classmates. And if you prove to me me that there’s no trace of pubic hair or panties anywhere on your body, you’d just get stopped by the next inspector and have to spend another 5 minutes stripping naked to prove that you are wearing no bra, no panties, and no “dark patch” pubic hair.

    My advice is — obey the code. Take the Dean’s advice. He’s guided thousands of girls like you and he doesn’t want you to get in trouble over something minor like a too long dress or a suspicious dark patch.

  3. Fan

    This one is great- I especially liked the “When you sit down, you’ll be exposed. Deal with it” part.
    Can’t wait for the next one!

  4. Serena

    Hi, I tried to post this on the “College Toilet Policy” article, but it didn’t work.

    What is with these new bathrooms? First of all, the toilet seats are so uncomfortable! They force you to sit with your legs spread so far open that it hurts! And now that the bathrooms are just open (no wall facing the toilets), it seems like guys are always crowding around to watch. I’ve even had some come right up to me while I was on the toilet and take movies and pictures of me peeing…closeup! They came over and started feeling me up, playing with my nipples and even opened my pussy lips so they could see inside. Also, I don’t like the rule that girls can take each other’s clothes from the cubbyholes outside the bathroom…almost every time I get my clothes stolen and I’m forced to walk around naked. The cubbies should at least be locked! I think some of the mischievous boys just steal all our clothes! Can you please improve the bathroom situation?

  5. base

    Lockers would simply slow down the restroom workflow; thus, defeating the purpose of the new facilities. If you wish to avoid clothing borrowing, do not bring clothing to the new facilities. But remember not to borrow another girl’s outfit.

    As far as the attention males give you, it is all part of their education. Males are generally uninformed about female anatomy. Consider these encounters as your opportunity to help instruct the male students. And yes, pictures and movies are excellent study aids for them to review back in their dorm rooms.

  6. Michelle

    I guess Ill do 2 replies here, the first about this topic and one about something else later.
    I would just like to say that I agree with the dean. I love wearing tshirts as dresses and I always make sure they are not too long. I only had to make that mistake once…
    Now I always ask a boy to check if my shirt is the right length. As the dean says the best way to know if my shirt/dress is the perfect length is to sit down. The boy has me sit down and spread my legs. As long as he can clearly see my pussy without having to look at a special angle or try too hard he says he approves the length and then I know I am dressed properly. If he says he has to try too hard or look from a certain angle I know I have made a mistake but usually the boys allow me to simply pull up my dress a little higher until they tell me to stop because they can see perfectly. Feeling my bare butt cheeks on the cold chairs used to bother me but just like the dean said I totally got used to the feeling. Sometimes if the chair is really cold against my skin it causes my nipples to get hard too.

    1. The Dean

      Dear Michelle,
      I was very glad to hear that a freshman girl has accepted the dress code and code of conduct so quickly. We should all admire your lofty ambitions to act in accordance with the codes. Asking the boys to help you in determining proper dress length is a wonderful way to ensure you are adhering to the codes. Hopefully you do not have too much trouble finding a boy who is willing to help. Although they are not required to help we feel that most of the young men on campus are respectful of the girls and will always be gentlemen and offer assistance when asked. The only problem I could see in your account of events was that sometimes the boys would “look the other way” if your dress was too long. You said they allowed you to lift it higher until you were properly exposed, but what they should have done is either call an inspector over and let the inspector give you a citation for indecency forcing you into a very embarrassing public hearing or else they should have personally confiscated your dress and made you learn your lesson by denuding you for the rest of the day. Please also remember that if your dress was going to be confiscated by the inspector for evidence or the boys as punishment that you cannot resist or they can use physical force to rip your clothes off of you leaving you completely naked. I’m sure it would not come to that because you are a good girl who tries to follow the rules but is somewhat new and sometimes falls a little short. But the boys cannot take pity on you, they must make you learn that the codes are to be obeyed no matter what.
      I am very glad that your bare butt cheeks have adapted nicely to sitting on the cold furniture and that you dont mind it. I should warn you for your own protection that if you allow your nipples to get hard some of the boys might innocently misunderstand this and think it is a sign of sexual arousal, so you should decide not to let your nipples get hard or else suffer the consequences of consensual rape by any male who sees your nipples.
      I hope you have a successful year at the university and welcome you as a beautiful new ornament to the college.
      The Dean

  7. Michelle

    OK this post is about the “College Pool” situation.

    So as I stated in my post a minute ago about short dresses/shirts I completely agree with the dean and the school rules and I always try my best to follow them. But I do think I need to share my experiences regarding the school pool because I am at a total loss regarding this. I don’t know what to do anymore to save myself from being consentually raped at the pool. I went swimming (naked as the rules demand) and when I came out 3 boys walked up to me grinning and ogling me and said my pussy was wet and then gang-raped me in my pussy, my ass and my mouth. They took turns until each of them had used all my holes even though i was only wet from water and not excitement. From then on I stayed out of the water and just tanned nude, but the next time I went to the pool 2 other boys came over and said they needed to test me for wetness and made me spread my legs. One boy put his face right up to my pussy to get a very close look and I know I was dry but he said he couldn’t really tell if I was wet or not just by looking. Then the other boy said he had an idea and he put his face between my legs and blew his breath on my pussy but I stayed dry and he said he couldn’t tell if I was wet either. They discussed what to do and then turned to look at me with grins and I got worried. One of them put his face between my legs and said he wanted to smell if I was wet and used his nose to separate my pussy lips. He rubbed his nose up and down my slit but still I stayed dry, and again he said he wasn’t positive one way or the other about my arousal. The other one said he was going to use his fingers to see if I was wet and started rubbing my clit. I had stayed dry all this time but now it was very difficult. Luckily he only rubbed me for a few seconds and I was able to stay dry much to both of the boys’ disappointment. They both said they still couldn’t tell if I was wet or dry and they had a duty to the college to make sure 100%. They told me to get on all fours and one got in front of me and one behind me. The one behind me said he had a sure way to test if I was wet and eased his cock into my tight pussy. I started to say that I wasn’t wet but the boy told his friend who was in front of me to shut me up and he slid his cock into my mouth so I couldn’t argue anymore. Well I had stayed dry through all of their tests but now that he had his cock in me I did start to get wet. He said he could feel my wetness and that I should be ashamed of myself for my lack of self control and that now according to the rules he had to rape me which was very rude of me to make him do because he had an appointment to get to and I was throwing off his whole day now. I tried to apologize but his friend’s cock was still in my mouth so I couldn’t say anything. He again told me how rude I was not to say I was sorry and that now he was going to stop being gentle. My tight sweet nubile body was being pushed back and forth between these 2 muscular boys from their rhythmic thrusts at both ends. Once they were both done I thought at least it was all over but then he and his friend switched positions and went at me again. And again they both cursed me for making them so late by my poor behavior. This time when they were done they just walked away and left me completely used and exhausted in a heap next to the pool. Finally, the last time I went to the pool I was laying out naked and this one boy just came over to me and raped me not even testing to see if i was wet or not. So now I just don’t use the pool at all.

    1. base

      Next time a boy places his cock in your mouth without your permission, bite down. Head to the pool with a girlfriend next time. Little boys are intimidated by women. You will also have a credible witness when you press criminal charges against their unwarranted sexual assault. While it is campus policy, part of the code of conduct, to punish females openly showing signs of sexual arousal, falsely doing so is a felony. Those little boys should be treated as the criminals they are. Your teeth marks on his shortened penis will be evidence of their assault.

    2. Slick P. Wraith

      Not to make light of your terrible situation Michelle, but in addition to what base suggests, you could also but a pair of those wind-up comedy gnashers and hide them in your vagina. If a boy tries to illegally rape you… SNAP! just like in the film Teeth.

      1. Michelle

        But would those count as a “bottom” because at the pool girls must be naked no bottoms are allowed? I really do try my best to follow the rules and be a good girl. Also what if I was wearing those and a boy punished me for good reason?

        1. base

          A bottom would need to cover, not be inside. A butt plug is a little bit of both, since the button remains on the outside covering up a little. However, teeth or an IUD or diaphragm would not be considered a bottom since it is invisible to anyone except an OB/GYN. Most men would also say a tampon string would not be a bottom.

          If you were sexual aroused, as one might become with teeth chattering inside her, you would simply tell the boy and remove it as he prepared his punishment.

          1. Michelle

            OK so following your examples would anal beads be considered a bottom? They are mostly invisible except the string hanging out.
            Also what good would the teeth do me if all they did was get me excited thereby putting me into a position to be punished? I was trying to avoid having boys do this.
            And can you please be more specific as to which boys at the pool you agree did something wrong during my three outings there. I understand being a new girl that it is important not to accuse anyone of wrong-doing. And some of the rules can be confusing to an innocent freshman girl, I just want to be the best coed I can be. Any help would be much appreciated.

          2. base

            Anal beads inserted to the string may not be considered a bottom. It would depend on the string. Here is the test: bend over, spread your cheeks apart, ask some boy if he can clearly see your anus as well as your pussy. If anything is hid, it is a bottom. Do be careful about trying to shorten the string. If it slips inside you, you will be sitting in the middle of the emergency room with your ass in the air and every intern will be trying to fish it out.

            As far as which boys did something wrong, I only have your version. Guilt cannot be assessed. But forced oral sex is not part of the deal. While a boy has the right to check a girl whose pussy is exposed for sexual arousal, he does not have the right to linger more than what is required to do so. There is no clear line. The girl should remember that a boy may not be as familiar with the female genitalia; therefore, he may need longer to determine compliance or not. Once you have more experience being inspected, you will know when a boy crosses the line. you need to allow for a wide margin of error on this before citing charges for manual testing.

          3. Slick P. Wraith

            The last boy Michelle mentioned sounds like he was definitely in the wrong by raping her without even checking if she was sexually excited first. By the way Michelle, if you do decide to use an IUD, please don’t get it confused with an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) otherwise the next time a boy tries to rape you, you’ll both get a big surprise. 🙂

  8. The Dean

    To Whom It May Concern:
    I feel that as The Dean of this university I need to say a few things about the happenings mentioned in these posts regarding the University Pool. I will address Michelle first. I was deeply troubled by your accounts of what happened at the pool and how you chose to view what happened. I am even more upset because of the previous post you left regarding short dresses and how well you seemed to accept the Codes. It seems to me you only accept the parts of the Codes that you like, which is unacceptable. You seem to be backsliding in following the Codes and you are in need of correction.
    In your first experience at the pool you went swimming naked, so far you are in compliance. When those three well mannered boys pointed out to you that your pussy was wet it became their obligation to punish you. You claim you were wet from the water and not sexual excitement but how could those nice boys have known that? Many a girl has tried to hide her excitement by going into the water and claiming the same as you did. The innocent boys only did what they thought was best. If this was an unfortunate circumstance of error then you should gracefully accept it and know that when you make rules sometimes confusion may occur. Its like the saying “when you make an omelette you might break a few eggs”. I am positive that those 3 nice boys were acting in good faith and I am disappointed in you for complaining.
    Your next complaint was against two more fine boys who could clearly see your sweet little pussy because you were tanning nude. Again you were in compliance at this point, but the boys had every right to examine you for excitement. These two well meaning boys were obviously trying to act in accordance with the Codes so they cannot be faulted for that. They may have been inexperienced in carrying out inspections and so they first tried putting their faces between your legs to see if they could tell if you were excited. There is nothing wrong with that. Then they tried blowing on your sweet pussy to see if you were moist, which seems reasonable. When they still couldn’t determine your excitement they stepped back to confer how to handle this and decided to smell your tight pussy for excitement, again this seems perfectly logical and if the boy’s nose made contact with your pussy lips I am sure it was purely accidental. When that failed they tried using their fingers which is perfectly allowed. When they put you on all fours they were still just doing their duty. When the first boy slid his cock into you it was not for his own pleasure but merely to test your wetness, you had no right to complain about it or protest it. The fact that you were making a scene is probably why that boy told his friend to make you be quiet. Shoving his cock into your mouth was a perfectly acceptable way of silencing you. At this point you yourself admitted that your smooth silky pussy was wet, so of course those two boys had to punish you. He had every right to tell you that you should be ashamed of yourself. And while he might have been a little mean in telling you how busy he was and he now had to take his personal time to rape you he was perfectly right in being angry with you. If you could control yourself he would not have been late to his appointment. Both of those fine gentlemen did exactly the right things that day, there is no doubt in my mind.
    In the final experience you shared you claimed that a boy saw you tanning nude and raped you without even checking if you were wet. This is all you said about it. Due to a complete lack of detail I can only conclude that he could clearly tell that you were wet and therefore raped you which was his right and duty. No testing is necessary if your excitement is clearly obvious. It is unfortunate that you no longer goto the pool and I hope you will change your mind and return often. There are few thing in life as enjoyable as watching a beautiful naked girl enjoying the water and sunshine.

    Now I would like to address the replies to Michelle’s post:
    To Base- Telling a girl who has misbehaved in this manner to add more infractions to the list by harming one of our male students is off-base (pardon the pun). However, telling her to bring a friend to the pool is not a bad idea. Two hot girls nude are always better than one. You seemed to take a stance on these boys falsely punishing Michelle’s arousal but she freely admits her cunt was wet. If she took your advise to physically harm any of our male students she would be the one to end up facing charges.
    Also, your further comments relating to anal beads was quite interesting. On this point your advise was quite correct. Michelle obviously cannot decide for herself sometimes what is ok and what is not, so telling her to ask assistance from our young gentlemen was very reasonable. You were also correct in telling her that boys need a lot of latitude when they conduct their inspections. She’ll get used to it.
    You mentioned something about forced oral sex which I can only assume was referring to the boy who was merely trying to stop her from creating a scene at the pool and ruining everybody else’s good time by keeping her quiet. I see nothing wrong with his actions.

    In closing I would like to say that I know sometimes the very smart men here can find it funny when girls who are less intelligent misunderstand or get confused but please do not try to persuade the girls in their stupidity to do things purposely to get themselves in trouble, especially when it could be painful to the boys of our college. I am sure you didnt mean anything by it and were just trying to be funny. No harm done.
    The Dean

    1. base

      Please review The Codes: Sexual intercourse, for it clearly demands the girl to resist. In fact, her vocal protests are part of that protest, for it alerts others in the area to the incident. It serves as a reminder to other girls what will happen if they make a similar transgression. Muffling her screams is counterproductive, and firmly against the Code.

      As a former Commander in Chief taught the nation, oral sex is not sex; therefore, forcing the girl to have oral sex is outside of the punishment authorized. Nice boy or not, he crossed the line. Her love bite would remind these lads that rendering punishment is not a frivolous endeavor, but serious business. Just as the female student body must learn their set of rules, the male population is no exception.

      1. William G. Gruff

        Well, this is disappointing news. 🙁 I always wondered why oral sex was such a rarity in the CCC.

  9. The Dean

    Base: You are correct, in certain circumstances allowing the girl to scream sets in example, however in this case the considerate boy did not want everyone at the pool to have their relaxing day ruined. You are also correct that oral sex does not count as sex and cannot be used as a punishment. In this case it wasnt being used as punishment, the young man’s quick thinking friend simply used the first thing he could think of (his cock) to gag the girl with. It wasnt technically part of the punishment.
    Girls must learn the rules and so must the boys, however we all know that usually the boys do not deserve to be punished because their sexual excitement, even if it breaks the code, is no fault of their own. It is always a reflex reaction to some indecent young girl teasing him which is why the rules against the girls are so tight. By keeping the girls in line the boys will not become excited either.
    I am surprised we havent heard any response from Miss Michelle. Perhaps she is thinking over her frivolous complaints and trying to work out how to be a more gracious young lady. I do hope the special personal instruction I had to give her in my office this afternoon helped point her in the right direction.
    The Dean

  10. Angela

    Dean, maybe you could give your opinion about what happened to me yesterday. I was at the college gym, showering in the girls locker rooms after my workout. There were three other girls showering too. Suddenly we were all surprised as the door burst open and three guys strode in. One of them yelled out “Girls, we’re here to check for pussy wetness, please spread those legs just as wide as they can go!”, while another one pointed a video camera at us. All three boys were grinning.

    As the boy with the video camera came in closer and directed his camera at one of the girls, Heather, clearly coming in for a close-up of her snatch, Heather put a hand over her pussy to try to block his view. The boy who had spoken just shook his head and reached down to firmly move her hand aside, as the other boys giggled. Heather was still standing under the shower, the water running down her body. He then started to slide his finger up and down her slit, before beginning to rub her clit, and declaring “well, this one is certainly wet!” Making sure not to get in the way of the camera, he then started lecturing her, saying “you know the rules about excitement are there to create a better school environment, don’t you? To stop you getting the boys all excited? Yet you break them anyway? Look what you’ve done to Billy’s cock!” The third boy – Billy I guess – laughed and unzipped his fly, pulling out a very hard penis.

    Heather tried to object that she was wet because she was in the shower, but they were having none of it. The boy replied that they were past the stage of determining her guilt and were moving on to punishment.

    Heather replied that “but you know I’m telling the truth, don’t you?” Then she gasped when she saw what Billy was doing, which was lubing up his cock. Then she tried to make an arguemtn, grasping at straws I guess, saying, “see, you now I’m not really wet, that is why you’re lubing your prick!” But Billy just replied, grinning, “no, I’m lubing my cock because I think I’m not going to punishment you in your pussy. Please bend over that bench.”

    While their attention was elsewhere, I snuck out of the room, I admit. But if you don’t believe me, take a look at the video those boys put up on the college intranet, entitled “Heather gets assfucked”.

    Did they break any rules by doing all this?

    1. PMS Revenger

      Angela your story sounds truely horrid! You poor thing! My heart goes out to you and your friends.
      By the way you describe it, to me, it seems as thought the boys were taking great liberties. I would love to meet up with your friend Heather so that the next time the boys are in the showers after their gym session, she could point them out to me and we could give them a taste of their own medicine using my (a girl’s best friend) Rampant Rabbit . We could wear masks so as not to be identified and if we do get caught, we will insist it was a practical joke!

    2. The Dean

      Dear Angela,
      Perhaps you are unfamiliar with The Peer Inspection Rules. Please familiarize yourself with them here.
      During free time (not class time) the boys are permitted to carry on inspections to make sure you girls arent taking liberties with the codes.
      These inspections are often video taped for educational reasons. They also benefit you girls by proving that nothing untoward happens during the inspection.
      The boy was quite right in explaining the reasons for the codes. We do want a respectable learning environment and having a bunch of girls running around with wet pussies only distracts the boys from their studies. As a matter of fact we have had many faculty meetings where the male teachers have also complained that having girls in their classes sitting in front of them with their pussies glistening in the light has made it hard for them to teach. You girls must learn to control yourselves and stop blaming you lack of sexual control on the innocent young men in our school.
      Apparently this other boy Billy was greatly affected by that naughty girl in the shower. Officially speaking the most common punishment would be raping this slutty girl in her pussy, but the guidelines for Peer Inspections are a bit looser than the guidelines for inspections done by an official inspector during the school day. It doesnt seem to me that any of these boys behaved poorly.
      In fact it seems that the only bad behavior came from you girls. Heather received her punishment so no harm has been done on that front, however you fled. Just like it is illegal to flee a crime scene it is not right for you to try to run away and avoid an inspection and possibly punishment. I must ask you to report to my office immediately so I may conduct a personal inspection of my own. I have every hope that you pass.
      The Dean
      PS- Miss Revenger it is lucky for you that you have used an assumed name or you would be severely dealt with. It is completely against the rules for a girl to enter the boys locker room or any other “all male” area without permission. Your suggestions are lewd and regretable at best. Luckily I am sure that if you ever did carry out your wicked plans that the boys would be able to over power you and then you would get what you deserved, and you would be identified because the boys would take your masks off. Now that you have been foolish enough to broadcast your idea we will be watching…

  11. Angela

    Dean, I didn’t know I was breaking the rules by running out of the locker room. Can you imagine the sight of poor Heather being bent over the bench as one grinning boy moved in behind her, another filmed her and a third laughed?

    As it was they had somehow stolen all of the towels and our clothes, so I had to run across campus through crowds of students totally naked and still wet from the shower, as students jeered and took photos and yelled out “nice ass!” and “look at those tits bounce!” and made other lewd remarks.

    I will come to your office immediately, Dean, if that is necessary…


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