Melissa’s History Class (archives)

“History is boring” said the history professor.  The heads of the previously inattentive students snapped up.
Heather protested.  “I disagree.  History is dramatic – its stories of heroism and villainy rival the best of fiction.”
The professor sighed.  “You are right, of course.  But today, it is dull as hell and I can’t take another minute of it.”  What was his game?  “Would anyone object if, just for today, we played a game rather than hitting the books?” The class was suspicious, but no one protested.
“Let’s have a volunteer tell us the sexiest thing that happened to her this week.”  Melissa sank down into her seat.  She knew where this was going.  “We just need a volunteer.  Let’s see…  who had something sexy happen to her this week?  Oh, I know.  Melissa!  Didn’t you have an experience?”
Melissa rolled her eyes.  “You know I did.  Everyone knows.”
“That’s right!  Say, why don’t you volunteer to tell us the story.”
Reluctantly but inevitably Melissa emerged from her desk and went before the class as the professor had indicated.
“It was Friday night,” began Melissa.  “We were preparing to cheer for the football team.  Our coach gave us a peculiar instruction.  He was upset that we jiggled too much when we cheered, so he told us we all had to wear bras under our cheer sweaters.”
“Bras?” asked the professor.  “That is against the dress code.”
“Yes, when worn with our sweaters it is.  We all thought it strange that our coach would instruct us to willingly break the dress code but we are a tight team.  Besides, he told us that if we didn’t do it, we might as well cheer topless, so we all complied.
“The game was not going well.  Our team was losing by a fair margin when our squad took the field for the half time show.  We did our best to get the crowd’s spirits up, shaking our cute little asses together, our tiny skirts teasing the audience with enticing glimpses.”
“Very good.  And what happened next?” the professor interrupted.
Melissa shot him a look.  “At the end, we jumped and shouted and hugged, as usual, and, well, I guess my skirt got tangled up with Robin’s.  She ran off the field, and my skirt went with her.”
“You were standing bottomless at the center of the stadium?”
“You know I was.”
“I think it would help us visualize the story if you would take your skirt off for us now.”
“Are you serious?”
“Please, for the sake of the story.”
Not having much of a choice, Melissa pushed her skirt down over her hips, closed her eyes, summoned her courage, and dropped the skirt down to her ankles.  She carefully stepped out of it and kicked it over to the professor’s desk.
“Lovely,” said the professor, admiring her shapely freckled bottom.  “That’s much better.  Do continue.”
Melissa looked about at her classmates faces.  Not one eye met hers, as all were lowered to her naked pelvis.  Her voice trembled when she continued.  “Well, I was too scared to move.  I could see everyone I knew… my friends, my neighbors, every cute boy on campus was staring at my pussy.  I covered myself with my pom-poms.”
“were you moist?” heckled Joanie from the back of the class.  Melissa glared at her for bringing up this detail.
“As a matter of fact, a freshman boy took the opportunity to check.  He must have run into the field while I was in shock.  He ran his fingers up my thigh and into my pussy.  They slid in without resistance and emerged wet.”
“Professor,” spoke Heather sweetly.  “Don’t you think we should check Melissa to see if she is moist now?”
“That is a great idea.  Thank you, Heather.”  Heather beamed at the praise and shot Melissa a wink.  She shot daggers back at her friend.  “Chuck, why don’t you do the honors.”
Chuck rose from his seat and limped carefully to the half-naked Melissa.  He seemed to be having trouble walking for some reason.  Melissa gave him a let’s-get-this-over-with glare as he reached down and probed her exposed pussy.
“Damn, dry as a bone, Prof.”
“Well, we will just have to use our imaginations then.  Do continue, Melissa.”
“The freshman had me turn around and get on my knees.  Then he fucked me doggy-style before the cheering stadium.”
“That was the best half-time show in the history of the game” posited Chuck.
Melissa made a motion toward her skirt.  “Just a moment… did anything else sexy happen that night?”
“Consarnit.  Well, we were still four points down in the fourth quarter when I noticed our cheer coach whispering to the football coach, who suddenly had an evil grin on his face.  He then got the attention of one of the inspectors that was at the game.  The inspector nodded and started walking our way.”
“Ah, did he inspect you?”
“well,” grinned Melissa prettily.  “Actually, he approached our head cheerleader, who happens to be in our class right now.”
Heather’s ice-blue eyes widened when she realized the tables had been turned.
“How fortunate!” proclaimed the professor.  “Heather, please tell us what happened next.”
Heather cleared her throat and began.  “The inspector…”
“Please address us from the front of the class, if you will,” interrupted the professor.
The beautiful brunette gulped audibly as she joined the scarlet-haired Melissa at the front of the class.  Melissa, naked from the waist down, was suddenly much more cheerful, which made her all the more adorable.  Damn, it was hard to stay mad at her.
“The inspector asked me to remove my top.”
“For the sake of the story…”
“I know, I know!”  Heather gripped the base of her shirt.  She took one last look at the class.  The boys were nearly drooling from anticipation.  She pulled her shirt up over her head, her silky black hair trailing through the collar as she pulled it down by her side, then tossed it over atop Melissa’s skirt.  Her chest was now bare to the class, rosy nipples semi-erect.
“Very nice,” noted the professor, his lecherous eyes on her fantastic rack.  “Please continue.”
“Well, I pulled off my cheer sweater and revealed the bra the coach had made me wear.  The inspector whipped out his citation pad and began writing me up for a dress code violation.  He waved over some help from the other inspectors in the bleachers, who had each of the other girls similarly disrobe.
“We were all caught.  In addition to the citations, they confiscated our cheer uniforms and left us standing there naked.”
The professor cleared his throat.  The two storytellers shed their remaining clothing and tossed it on the growing pile in front of the professor’s desk.  Heather reached behind and caressed Melissa’s smooth, bare bottom.  “Why don’t you finish the story?” she suggested.
“Yes, Melissa, please tell us what happened next.”
“We were mortified!  Not only were we naked, but we had been caught in an obvious dress code no-no.  And the entire school was a witness!  We started to leave the stadium in shame, but our coach stopped us.  He told us that if we wanted to remain on the team, we needed to finish the game.”
“He made you cheer naked?”
“As jay-birds.  We gathered together for a group hug and a few quick kisses for luck, then we got back to cheering.
“At one point the coach had us do a high-kick routine just as the other team was attempting a long pass.  Our team intercepted that one, and scored a touchdown before the other team could remember what game they were playing.
“The rest of the game went much the same way.  If they were attempting a defensive block, we’d be grabbing our ankles.  If they were going wide for a running play, we would break into a dance number with lots of spanking involved.  We ended in a naked pyramid, asses to the opposing team as our team scored the winning touchdown.”
“Terrific!  How did it feel to help the team by cheering half the game in the nude?”
“Well, it was humiliating at first, but it actually felt really good.”  Melissa’s hand returned the favor to Heather’s ass, fingers probing between butt cheeks.  The two had become quite close in recent weeks.  “Rubbing up close with all those naked girls…”
“Hmm…” the professor seemed to be scrutinizing Melissa’s pussy.   Melissa’s huge green eyes widened as reality dawned, but the sudden rush of adrenaline did not help the matter.  “Perhaps someone whould check Melissa again for moisture.  How about Brad this time?”
Brad appeared to be sweating as he rose from his chair and walked up to the two stunning, stark-naked cheerleaders.  Melissa’s freckled body was nearly glowing in radiance.  He tried to avoid her hypnotic emerald eyes, but slipped a peek and was suddenly lost in them.  He reached down and parted her smooth, shaved pussy lips, reaching two fingers into the warm, wet promised land beyond.
She was ready, and so was he.
“Brad,” called the professor, waking him from his coma.  “Please relieve Melissa of her tension.”
Brad could not believe that this moment had finally come.  It was not how he envisioned it, sure.  He had imagined this would be in one of their rooms after an evening of getting to know each other, or perhaps in the fountain in the middle of campus, all modesty lost in a moment of passion.  Still, there she was, her green gaze penetrating his skull as is fingers penetrated her crotch.  She bit her lip as he reached for his fly.
The door swung open and a messenger from the administration building shot his head in.  “Hey!” he said, noticing the two nude cheerleaders.  “What have we here?”
“Just a little re-enactment,” answered the professor.  “What can we do for you?”
“Oh, uh, Brad.  The dean wants to see you in his office ASAP.”
“Alright Brad.  Off with you,” dismissed the professor to the stunned Brad.  “Chuck, please take over.”
“Hell, yeah!” announced Chuck.


The return of Melissa! Yay!!!!
Comment By Keith At 5/12/2010 8:22 AM

very nice!
i feel sorry with Brad. Hope he will be called to help his classmates agein.
Comment By lover_mystery At 5/12/2010 11:49 AM

What a lovely story! Thank you so much!


Comment By Richard Hertz At 5/13/2010 1:28 AM

i would love to see malissa’s pics for this story!
Comment By patrick At 6/1/2010 12:41 PM

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