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Peer Inspections (archives)

To: All students, faculty and staff
Re: College Code of Conduct and Dress Code
From: College Administration

Although the frequency of dress code violations as cited by the Inspection Team (Uniformed Inspectors) remains relatively constant and at an acceptable level, it has come to the attention of the administration that the attire worn by female students in the privacy of the dorm buildings and away from the eyes of the Inspection Team and staff is often in violation of the published dress code.

Significant thought, discussion and debate has gone into this matter. The College dorm buildings are a student area, and the administration feels strongly that the student body should be free to maintain their independence, maturity and privacy in this area, but those freedoms can not be allowed to include the decay of the decency standards set by the College. It is the determination of the administrative and disciplinary staff of the College that the problem we are now facing is, in its majority, the fault of the male student body. Peer pressure is a powerful and occasionally dangerous thing. As the saying goes, boys will be boys, and it has become apparent that the young men who make up the student body here have allowed their hormones to cloud their better judgment. What young man is not to be enticed by the occasional glimpse of a girl’s undergarment, peeked at secretively and furtively? It is this desire, no doubt, that has led to the current situation within the dorm buildings. Undoubtedly, the young men, excited by the prospect of an occasional revealing display from the young women, have used peer pressure to cause the decency standards within the dorms to fall to unacceptable levels.

Because the College wishes to allow the student body to maintain their independence, the new policy being put into place will be student enforced. Additionally, because it is agreed that the male student body is largely to blame for the current situation, the responsibility and burden for the remedy will be placed squarely upon their shoulders.

This remedy, as you have likely heard, has been in place for two weeks as a test in one of the many coed dorm buildings on campus. Although the girls from that dorm have been singled out for formal inspections over two-to-one over girls from other dormitories, the instances of violation among those girls is over sixty percent lower than all other dorms combined. Therefore, effective immediately, and to coincide with the distribution of this literature to the student body, all male students will have the added responsibility and duty to perform random Peer Inspections of their female classmates within the dorm buildings or other campus areas during “Personal Time” in a new, self policing process that will help to ensure strict adherence to the Code of Conduct and Dress Code.

The following is a guideline for performing these inspections for both the young men and women of this College. While we know that this will be an imposition and an intrusion on the leisure time of the young men, we feel that it is the best and most fair way to ensure that the standards of decency required by this College are upheld at all times. During the normal school day, the Inspectors, faculty and staff of the College will continue to perform random inspections, thereby ensuring that all students may focus on their school work, comfortable in the knowledge that the Code of Conduct is being enforced and upheld. During Personal Time, defined below, the student body will henceforth be responsible for ensuring compliance and adherence to the Dress Code.

Personal Time
Personal Time is defined as those hours when classes are not being held, and the better part of the student body is in the dormitory buildings or pursuing other leisure activities, away from the majority of the Inspectors, faculty and staff. This time will be defined as “evenings”, “weekends” and “holidays”.
Monday – Thursday after the main seating of dinner is completed in the main dining hall at 7:00 PM until the start of class the following morning
Friday after class until the start of the first class Monday morning
Any normal school day on which classes are not held or are cancelled due to holiday or any other event

During any defined evening, weekend or holiday period, the adherence to the CCC by the women of this College will be the responsibility of the male student body. This will be done via a self-policing, three part system of checks and balances that should help to ensure compliance while allowing the students to maintain their independence. Student independence is a large part of college life, and one of the best preparatory tools for later life, and should therefore not be taken lightly, nor for granted.

The three part system will include i) Inspections of female students by their male peers, ii) Empowerment of Resident Advisors (RAs) as Resident Inspectors (RIs) with the authority to issue citations, and iii) Disciplinary sanctions levied against both male and female students found to be out of compliance with the rules of this new policy.
Put simply, the male students will help the female students by performing inspections for them, allowing the females to prove their compliance with the CCC, and take pride in their appearance. The RAs will roam the hallways during social hours to ensure that inspections are taking place, and to perform spot inspections on their own. Finally, any student, male or female, found to be out of compliance with this new policy, will be issued a citation and brought before a disciplinary committee.

This document shall first discuss the function of the RAs, RIs and the disciplinary board, and then go into detail about the inspections themselves. RAs are third or fourth year students who have volunteered for the position, and whose responsibilities include ensuring compliance with school rules and the safety of the students in their areas of the building. All Male RAs are now also RIs, as are dozens of newly appointed young men who have volunteered for the position. There are two RIs per wing per floor of each dormitory. The RIs will have responsibility for the students living on, visiting or passing through their area of the building. If any female student is found to be out of compliance with the dress code while in a specific RIs area of responsibility, that RI will be held accountable by a disciplinary board. If, however, the compliance issue is discovered during the course of a random Peer Inspection, the female student will be held accountable. This rule will help to ensure that the RIs enforce the Peer Inspection process, and therefore reinforce to the female students the need to comply with the CCC and Dress Code at all times.

The position of RI is voluntary, and although they are the only male students with the authority to issue citations against the female students for CCC violations, it is important to understand that ALL MALE STUDENTS are responsible to perform Peer Inspections.

The Disciplinary Board will convene to hear cases against any students found to be out of compliance with any rule within the CCC, pertaining to any area of College life. This includes, but is not limited to, behavior, classroom issues, curfew violations, dress code violations, and any other infraction. The Disciplinary Board reserves the right to levy any punishment deemed appropriate up to and including expulsion from the College.

Peer Inspections
The purpose for Peer Inspections is to help enforce the CCC across the student body at all times. In order to allow the students to maintain their freedom and independence, but still uphold the high standards of decency that this College strives to maintain, Personal Time (previously defined) shall be monitored by the student population. Because the male students have been deemed largely at fault for the decay of principles during Personal Time, the burden of enforcement shall fall to them. Since the female population is accustomed to random inspections from the Inspection Team (Uniformed Inspectors), faculty and staff, virtually no inconvenience or change to daily life should be evident. An additional benefit is that the female students will be able to feel more confident being properly attired per the College Dress Code, as the peer pressure to dress more provocatively that was formerly felt from their male peers will have vanished, as the males will be subject to disciplinary action if they fail to act should a female be improperly clothed. This means that the males and females both are equally incented to ensure that all female students are dressed in accordance with the strictest interpretation of the Dress Code.

There are three categories of individual involved in any inspection. These are: The Inspector, The Inspected, and The Witnesses. In the case of Peer Inspections, The Inspector is a male student who is fulfilling his obligation to inspect a female student. As with all inspections, The Inspected will be a female student. Finally, The Witnesses are those fellow male students who are nearby during the course of the inspection, and are required by policy to monitor the proceedings to ensure compliance by all involved. For Peer Inspections, only male students are required to act as Witnesses. This will be discussed later. Each person involved in an inspection has duties, and each person has rights. It is incumbent upon the Peer Inspector to ensure these rights.

Duty: The duty of The Inspector is to fairly and thoroughly examine The Inspected and her clothing to ensure full compliance with the CCC and the Dress Code. The Inspector is responsible to enlist the help of Witnesses to resolve any questions, and to ensure that the inspection is completed fairly, accurately and entirely. Should any question arise for which a decision can not be made, the Inspector must err on the side of caution. Remember; this is not a formal Inspection, and there is no punishment for the girl if she is found to be out of compliance. Taking this kind of conservative approach will guarantee that your classmates are in full compliance, and help to uphold the standards of decency set for the College.

Rights: The Inspector has the right to expect full and unquestioning compliance to his requests from the Inspected as well as any Witnesses. The Inspector, by virtue of his status as student of this College, has the right to expect that all female students will make every attempt to comply with the dress code and the CCC, and will view Peer Inspections in the positive, helpful manner for which they are designed and intended.

Duty: The duty of The Inspected is to fully, politely and quickly comply with any instructions given by The Inspector. Further, all female students have the duty to dress in compliance with, and act in accordance to the Dress Code and CCC.
Rights: The Inspected has the right to expect thorough, fair and accurate Peer Inspections for all female students. She has the right to expect that all female students will be held to the same standard of behavior and dress as she is held. Should any student feel that any Peer Inspector is rushing through or not paying attention during an inspection, she has the right to file a formal complaint with the grievance committee through the established procedure. Should any Inspected feel that any command issued by The Inspector is unreasonable, she has the right to request a discussion amongst her peers, The Witnesses, who will issue a ruling. Further, all female students have the right to be assured that all students will comply with the Dress Code and CCC, and that fair and equitable action will be taken against those who do not.

The duty of the Witnesses is to watch and monitor The Inspection as it occurs, and to ensure compliance to the rules on the part of both the Inspector and the Inspected. The Witnesses are required to raise questions, request clarification if necessary, and ensure full visibility to the proceedings. The potential exists for an Inspector to quickly dismiss a specific item of clothing with the intention of violating the CCC. Witnesses are required to request further inspection to ensure that full compliance is achieved. The Witnesses must promptly notify an RI in the case that either the Inspector or Inspected is found to be in non-compliance, and does not respond to requests from the Witnesses for clarification or further inspection. This will greatly reduce the potential for a male student to help a female student violate the dress code by “ignoring” a rule, a piece of clothing, or other nuance of the Dress Code. Witnesses may be called upon to leave the area to locate an RI to assist in the case that an Inspected fails to comply. Finally, Witnesses may be called upon to settle a discrepancy during an Inspection. The College Administration would like to hope that no male student would ever take advantage of his role as Peer Inspector by requesting something inappropriate from a female classmate. Similarly, the Administration would hope that no female student would ever claim that a male student is making an inappropriate request in an effort to avoid an Inspection altogether. Unfortunately, it is recognized that both instances may, from time to time, occur. Therefore, the students acting as Witnesses to a Peer Inspection may be called upon to mediate a disagreement. In the case that The Inspected does not wish to comply with a command, The Witnesses shall be called upon to discuss the command and its ramifications, and render a decision by majority vote if unanimous decision can not be reached. Both the Inspected and Inspector are thereafter bound by the decision of the Witnesses.
Rights: The Witnesses have the right to expect that all inspections are performed thoroughly and fairly, and that all questions or areas of doubt are addressed by the Inspector. The Witnesses, by virtue of their status as students of this College, have the right to expect that all female students will make every attempt to comply with the dress code and the CCC, and will view Peer Inspections in the positive, helpful manner they are designed and intended for.

Notes to the Inspected
For the female students, there should be only three notable differences between a standard inspection and a Peer Inspection. First, it is anticipated that the Peer Inspection will be much less inconvenient and stressful, since it will be conducted by a fellow student, rather than by an authority figure. These will be your friends and your classmates, and you can rest assured that they are performing these inspections to keep you out of trouble and safe. It should be noted, however, that failure to comply with a Peer Inspection is no less serious an infraction than failure to comply with a uniformed Inspection officer, and the punishment no less severe. A Refusal, therefore, will be defined as failure to comply with an inspection, or failure to comply with any command given during the course of an inspection. Any student, male or female, who Witnesses a Refusal and fails to act by reporting it to an RI will be subject to disciplinary action.

Upon witnessing a Refusal, any student should immediately call for the nearest RI, who will, upon his arrival, either Witness the Peer Inspection or issue a disciplinary citation. It is to be reasonably assumed that any female student refusing to comply with a Peer Inspection is in violation of the dress code, and has knowledge of that violation. Only by compliance with the inspection can the female student prove that assumption incorrect, and so non-cooperation is considered an admission of guilt, and will be understood and accepted as a plea of guilty at a disciplinary hearing.

The second notable difference that the female students may see is that, since Peer Inspections are not performed by uniformed, trained members of the Inspection Team, full knowledge and understanding of the nuances of the Dress Code may be subject to interpretation or question by the Peer Inspectors or Witnesses. This is understood and expected, so debate and discussion between the Peer Inspector and Witnesses is encouraged to help resolve any questions and ensure the fairness and accuracy of The Inspection. For this reason, the usual five minute timeframe that exists for a formal inspection is extended to allow for up to thirty minutes, providing ample time for fair and accurate resolution to any question that may arise during a Peer Inspection.

The third and final notable difference is the results of the inspection. As all students are aware, a Uniformed Inspection Officer (and now an RI) may issue a citation in the event that non-compliance to the CCC is discovered during the course of an inspection, and the offending clothing may be confiscated. Peer Inspections will result in a citation only if non-compliance is discovered, but not corrected upon completion of the inspection. This means that if a female student is understood by the inspector and Witnesses to be out of compliance during a Peer Inspection, she must simply refrain from putting the non-compliant clothing back on, and should instead return it directly to her dorm room or allow the inspector to return it to her at a later time. Any Peer Inspector or Witness who observes an Inspected student in violation of this policy must immediately inform the nearest RI so that proper action may be taken.

Because this solution is being put in place to correct a problem caused by the male students, only the male students need take an active, responsible role in the inspections. Female students are free to watch an inspection, but will not be considered in an official role as Witness, and must step to the back of the crowd and allow all present males to have unhindered visibility. Only male Witnesses shall participate in discussions to resolve questions.

Finally, if a female student is inspected by a peer, and later that same day changes clothing for any reason, it is required that she voluntarily submit herself to the original Peer Inspector (or the nearest RI, if he is unavailable) for reinspection; a female student should not feel that she is “safe” once she has been inspected, and assume that she can now attire herself in a manner that violates the CCC and Dress Code. This includes, but is not limited to: changing clothes due to the results of an inspection, getting ready for bed, getting ready for a date, or changing clothing that has become soiled with food, drink or any other foreign substance. Any Witness to the original inspection who becomes aware that the girl has changed clothing is required to inquire if a subsequent inspection was completed, and must report to an RI if it has not.

Helpful Hint:
It is recommended that a female student who wishes to change clothing locate her original Inspector and ask that he accompany her to her room to assist her in selecting her new outfit. This will be helpful to him, as it will shorten the amount of time necessary for him to inspect you, and allow you and him both to ensure that no questionable clothing is worn, eliminating the possibility for you of a failed Inspection.

Instructions for the Peer Inspectors
Performing Peer Inspections is a new responsibility, and one which should be taken very seriously. Although the young men of this College should not consider it a punishment, it must be understood that this new duty is a result of past actions and attitudes by some members of the male student body, and as such strict adherence and enforcement is required and necessary.

It is expected that you will be nervous in your new role as Peer Inspector, and may wish to avoid it altogether. There is also a potential that some young men may wish to avoid inspections of their female friends, likely to allow them to wear clothing in violation of the Dress Code. You should therefore be aware that any female student in your company during Personal Time is your responsibility, and if an RI decides to perform a surprise inspection on her while she is with you, you can be held accountable for any violations. It is therefore recommended that you perform Peer Inspections often, as it will send the message to the female students that you take the rules very seriously, and will in turn reinforce the idea that the Dress Code should be followed at all times.

Because this is new, strange, and likely somewhat uncomfortable for you, you should start by performing Peer Inspections of your closest female friends; the girls you have lunch with, talk with often, and socialize with the most. You will be most comfortable around these girls, and therefore less likely to make mistakes. The girls, too, will appreciate that you are being a good friend to them, allowing them the opportunity to prove to you, a friend whom they admire and respect, that they are in compliance with the rules and the Dress Code.

While the best educator in situations like this is experience, there are some basics that should be covered prior to your first inspection. First, you should all review The Four Pillars of Decency and familiarize yourselves as much as possible with the Dress Code. Through research into the citations issued by the Inspection Team, it has become apparent that three primary violations are most common, and shall be discussed here. This does not mean that your inspections should be limited to these violations, but this will give you a good understanding of what to look for, and a good place to begin. Beyond the advice here, your guiding principle for any decision during an inspection should be “err on the side of caution.” This is a great responsibility that you must accept. If you Peer Inspect and pass a fellow student, and she is subsequently inspected by a uniformed Inspection Officer and fails, you have let her down, let yourself down, and now risk disciplinary action for both of you. Do not, therefore, be afraid to ask Witnesses for advice or assistance. Remember, if you’re not certain if a piece of clothing is compliant, it’s always safest, for you and for her, to assume it is not.

Violation 1: layering of clothing
Everyone should know that layering of clothing is not allowed by the dress code, but the number of times that this violation occurs definitely indicates that it is either not followed or correctly understood. Put the simplest way, no item of clothing may lay over another item of clothing at any time. If a shirt extends below the waistband of a skirt, there is overlap, and the clothing is not compliant. Either the skirt is being worn too high, or the shirt is too long. To help make this determination, draw an imaginary line across the naval (belly button) parallel to the floor (see figure below). This guide will refer to “tops” as all clothing worn primarily above this line, and “bottoms” as all clothing worn primarily below this line. The hem of the top should end above this line, and the bottoms should not rise above it. In most cases of violation, only one item (either the top or bottom) crosses the line. In all cases, whichever item of clothing covers more surface area on the girls body should be considered the primary item. Most often, this is the top. The secondary item, therefore, would be in violation, and should not be returned after the Inspection. Full body coverings are any item of clothing that crosses this imaginary line. A dress, jumpsuit, or overalls are all examples of this type of clothing.

Layering, however, is not limited to just tops and bottoms overlapping. There are times when girls wear panties under a skirt or other bottom, likely with the intent of allowing a glimpse to excite the male students. This is strictly prohibited, and must be one of the things you are looking for during an Inspection. Similarly, it must be ensured that bras are not worn, except as outerwear, and that nothing is worn underneath them. The surest way to ensure this kind of compliance is to request the removal of the clothing from The Inspected, and then to inspect the clothing itself. Tops with built-in bras or doubled fabric are a technical violation of the Dress Code, and the Inspected should be notified of such. Similarly, shorts or skirts with a built-in panty are considered layering, and are therefore out of policy.

As a Peer Inspector, you are required to maintain the flow of the inspection and ensure that all people’s rights are upheld. First and foremost, the rights of your female classmate must be respected. This means that you must ensure a fair and thorough inspection, taking your time and being as detailed as possible. If you miss something during your inspection, and the girl is later cited for a violation of CCC, you will have let her down, and failed to live up to the expectations and trust placed in you. Always keep in mind that most people take pride in their appearance, and their clothing is a large part of what is shown to the world at large. Quickly examining a piece of clothing and tossing it back to her to put back on is insulting, and the equivalent of saying “this is really nothing special to look at, and I don’t care about it.” Take your time inspecting the clothing, feeling the fabric and texture, and tell her if you like it. She will appreciate the compliment.

You are also responsible to ensure that all Witnesses are given the opportunity to inspect the clothing for compliance. Any questions or concerns raised by the Witnesses must be addressed, and if consensus can not be reached, you must make a judgment. Although it has been stated before, it bears repeating that the safest judgment is to err on the side of caution. If a question arises about an item of clothing, the best decision you can make as Inspector is that it be not be returned to her, and that she go without for the remainder of the day. This will reinforce to all students that the boundaries should not be pushed; if there is a question about a garment, then it is a questionable garment.


Included here are several case studies that have been compiled by student volunteers involving layering. Please read through these to familiarize yourself with the potential issues and recommended outcomes.

I ran into Lizzie in the library, waiting for her friends. She was dressed up and going out for the night, and looked very nice. I had read the dress code earlier that day, and remembered about the imaginary line at the belly button. Lizzie’s sweater was obviously too long to be worn with her skirt.

I told her I was going to give her a Peer Inspection, and she was a little irritated, but had also been told about these earlier in the day. She agreed, and removed her sweater so I could inspect it for compliance, and ensure that she was not wearing a bra.

I then asked her to stand and remove her skirt. She was a little reluctant at first, because now a small crowd had gathered. She kept glancing around nervously, and took a while to get it off.

Once it was off she allowed me to confirm that she was adaquately shaved. I looked over the whole area at first, then moved in for a closer inspection.

Once I had completed the Peer Inspection, I allowed her to select either the sweater or skirt, since the two overlapped when worn together, and could not be allowed.

The next case study involves Lola. Most of you likely know her; she is extremely partial to the color yellow, and wears it almost exclusively. One of our Peer Inspectors was passing her room the other night, and found her reclining on her yellow couch.

I struck up a conversation with her, and she had heard about the Peer Inspections that were starting up. I explained to her that her t-shirt was too long to be worn as a top, and she argued a little bit, stating that she’d worn it all day and no Inspectors had stopped her. “There’s skin showing between my shirt and my panties!” she said.

“But your belly button isn’t showing” I argued. I showed her the sheet that had been passed out, and she finally agreed with me.

I told her that I was going to Peer Inspect her, and asked her to give me the top so I could ensure there was no bra sewn into it.

Then I remembered that I should ask the girls to turn around, so I could look at their whole outfit, so I’m not rude, ignoring their clothes. I asked her to turn so I could see the back of the bottom she was wearing.

She stayed like this for a few moments while we talked about classes, and then I told her that I needed to ensure she did not have any pubic hair. She tried pulling her panties off from that position, but it was difficult.

She finally got them off, and then laid flat on her back to show that she was shaved.

I then had to explain to her that I needed to inspect much more close up, and asked her to assume a couple of different poses that allowed me to do that.

Finally, I was satisfied that she did not have any pubic hair, and offered her the t-shirt back.

“No thanks.” She said. “I’m going to get ready for bed now, anyway, and I’d just have to call you back for another inspection. I’ll just sleep nude.”

Our third example of layering comes from a young man who found Alison climbing a tree in the quad.

She felt pretty safe from any dress code violations because she was wearing a see-through dress with no nipples, so it was pretty obvious she wasn’t layering. But the see through material made it pretty obvious she had panties underneath. I explained about the Peer Inspection process. She pouted a bit, and was nervously playing with the hem of her dress. I don’t think she expected me to Inspect her out here in the middle of the park.

I asked her to first remove the top, and although she wasn’t happy with me, she didn’t argue.

The top was pretty easy to inspect; it was just too long to wear with the panties. Then I told her “I need you to take off your panties so I can confirm you don’t wear pubic hair, and don’t have anything under them.”

She couldn’t believe I had asked that, for a second, but eventually did do it for me. She was really nervous, though.

Once that was done, the worst seemed to be over. She was obviously shaved, and posed for me to prove it when I asked her to. She started to get a little more comfortable, and after the Witnesses all asked for confirmation, she was feeling pretty silly, and started to run around and play without her clothes.

Violation 2: pubic hair
According to the published CCC, pubic hair is to be considered “clothing” in the technical sense, since it is a body covering that provides for modesty. While having pubic hair is not a violation of the CCC, it must be remembered that pubic hair is considered a bottom, and must be treated as such. Therefore, shirt length and other considerations pertaining to bottoms must be kept in mind. A Uniformed Inspector has the experience and training to make an on-the-spot determination of what quantity, style and length pubic hair is to be considered “clothing”. You will be acting only as a Peer Inspector, and once again the decision here must be to err on the side of caution. Therefore, for the purposes of Peer Inspection, the definition of pubic hair is any observable hair, in any shape, pattern or length, on or around the pubic region. Here it becomes necessary to perform both a close-up visual inspection as well as tactile inspection before a decision is rendered. Once again, you, as The Inspector, are responsible to ensure that everyone’s rights are protected. Your female classmate has the right to expect that she can feel secure in her choice of attire after the inspection is complete, and is therefore entitled to your full attention and a detailed inspection. Witnesses, too, must be satisfied of your judgment, and given the opportunity to validate your findings if they so desire. Debate and discussion are encouraged between the Witnesses and Inspector, but the decision of The Inspector shall be final.

Often times a visual inspection is all that’s required to make a determination. To properly perform a visual inspection of the pubic region, you should request that your classmate spread her legs and either lie or lean back. Often, girls will instinctively move their hand or hands to cover the area, which will limit your ability to clearly see the entire area. This can be avoided by requesting that they place their hands in their hair, above their heads, on their breasts, or that they lean back and support their weight with their arms. This will allow you unrestricted visibility, which is important if you are to make a fair and accurate judgment. When making your inspection, draw an imaginary line from her belly-button straight down between her legs. You should carefully study all skin for at least six inches in either direction of that imaginary line, paying special attention to the skin where her legs meet, the area around and above her labia, and the area around her anus. Hair surrounding her anus, while not normally worn as body cover, is technically pubic hair, and should be judged as such during a Peer Inspection. Remember, uniformed, trained Inspectors can make judgment calls in the field, while you are much safer simply viewing everything as either “yes” or “no”. Is there even a single pubic hair? If the answer is “yes”, your decision is made for you.

You may need to request your classmate assume different positions to complete your inspection. This is to be expected, and is not only acceptable, but is encouraged. Use creativity to ensure both fun and precision during the Peer Inspection. Accurate, fair and thorough Inspections can only be achieved if great care is taken, and attention is paid to detail. To skip or gloss over a step would be insulting to the classmate you are supposed to be assisting through The Inspection.

In the case of the young lady pictured below, it is difficult to determine if the pubic hair that is visible is intentional or not. She may have decided to start growing it out, or could have just neglected to shave this morning. Again, stressing fairness to The Inspected, you must err on the side of caution, and consider this pubic hair, which will count as a bottom. If she decides to take a shower and shave, she must consider this a change of clothing, and request a new inspection.

If a student has recently shaved, it might appear to the eye that she is completely devoid of pubic hair, and therefore eligible to wear a bottom covering. This may very well be the case, but remember that a Peer Inspection does not allow for judgment on the part of The Inspector, and tactile inspection is required before a final decision can be made. To properly perform a tactile inspection, you will need to have your classmate assume a position that provides easy access to the area; normally laying on her back with her legs spread wide. You will then run your fingers over all skin inside an imaginary box that extends the width of her body and from her naval to her thighs, approximately six inches below the crook where each leg meets her body.

This young lady has not yet removed her shirt for inspection, but has kindly pulled it up and out of the way to allow for the visual examination. As you can clearly see, there is a good deal of pubic hair, and this must then be considered a bottom. Do not, however, automatically skip the tactile inspection. This inspection can allow you to make a more thorough inspection, and even offer words of advice or encouragement. For example, since it’s obvious that this girl does sculpt her pubic hair, you could inform her after your tactile inspection that the areas she does trim are well groomed, or perhaps in need of closer trimming, whichever the case may be. She will likely find this helpful should she later decide to eradicate her pubic hair in favor of more conventional bottoms.

This Inspector was creative in his approach, utilizing the young woman’s flexibility to keep the Peer Inspection light and fun for all involved. This position allowed for close-up visual and unencumbered tactile inspection, which is the best way to ensure a thorough and accurate Peer Inspection.

In the next series of images we will see some examples of the proper method of tactile pubic inspection. Using varying pressure, run your fingers and hands along the skin all around the pubic area. Although some of these students elect to wear pubic hair, we can still see the proper techniques employed.

Although images can provide a good basis of understanding, we must once again stress that experience is the best teacher here. Take your time and experiment to find your own techniques. Request suggestions from the Witnesses, and watch them to pick up tips. You can even request that your classmate use her own hands and fingers so that, by observation, you can become more comfortable with the process. Seeing how she uses her own fingers will give you more confidence that you’re doing it correctly, and make you and the Witnesses less nervous, which will lead to a more thorough and accurate Inspection.

In the image below, you can see that this girls hand is just like your own. Mimic her movements and pay attention to how much pressure she uses. Take your time, and ask her to continue on her own until you feel comfortable. Notice the different positions and motions she uses.

Observing the styles and motions of many different classmates will increase your confidence and skills and enable you to become a more thorough and productive Peer Inspector.

As with all things, the more you are able to study this behavior in your female classmates, and the more you’re able to practice it yourself, the more adept you will become. Take some time during every Peer Inspection to watch your classmates in this activity, even requesting that they use different hand positions or methods.

Another excellent way of learning this type of behavior is to request nearby female classmates assist with the Inspection. Although they may not act in an offical capacity, by watching the way they touch The Inspected, a lot can be learned. The following images were taken during a recent Peer Inspection, and clearly show how a female classmate can assist in the Peer Inspection process.

Close inspection of this student’s pubic area revealed some stray hairs on the inside swell of her right buttock. This was rightly considered pubic hair by her Peer Inspector, and the panty she had been wearing could have resulted in a violation from a Uniformed Inspector. The Peer Inspection process, in this case, not only saved this student from potential disciplinary action, but also from the humiliation of a failed Inspection on her record. She has been Inspected since, and has proven to be much more meticulous in her shaving and dressing, which has made her much more conscientious of the Dress Code, and therefore much more compliant.

In some cases you will inspect a young woman who has made the decision to wear pubic hair as her bottom. As a Peer Inspector, when dealing with this situation, you must always remember the official rules of the Dress Code. A top may cover a girl from her head to the imaginary line at her naval. Anything longer than this would be considered a dress, or full-body covering. If a Peer Inspected student is found to have pubic hair, she is considered to be wearing a bottom already, so care must be taken to carefully inspect the length of her top. If the top is long enough to be considered a full-body covering, it may not be permissible to wear, as the result would be two bottoms, or a violation of the Dress Code.

This young lady believed herself to be in full compliance, wearing her shirt as a top, and her pubic hair as her bottom. She was Peer Inspected, and informed that the top was, technically a full-body cover, since it was far too long to be considered a top. As you can see, it actually covers the top of her pubic hair, meaning it extends quite a few inches below the imaginary line at her naval. The Peer Inspector kept the offending item of clothing to return to her later, and she was saved from the humiliation of a failed Inspection and subsequent hearing because of it.

This young lady elects to wear pubic hair as her bottom. As you can see, she appears to be in full compliance, as the hem of her t-shirt is clearly above her naval, and her pubic hair adequately covers her below, providing a level of decency with which she feels comfortable. A Peer Inspection would not be inappropriate or unwarranted, however, as it will give her the chance to prove to everyone that she is in full compliance with the Dress Code, and is not wearing a bra or inappropriate t-shirt with double-layered cotton. Doing well and being publicly congratulated is very rewarding, so even if you can see no indication, or even potential that a young lady may be out of compliance with the Dress Code, do not hesitate to volunteer your time to provide her with a Peer Inspection. It will give her a chance to let everyone know what a good job she is doing paying attention to the Dress Code, and allow her to be congratulated and admired for doing so well. We all enjoy positive feedback, after all.

Violation 3: multiple bottoms
While we have already discussed layering, such as wearing panties beneath a skirt, there is another, separate danger that is fairly unique to the lower half of the body, or the bottoms. As the Dress Code has been updated from time to time to keep with fashion trends, the definition of “bottoms” has expanded to include stockings and pantyhose, both of which are technically the same as the dress code is concerned. While socks that pull up to below the knee are considered accessories, any clothing that covers from the knees to the naval are considered “bottoms”, and thigh-high stockings or pantyhose certainly fall into that category. Even a knee-high sock or stocking can be stretched to reach above the knee, so if there is any doubt, remember to err on the side of caution.

Katie, pictured below, is in violation of this category. To our current topic, because her stockings extend above the kneecap, they are strictly considered bottoms. Because she elects to wear pubic hair, she is guilty of wearing double bottoms, even though there is no overlap. Astute students may have also noticed that her shirt extends below her naval, and would therefore be considered a body covering, rather than a top. The appropriate action in a Peer Inspection would be to confiscate her top and the stockings, both of which put her in violation of the Dress Code. In this case, she elected to dress in another outfit and requested a subsequent inspection from her Peer Inspector.

Amy quickly pulled down her shorts to prove that she was in compliance with the dress code, but close examination will show you that she has pulled a thong panty down along with the shorts in an effort to conceal the fact that she had layered her clothing by wearing multiple bottoms. More close examination will reveal that the top, in fact, also contains multiple layers, as can be seen by the solid panel in the center of her back. A further detailed and thorough Inspection confirmed that she had completely denuded her pubic region, meaning that she was eligible to wear both a top and bottom. Her Peer Inspector decided to return her shirt to her at the end of the Inspection, with explicit instructions to remove the built-in bra panel at her first opportunity, but to wear it so that the bra was not covering her breasts until that time. He assumed that to be a fair compromise, and she accepted his recommendation, as required by the Peer Inspection process.

This was an inappropriate decision, and she was later formally Inspected and found non-compliant due to the built-in bra in the shirt, even though it did not affect the appearance of the shirt. This is an excellent example of why a Peer Inspector should not make judgment calls, and should err on the side of caution. Had her Peer Inspector confiscated the non-compliant shirt, she would have passed her Inspection (or avoided it altogether). This is an excellent example of the importance of the Peer Inspections process, and the need to take it seriously.

Ernie was practicing tennis in the College sports complex when a group of helpful young men walked by and saw her. They stopped and volunteered to Peer Inspect her and her tennis partner. While her partner was found to be in full compliance of the CCC, Ernie was discovered to be wearing multiple bottoms, including her pubic hair. The boys helpfully kept her thong bottoms and stayed with her while she finished playing tennis. They returned her thong to her back at the dorm later in the day, when she came to them requesting a follow-up inspection after her shower.

Not all Multiple Bottoms violations occur due to pubic hair. Tanya, pictured below, was found wearing panties underneath her shorts. Luckily, after a very thorough Peer Inspection, she was not found to have pubic hair. Triple Bottoms would have been an extremely severe violation, and contacting a Uniformed Inspections Officer would have been strongly recommended.

After the panties are discovered, The Peer Inspector, understanding his correct role, continued with the inspection as appropriate, to ensure that his classmate would be in compliance after he had helped her to correct her oversights and violations.

Finally The Inspector uses close up visual and tactile inspection to verify that his classmate is not committing a triple violation by wearing a third bottom layer of pubic hair.

Close visual inspection is performed along with a tactile inspection, validating the initial determination. Rightly, The Inspector did not neglect his duty to ensure that the anus was closely inspected as well, ensuring a detailed and accurate Inspection for his classmate, helping to ensure her future compliance and reduce any chance of her receiving a citation for violation of the CCC.

How to react: failure to comply.
Failure to comply with an inspection can range from blatant refusal to an attempt to perform a Peer Inspection, to failure to comply with a single command issued by The Inspector. As you become more comfortable in your role as Peer Inspector, you will naturally become (and as a result, act) more confident, and this confidence will manifest itself in the flow and ultimate direction your Peer Inspections take. Nervousness and indecisiveness are evident in your actions and speech, and will in turn tend to make your classmate nervous and indecisive. The best way to overcome this, of course, is to practice. Schedule some quiet time with a small group of friends; our research has shown a group of three to four young men and one or two young ladies is ideal, and go somewhere quiet and private for a few hours. A dorm room, the library, or an empty classroom are all ideal places for practice, as long as you will not be disturbed. Each young man should take turns performing a peer inspection on each young lady, with the other young men acting as Witnesses. It’s helpful if the young women bring along multiple changes of clothes, to give everyone more practice and experience. This kind of situation will better prepare both the young men and women for the Peer Inspection process. Prepared, confident participants will, of course, be the surest way to guarantee that the program is successful.

Regardless of the amount of practice or confidence any of the involved individuals have, it is understood that there may occasionally be some reluctance on the part of The Inspected to comply with a specific command. The Peer Inspection process itself is mandatory for both male and female students. A female student requesting an Inspection must immediately be given a full and thorough Inspection if possible, or may be, at the Inspector’s discretion, referred to a fellow classmate for Inspection. Any female student must submit herself for inspection immediately upon request of a male student during any Personal Time period (previously defined). This requirement is regardless of any prior inspection the same day; each student of the College has the right and responsibility to ensure that each of their peers is in compliance with the CCC, and is entitled to validation of that compliance first hand. Therefore, under no circumstances may any female student decline a request for Peer Inspection. Should a female student so decline, an RI or Inspector should be immediately summoned. The female student will then be given a formal Inspection (with all consequences and disciplinary ramifications associated therewith), as well as a disciplinary citation for failure to comply with a Peer Inspection.

In the course of an Inspection, a young woman may feel that a command issued by The Inspector is unreasonable or inappropriate. The College Administration understand that this can occasionally occur, and recognizes that, at a time like this, the Inspected and Inspector will each have a different opinion of what is appropriate. This can occur one of two possible ways.
1) The Inspector may be trying to take advantage of his position as Peer Inspector by requesting an inappropriate action or display.
2) The Inspected may be knowingly in violation of the Dress Code or CCC, and is attempting to avoid detection by refusal of a specific action or display.

Should The Inspected raise a concern about a specific request, the decision must fall to an unbiased third party. The Witnesses are involved in the Peer Inspection only from an observational and validation point of view, and therefore have no vested interest in the outcome. When a question is raised, the command must be discussed amongst the gathered Witnesses, and a decision given. If the request of The Inspector is judged inappropriate, The Inspected need not complete that action or display. Should three (3) separate instances of inappropriate requests occur during a single Peer Inspection, The Inspector shall be eligible for disciplinary action by the Disciplinary Board. If, however, the Witnesses judge the request reasonable, The Inspected is required to, without further argument or delay, execute the requested action or display. Failure to do so must and shall be viewed and treated as refusal of Peer Inspection, and all same citations and disciplinary action taken.

If The Inspected feels that the judgment of the Witnesses was incorrect or unfair, she shall, regardless, be required to immediately and without argument execute the requested action or delay. She then has the right to file a formal complaint with the grievance committee through the established procedure.

Through this multi-layered process The Administration feels confident that all Peer Inspections will be appropriate and in keeping with the intended purpose of upholding the values of decency and the CCC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
This section will try to answer the questions submitted by the test group during the trial period of this program, to help ensure that the program is successfully launched and fully understood by all students.

Peer Inspector Asked Questions:
Q. How do I know if my classmate becomes sexually aroused during The Inspection?
A. In certain instances, your classmate may become sexually stimulated or aroused during the course of an inspection. This is a natural physical response, and is perfectly normal. This is nothing that anyone should be ashamed or nervous about. Signs of arousal can include erect or swollen nipples, redness or puffiness in the vaginal area due to increased blood flow, an enlarged or engorged clitoris or excessive moisture on or around the vagina.

In the following series of images, look for the swelling and firmness of the nipple. A light touch will allow you to confirm the hardness present. Use both a visual and tactile inspection of the nipple to confirm arousal if you believe it is present in your classmate. You can always return to check again to see if the arousal has subsided throughout the course of the Peer Inspection.

There are several ways to manually validate a visual suspicion of nipple erection. Following are a series of images depicting a few different methods. These are not intended to be all inclusive, and with all things, practice and observation are your best teachers here.

Here we see two roommates, both of whom are displaying erect nipples during a Peer Inspection, indicating the beginnings of sexual arousal.

Next we see a young woman with multiple signs of arousal, including erect nipples and an enlarged clitoris.

This next image provides an excellent example of an enlarged clitoris. The observant Peer Inspector will also note that this student’s pubic hair is highly visible, and would therefore count as a bottom.

In this next picture, notice the darker coloration of the skin around the vaginal opening, along with the slightly spreading labia and enlarged clitoris, indicating a more enhanced sexual arousal. The best way to confirm this would be to gently insert a finger in between the labia into the vaginal opening to feel for moisture. This can be done as part of the tactile inspection of the pubic region, or separately if arousal is suspected during a different part of the Peer Inspection.

Another way to confirm moisture is to ask The Inspected to insert one of her own fingers into her vaginal opening, and then inspect her finger upon withdrawal, as was requested of Brea and Kimberly in the following 2 images.

Sometimes the moisture is more visibly evident. Here we can clearly see the redness and puffiness surrounding the vagina, as well as traces of moisture. Lydia is clearly sexually excited.

Here we can see the hints of Megan’s sexual arousal evident in both the coloration and glistening of moisture.

A closer visual inspection is performed to validate the assumption. This does not, of course, preclude the use of fingers, either yours or hers, but helps to formulate the opinion. Notice the coloration, moisture, and swelling present.

A Peer Inspector suspected that Lisa was becoming sexually aroused, and first checked for visual signs.

Finding moisture present, he proceeded to perform a tactile inspection to confirm his suspicions.

Notice the redness around the area, and the moisture, originating from the vaginal opening. This indicates an advanced state of sexual arousal.

Yet another method, if there is another female student present and being Peer Inspected, is to have her insert her finger into the vaginal opening of The Inspected, and to inspect her finger upon withdrawl. See below that Kelli’s finger is obviously moist upon withdrawn from Avril’s vagina, indicating sexual arousal.

Lastly, it is possible to detect arousal in other positions. Note here that Andrea is laying on her stomach, but the signs of arousal are still visible if The Inspector knows what to look for.

Q. What do I do if the girl I’m inspecting becomes sexually excited?
A. Please refer to the CCC’s Four Pillars for guidance here.

Q. Can I Peer Inspect multiple girls at the same time?
A. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so, as long as you are certain that you can pay close attention to each Inspection, and ensure a thorough and accurate inspection for each of your classmates. It is unfair to the group of girls if you are unable to give each girl adequate attention, and fail one or more of them by overlooking a detail that could result in a citation from a College Inspection.

Scott, a first year student at the College and Peer Inspector during the test period, stumbled across four of his classmates heading into town on Saturday evening. Not wishing to subject the school to ridicule by allowing his classmates, who were obviously in violation of the CCC and Dress Code, to be seen in town dressed as they were, he performed a quick Peer Inspection of all four young ladies on the bike path. Because of the rules of the Peer Inspection process, each of the four were then required to seek him out before dressing for bed, so he was confident that he would be able to more thoroughly Inspect each girl later, and in better lighting. His concern at the time was for the actual clothing, and the adherence to the dress code. While this kind of “loose” inspection is not recommended, in certain cases it is warranted, and this was no exception.

In this first image we can see the 4 girls he stopped. It does appear that they are attempting to be compliant, but you can clearly see that all of them are wearing t-shirts long enough to be considered body cover.

The Peer Inspector was quickly able to confirm that none of the girls were wearing multiple layers in the form of bras or panties.

After the quick, roadside inspection, it was determined that only Sandi, the girl on the far right of the picture, was in partial compliance. She alone had completely denuded her pubic region, and was therefore eligible for both a top and bottom or a body covering. This roadside Peer Inspection prevented these ladies from going into town in direct violation of the CCC.

After the results of the Peer Inspection were given, all four ladies elected to return to the Dorm building with Scott, where they each selected new outfits, repeated their Inspections in more thorough detail, and then were free to head into town.

Q. I am afraid that the girls might get bored during the Inspections. Is there anything I can do to keep it interesting for them?
A. That is an excellent question, and thoughtful as well! Yes, there are several things you can do to help keep the Peer Inspection fun. Several suggestions were received from young men who have found creative ways to allow the girls to pass the time during their inspections.

“I thought of it by accident, really.” Confesses second-year student Thomas. “A few friends and I were walking past the pool, when we saw Erin laying out, getting a tan. She had her radio with her, so we thought it would be more fun for her if she spent the time dancing, rather than just sitting around bored. She was reluctant at first, but the few Witnesses that were around agreed, so she really had no choice. I think she had fun.”

She started off slowly, a little unsure. After the second or third song, though, she kind of got into it.

We waited for her to be comfortable dancing before we asked her to take her bottoms off. We had to inspect them, and then of course her pubic area. She couldn’t dance for that part of the Inspection, but we did take a few minutes Inspecting her clothes, so she got to dance while we did that, which is much more fun than just sitting there, I’m sure.

“This was such a good idea, that we use it a lot now. Most nights we will have a few guys over to our room, and we’ll go out into the halls and bring a couple of girls back. We’ll turn on the music and let them dance while we go through the Inspections.”

The Administration believes this to be an excellent idea, and encourage the use of this theme and variations of it in your own Peer Inspections. There is no reason that they need to be stuffy and boring. Adding a bit of a festive, party-like atmosphere will surely help relax the Inspector and Inspected both. If she is able to keep her mind off of the Inspection by dancing, playing games, or other fun activities, the process will be much more enjoyable for all. Don’t let the fun get in the way of your duties, however. First and foremost, you must ensure that all Inspections are as complete and detailed as possible.

“Two of my buddies and I were Peer Inspecting the three girls from down the hall.” Wrote in Anthony, a first year student here at the College. “We thought it would be interesting to teach them how to Peer Inspect each other. They didn’t want to at first, but decided that they didn’t want us to get the RI. We had the girls remove each others clothing, rather than their own. It was silly, but it kept things fun.”

“We guided them through everything, and even had them do some of the tactile pubic examinations with their hands and their tongues, just to keep the mood light. I remembered the RI telling me that laughter is okay, as long as the Inspection is taken seriously.”

“Jessica did the tactile inspection with her hand. She got a little overzealous, but no one seemed to mind by that point in the Inspection.”

This is another excellent idea. Other twists to keep things interesting could be to teach a girl to perform an Inspection on herself, or to try to do an inspection on her roommate without using her hands. Including your female classmates in the Inspection process will help them understand what to expect when they are inspected themselves, and will bring more awareness of the rules to all students. As long as the Peer Inspection is productive, thorough and accurate, there’s no reason not to have fun with it.

Here, to kill the time while the Inspector and other Witnesses inspect her clothing for compliance, the guys have challenged Madison to a wrestling match and are attempting to flip her onto her back.

Here Amber goes through her workout in the gym while the Inspector and Witnesses look on.

“I’ll try to do some of my Peer Inspections when I’m out in town.” Recommends a third year student, Gordon. “I ran into Patti at the bar the other night. She was surrounded by a group of guys from town, and wearing a skirt and bra. The townspeople don’t dress quite the same as the girls from the College, so that was probably part of it.”

Gordon explained the Peer Inspection process to the townspeople, who were curious to see the College customs in practice. She seemed a bit reluctant, but luckily there was an off-duty Inspector in the bar who came to Gordon’s aid.

After she removed her bra and skirt, we found out she was wearing panties. The off-duty Inspector wanted to issue a citation right there and take her in front of the disciplinary board, but I reminded him that this was a Peer Inspection, and that he was off duty.

Of course she had to remove her panties, and then I asked her to perform the tactile inspection on herself.

She had a little bit of pubic hair, so I couldn’t allow her to put her panties or skirt back on, and she didn’t push me because the Inspector was still right there. I looked for her bra, but the guys from town had taken it and it was gone! She actually found it pretty funny, and had a good laugh along with the rest of us.

The guys from town kept asking her to show the pubic inspetion again, which really started getting on her nerves.

Last, we will present the Inspection of Gina. Gina should feel extremely proud of herself, because she passed her Peer Inspection with perfect compliance, and spread goodwill to some potential future students. She was on a first date with a boy from the College at the town’s bowling alley on a Friday night. It was early in the school year, and the place was full. Every lane was in use, mostly by boys from the local high school. Gina was dressed very nicely in a floral, Hawaiian print dress, with a flower in her hair as an accent.

Three other boys from the College came into the Bowling Alley, and realized that Gina was the only College girl there. As they looked around, they realized that, save for the high school girl working behind the counter, she was the only girl in the building! Knowing that some girls like to wear panties on a first date to tantalize the boy they’re with, Greg, the oldest of the three, grew concerned for her decency, especially with all of the younger high school boys present. If she had worn panties, she may allow her guard to drop, and would inadvertently embarrass herself by not keeping herself properly composed, especially considering how short her dress was.

Her date was up at the counter renting her bowling shoes, so she was barefoot, selecting a ball. “Have a seat.” Instructed Greg.

“I’m going to have to give you a Peer Inspection to ensure you’re not going to humiliate yourself or our College.” Gina is a very respectful, soft spoken young lady, and had recently been briefed on the Peer Inspection process, so she agreed without argument.

“First, I need to be sure you’re not wearing a bra.”

By now a group of high school boys had stopped bowling and drifted over to watch the Inspection, clearly interested in College tradition and the rules of the older teens. “Turn and face the other way, and you can take the dress the rest of the way off, then turn back and face me.” said Greg.

“I need to do the close-up visual inspection of your pubic area now. Can you put your foot up on the ball return?” he asked.

Once he was satisfied and had completed his visual and tactile inspection of her pubic area, he asked her to sit on the floor. Some of the high school boys rolled their balls to her so she would have something to do while waiting for the boys to finish inspecting her dress.

Her date chivalrously asked Greg if she could sit on the chair, rather than the floor.

“Of course!” exclaimed Greg. “I’m sorry, I didn’t even think of it!”

While her dress was being passed around and inspected, Greg struck up a conversation with some of the high school boys. They were very interested in the Peer Inspection process, so Greg explained it to them.

“What do you mean about the inspection of the pubic area?” they asked him. “Gina, put your leg up on the back of the chair, so I can show them what I’m talking about. It’s easier than explaining it.”

A few moments later her dress was returned to her from the final Witness. As she was putting it back on, one of the high school boys asked for one final pubic inspection.

“Go on, give them a thrill.” Insisted her date.

Back in her dorm after the date, Greg was still not home. Gina wanted to go to bed, so her date volunteered to provide her follow-up Peer Inspection, which she also passed.

Inspected Asked Questions:
Q: Are these Peer Inspections really necessary?
A: Yes, and this has been proved in several ways. First, written reports as well as photographs taken during the Peer Inspections have shown a large number of violations occurring within the relative privacy of the student Dorms and other areas out of the reach of the Inspectors. Additionally, the number of citations issued to students involved in the test of the Peer Inspections process has been significantly reduced, indicating that this process has helped not only during leisure time, but during school hours as well.

Q: I feel like the guys are using these Peer Inspections just to look at us girls naked. Why is that allowed?
A: While we agree that there will always be a percentage of young men who try to take advantage of certain situations, the Peer Inspections process has been carefully designed to eliminate the vast majority of this unethical behavior, and for strict punishment for those young men foolhardy enough to attempt it regardless. If, at any time during a Peer Inspection, a young lady feels that her classmate is acting inappropriately, she need only bring this up to the assembled Witnesses and request their intervention. The Witnesses have the duty to ensure that the Inspection is kept appropriate through majority vote on any objected-to action requested of The Inspected. This system will ensure that no female student is placed into a compromising position by a male peer. Further, should a female student feel strongly that her rights were violated even with the safety check of the Witnesses, she has every right and opportunity to file a formal complaint with the grievance committee through the established procedure.

Q: The Witnesses are required to be all male. Why is that?
A: Because this solution is being put in place to correct a problem caused by the male students, only the male students need take an active, responsible role in the inspections. Female students are free to watch an inspection, but will not be considered in an official role as Witness, and must step to the back of the crowd and allow all present males to have unhindered visibility. Only male Witnesses shall participate in discussions to resolve questions.

Q: How is that fair to the girls?
A: To allow female students to participate in the Peer Inspections process sometimes, but to elect not to at other times would certainly create further animosity among the male students, who will already feel a bit slighted, being forced by policy to take on the new responsibility of Peer Inspections. Therefore, a decision had to be made one way or the other, keeping a hard and fast rule. Because the Administration felt that peer pressure exerted by the boys onto the girls had caused this issue in the first place, it was decided that the boys alone would be responsible to fix the problem.

Q: I’m really uncomfortable with the guys checking out my naked body during these Peer Inspections. Can anything be done?
A: The purpose of the Peer Inspections process is to inspect your clothing, not your naked body. In order for your clothing to be properly inspected it must be removed from your body. While it is understood that there will be a brief period of time in which your body will be on display, this is not the focus of the Inspection. This unavoidable byproduct of the Inspection process also serves as a mild deterrent to the young women, and as an incentive to follow the rules.

Q: But what about the whole detailed inspection of our crotches?
A: According to the CCC, pubic hair is acceptable to be worn as a bottom, and the only way to inspect pubic hair is when it is still on the body. Close inspection of the entire pubic region is therefore required to complete a Peer Inspection. If you are wearing pubic hair, this is no different than a classmate admiring your shirt, your hair, or your shoes.

Q: I don’t wear pubic hair. Why do I have to submit to the pubic inspection?
A: There are several reasons for this. First, hygiene is as important to the CCC as is actual dress. The anticipation of a Peer Inspection should be incentive for most young ladies to ensure that proper hygiene practices are implemented and followed. Second, the rules surrounding the wearing of pubic hair are quite clear, and defined in terms of “hair” and “no hair” only. Therefore, in order to ensure no violation of the CCC occurs, even those students who appear at first glance to be completely shaved must submit to a close visual and tactile inspection to ensure 100% compliance with the CCC.

Q: Why are the guys allowed in the girls bathrooms?
A: The young men are not allowed to use the girls’ bathrooms. Any violation of this rule should be immediately reported to the nearest RI. Your male classmates are, however, sometimes required to enter the girls’ bathrooms and showers in an official capacity as Peer Inspector. There are young ladies who prefer not to wear pubic hair, but who may have been found through the Peer Inspection process to have performed an incomplete or inadequate job when shaving. A Peer Inspector can make himself available during the showering and shaving process to ensure that all hair is removed to prevent future failure of Peer Inspections, or of actual Inspections. Further, some young ladies may attempt to avoid inspection by “hiding” in the ladies bathrooms. Allowing the young men to follow them inside has eliminated this behavior and prevented non-compliant students from avoiding Inspection. Finally, the showers are often an excellent place to perform a Peer Inspection, since the clothing is presumably already discarded and can be examined thoroughly by the Peer Inspector without bothering the young woman. Also, the pubic examination can be conducted more easily in the shower or bath, as the skin will be moist and more soft to the touch, allowing for easier detection of stray hairs that could result in a violation.

Anna is a second year student here at the College. She prefers to keep her pubic area closely shaved so that she can feel decent wearing skirts, panties, shorts, or other traditional bottom coverings. She failed a Peer Inspection with a classmate because her pubic hair was insufficiently shaved. He accompanied her to her bath so that he could assist her in shaving, and repeat the Inspection before she finished, so she could be assured of being able to safely wear bottoms.

She got into the tub and soaked, allowing her skin to become moist and more easy to shave.

She then took her razor and proceeded to shave as she normally does while her Peer Inspector looked on, offering advice or indicating any spots she might have neglected.

When she had finished shaving, she laid back and allowed her Peer Inspector to perform an additional visual and tactile inspection to confirm that she was not sufficiently denuded, and eligible to wear her bottoms.

All that was left then was to sufficiently rinse the area, a task with which her Peer Inspector assisted.

Q: Can the guys really make me masturbate for them to watch?
A: Absolutely not. Although it is true that a Peer Inspector may ask you to rub and caress your pubic area, mons, vaginal opening, clitoris, breasts, nipples and/or anus so that he can observe the method of tactile inspection you prefer, this action becomes masturbation only if you allow yourself to become sexually excited. Therefore, if you masturbate during a Peer Inspection, it is solely your decision and choice.

Q: A guy told me to smile a lot and made me close my eyes a lot during an Inspection. Is this allowed?
A: The male students have been forced to take on a new responsibility within the school to help enforce the CCC. Many of them are nervous and understandably apprehensive when conducting a Peer Inspection. This is made more difficult when the female students adopt a defensive attitude or become argumentative. Some young men have therefore requested that the young ladies they’re inspecting remain silent, smile, or otherwise adopt a facial expression or body language of enjoyment or fun in order to make the process easier on the young men required to do the Inspections.

Whose face below is more inviting and friendly? Inspectors have a right to the respect of their classmates, and it should not have to be asked for. In the first image, Lydia looks a little irritated, almost surly. In the second, she is smiling brightly and invitingly, and being a good citizen to her fellow classmates.

Q: I was in my room alone, reading a book while nude in bed, and a group of guys came in demanding a Peer Inspection. I was clearly not in violation of CCC, so why was this allowed?
A: The purpose of Peer Inspections is not to punish students who are not in compliance with the CCC, but to ensure compliance. Although it may appear to the casual observer that a person is in full compliance with the CCC, only through a thorough inspection can this be confirmed. Additionally, even in a situation where you are not wearing clothing, a Peer Inspection can inform you to the state of your pubic hair, which will help you make a determination of what can and can not be worn later, when you do dress for the day.

Q: A guy made my roommate and I touch each other and lick each other’s pussies and basically have sex with each other. Why is that allowable?
A: The Peer Inspections process can be an extremely stressful process for the male students because they are assumedly largely unfamiliar with female anatomy and the correct way to touch, as required by the Peer Inspections process. Asking one girl to touch another is essentially no different than asking a girl to touch her own skin. In this way, the young men are able to learn the correct techniques to properly perform the Peer Inspections. This touching and licking, as in the case of self touching, becomes sexual only if and when the young ladies involved allow themselves to become sexually aroused. This is not a reaction under the control of the young men, and is not something for which they should be held accountable. Although arousal and/or orgasm by the young ladies of this college is discouraged in public view, unless significant numbers of complaints by the Peer Inspectors or Witnesses are received, the Administration will refrain from creating any punishments for young ladies who do elect to react this way.

As you can see from the series of images below, this type of female to female interaction can be extremely instructional for the young men, and will ultimately make them more capable Peer Inspectors.

Here three young men have approached Faith and Tina to perform a Peer Inspection. Allan will be performing the actual Peer Inspection, while Rodney and Chetan act as Witnesses. The two girls were getting ready for bed, and so had already removed their clothing. This has made the inspection process much simpler for the young men. In the first image, Faith helps Tina off with her socks.

Allan requests the girls kiss in order to break the tension in the room, while asking Faith to begin a tactile inspection of Tina’s pubic area.

While the two girls are still kissing, Allan takes the opportunity to closely inspect Tina’s pubic area. This is an excellent use of distraction, allowing Allan to perform the inspection without the nervousness that might be present if the girls were watching him.

Allan then asks Faith to use her more sensitive lips and tongue to perform an additional tactile inspection of Tina’s pubic area. This additional step is an excellent example of attention to detail for which Allan should be congratulated.

Finally, Allan requests the same verification, and Tina performs a tactile inspection of Faith’s pubic area.

Although Faith elects to wear pubic hair, Allan rightly did not skip the close inspection of her pubic area. This was a flawlessly performed Peer Inspection, with attention paid to detail, excellent use of distraction and of interesting and unique techniques to keep the process from becoming mechanical and boring, and well documented with photographs to be used instructionally for the rest of the Student Body. Well done, Allan, Rodney and Chetan. Copies of these photos and the description of the Peer Inspection are already hanging in Fait and Tina’s dorm building to serve as instruction and inspiration to others.

Q: Why are a lot of the guys bringing cameras around with them and taking pictures during the Peer Inspections?
A: There are two reasons for this. The Peer Inspection process is new to our College, and as an educational institution, it should be engrained in our daily processes and lives to view all experiences as learning opportunities. Students are therefore encouraged to document the Peer Review with their digital cameras or camera phones (100% of our student body currently owns a cell phone, digital camera, or both, and over 80% of the cell phones on campus have cameras) and document the Peer Inspection to be used as a training guide for other students, and for future classes. Secondary to this, should any student file a grievance against another for improper conduct during a Peer Inspection, the photographs can be used as evidence to help the Administration find the truth. It is therefore in the best interest of both male and female students to have photographic evidence of all Peer Inspections.

Q: Can I request that my photos not be used in training materials on the school internet site?
A: The laws are quite clear, and any photographs legally belong to the person who owns the camera. Therefore, any young man taking pictures during a Peer Inspection has the right to submit his images for posting and educational material, or to do as he pleases. If you would like to have photographic evidence of your Peer Inspections, but not share those photographs, it is recommended that you carry a camera or camera phone, and request that photos be taken with it, as well.

Finally, we have put together a short quiz to help solidify your understanding of your roles, the rules, and the limitations of proper behavior within the structure of the Peer Inspections process.

1. Lisa is wearing a dress that makes it obvious that she is not wearing anything underneath, including pubic hair. True or False? She should not be stopped and given a Peer Inspection?

Answer: False. Although a school Inspector would likely not bother Lisa, the Peer Inspection process is designed to allow the students to confirm compliance, and assist their female classmates in making the correct clothing choices. Although it appears at first glance that Lisa is not wearing pubic hair, only a close visual and tactile inspection can confirm this. A thorough Peer Inspection would allow Lisa to confidently go about her day, secure in the knowledge that a school Inspector would find no reason to issue a citation.

2. Dori and Rene were being Peer Inspected together, and were asked by their Peer Inspector to perform tactile pubic inspection using the more sensitive tissue of their lips and tongues, as well as their hands. They both became sexually aroused, achieved orgasm, and later attempted to file formal complaints. From the following series of images, is there any evidence that the Peer Inspectors acted inappropriately?

Answer: Not at all. The first image is an excellent example of distraction, which allowed the Peer Inspector the ability to closely and thoroughly inspect Rene’s pubic region without the girls’ interference, thereby reducing the nervousness he may have felt. The next few images depict standard tactile inspection techniques employable during any Peer Inspection. Rene and Dori allowed themselves to become sexually aroused, but because no complaint was made by either the Peer Inspector or any Witnesses, this is ignored. The only concern would be if Dori or Rene were asked to do anything they deemed inappropriate, brought their apprehensions up with the Witnesses, and the Witnesses agreed in majority to their concerns. As long as the Peer Inspector receives the backing of the assembled Witnesses, there is no concern for disciplinary action.

3. Melanie is wearing a short white skirt and pink tank top that appear to be well within Dress Code. The shirt is above her naval, and the skirt begins below. What is the largest concern for a failed Inspection in her case?

Answer: Melanie may be wearing multiple bottoms in the form of panties or pubic hair. This was confirmed during the Peer Inspection, as indicated in the below images. Although she felt that the sparseness of her pubic hair style constituted “shaved”, the Peer Inspections process allows for no judgment on the part of the Peer Inspector. Any pubic hair, regardless of its length, style, color or positioning, must be considered hair, and therefore considered a bottom.

In the close-up below, we can see the sparseness and style, and while it is understandable that she may have felt this constituted a shaved style, the Peer Inspector was correct is confiscating the skirt.

4. Amanda is wearing a jacket with a built-in thong that allows her to feel covered, yet shows the Inspectors that she is compliant with the Dress Code. Is this attire truly compliant?

Answer: No. Although the overall length of the jacket makes this a body covering, the thong is built-in, and therefore would be considered a single item of clothing, which is allowable under the dress code. The faint line of pubic hair, however, constitutes a “bottom”, and therefore this outfit is technically layering. Cutting the thong out of the jacket, or tucking it in would still be a violation, because the bottom hem of the jacket extends below her naval. Even though the naval is uncovered, the overall length is what is important. This outfit could potentially result in a citation for Amanda, and a Peer Inspector would have no choice but to confiscate it in its entirety. Were Amanda to shave completely, this would be an acceptable and very cute outfit to be worn confidently around the College.

5. Are either of the below poses, requested by Peer Inspectors, inappropriate?

Answer: No. These are both good examples of creativity and lightness that are excellent ways to keep the tension that may accompany a Peer Inspection. Both poses allow the Peer Inspector and Witnesses to closely inspect the pubic regions of the students being Inspected, but keep the mood of the Inspection fun and exciting for everyone.

We hope that this document has been informative and educational, and will help all students feel more comfortable and at home with the new Peer Inspections process. With full cooperation from all students, we feel that this process will go a long way toward helping reinforce and uphold the CCC at all times. Please direct any questions or comments to the Administration via the Comments section at the bottom of this posting.

College Administration

Thank you, Cheryl, for explaining the new peer-inspection process. It’s a long document, which I have just begun to read, and so I may have additional comments later as I assimilate the important information which you have laid out so nicely for the students. My first impression, though, is that this is a wonderful improvement, which will help to relax the girls, and make them feel more comfortable with our delightful Dress Code. Thanks again!
Comment By Richard Hertz At 11/12/2008 6:38 AM

Hi Cheryl,

I’m delighted about your first post here! I believe I’m maybe to blame that you found this site 😉 and I anticipated your post here after I read your announcement on the ASN board.

You just set a new record with this post! It has almost twice the size than the now second place post. And you also gave a great new additional set of rules to the Dress Code and CCC.

I would be happy if you drop over to the ASN board from time to time.


Comment By iionly At 11/15/2008 10:16 AM

Hi Cheryl,

I’m delighted about your first post here! I believe I’m maybe to blame that you found this site 😉 and I anticipated your post here after I read your announcement on the ASN board.

You just set a new record with this post! It has almost twice the size than the now second place post. And you also gave a great new additional set of rules to the Dress Code and CCC.

I would be happy if you drop over to the ASN board from time to time.


Comment By iionly At 11/15/2008 10:17 AM

Peer inspections are a great idea, and should be enthusiastically embraced by all students. The greatest advantage is that girls can get a non-punitive inspection that will ensure they are complying with the dress code before venturing out.

This can only results in more well dressed ladies. Keep those ideas coming!

Comment By Lee J. Grossman At 11/16/2008 2:21 PM

A couple of college boys came up to me as I was walking through my dorm the other day. I was dressed in only a towel, since I was coming from the showers, where a whole crowd of boys had been watching us girls soaping up and taking videos, ‘for school projects’ they said.
Comment By candy At 12/6/2008 9:56 AM

Anyway, these two boys said they needed to do an inspection. They had me sit on the floor, with my legs spread a bit, and then one of them surprised me by whipping my towel off me, leaving me totally naked. I put a hand over my pussy without thinking, but one of them gently but firmly moved my hand away, and started feeling in pubic area, I guess for pubic hair, though I’m totally shaved.
Comment By candy At 12/6/2008 9:58 AM

He felt around my clitoris and along my pussy lips…I confess, I started to get a little wet…He said he had to check whether I was breaking the rule about excitement. They had me get on my knees, one got behind me, and next thing I knew he was checking whether I was wet all the way in my pussy by sliding his cock into me! Is this supposed to happen?
Comment By candy At 12/6/2008 10:01 AM

Candy, come on now, you know better than that. Inserting a part of the body into your pussy is a perfectly OK way of finding out if you are letting yourself become sexually aroused. I chose my cock because (a) it is sensitive, and I could tell that you were a bit moist at first but totally wet by the time I was all the way in, and (b) it was my first inspection and having my prick deep in your snatch helped me to relax during a stressful duty. And Danny liked watching too.
Comment By mike At 12/6/2008 6:01 PM

Yeah Candy, I was just a witness really but if there was a problem it was with you getting aroused. Mike’s prick looked an excellent tool for internal testing – he even said he could feel your pussy squeezing his cock – and he did pay you a compliment when he said your cunt was very tight. I know you didn’t want me to hold that screening of the video of your inspection, but over twenty guys turned up for it and said they learnt a lot and loved the close-ups. So relax already!
Comment By danny At 12/6/2008 6:06 PM

But Danny and Mike, by now almost every guy in college has seen close-up shots of Mike’s cock sliding in and out of my pussy, and it could be thought tha we were having sex!
Comment By candy At 12/7/2008 5:56 PM

My friend Linda and me were peer-inspected, while sitting in the lounge by 2 boys. They made us strip naked and then had to touch each other crotch to feel if we were shaved in accordance with the CCC. After that they persuaded themselves by a tactical inspection. Cause of the duration of the peer-inspection, Linda became freezing and her nipples hard. The boy who inspected her assumed an arousal and made a depth inspection of her labia by touching and rubbing her. He said, that she was wet. The other boy reinforced it and simultaneous controlled myself for arousal. He also stroke my crotch gently, until I became wet. The first one reinforced this. Then they announced, that in accordance with the CCC they would rape us consensual. What they did without hesitation. Linda and me were fucked innocent at the same time in the lounge, cause our wetness was a result of the peer-inspection.
Comment By Jenni At 12/8/2008 1:05 PM

Candy and Jenni, you really are coming across as whining bimbos lacking in school spirit, which I suspect you’ve been warned about already. Jenni, you got wet, not because of the peer-inspection but because you simply cannot control yourself. Far from doing anything wrong, those boys were actually showing good school spirit by fucking you. And Candi, I’ve seen those shots, and while it does look to many like you are having sex, Mike assured me that he was simply testing your pussy for arousal, and his prick was the best tool for a deep test.
Comment By Alan At 12/10/2008 1:20 AM

I was wondering if someone on college staff could help with a problem. It was my very first peer inspection – a few of my friends and I were visiting the dorms and saw three girls coming back from the beach, still in bikinis. We decided to inspect, taking one girl each and being witnesses for each others inspections. Luckily we had cameras with us too, to record the event. Anyway, to cut a long story short, we each did visual and tactile pubic inspections for ten minutes or so, by which time all of these girls had obvious signs of arousal. I read the account above and decided to test how deep this arousal went, by inserting my penis into her pussy. Luckily, I was hard at that moment. I was a virgin actually, and got hard very very easily I guess because of that.
Comment By johnny At 12/12/2008 10:58 PM

Anyway, I made her get on all fours and slid my cock into her cunt – but only for inspection purposes, I promise. In fact, after a minute I pulled out, having found her wet all the way inside. But I was new to inspection, and to having my cock inside a woman, and noticed my prick was slippery with her juices. So I insisted she use her mouth to wash me off. Is this ok? (Also when she did, I came in her mouth – an accident I swear!)
Comment By johnny At 12/12/2008 11:00 PM

i´m dissatisfied with the peer-inspections. In the first 10 days, i was inspected 10 times. Only in one case, the Ri was contended with raising my skirt to demonstrate, that i wasn´t wearing panties. In 3 cases i (redundant) had to strip naked. In 2 cases, the Ri obligated me to strike some (emberassing) poses. In one case, he searched for pubic hair, not only by looks, but by touching and in 3 cases, they did the same, but suggested, that i was excited. That was only possible, cause they stroke my privates long and very gentle, during the inspection. But they wouldn´t accept this as an excuse and passed on the CCC rules by raping me. This was humilating, cause most of my fellows in the dorm were gathering.
Comment By Brenda At 12/15/2008 3:27 AM

I was peer inspected on my very first day at College! Six of us had just arrived and were having our first ever showers, all young girls, new to the rules but keen. As we were washing and talking, a boy walked into the shower area and just started filming us naked and wet! Some of the girls gasped, some were trying to cover themselves with their hands, but he explained that this was an inspection!
Comment By inspected At 12/21/2008 2:31 PM

As a boy, you are requested to participate a lot. It’s desired, that you try to practice it and naturally to make mistakes. Don´t worry about it. This is included in the planing. The girls are requested to support, by stripping naked on request and to adopt any position you ask. Do the inspection. In the beginning it could takes time, but be accurate. If you feels uncertain of the result, than the other spectators should help and make a test by themselves. Don’t be afraid to strike a girls pubic-area and her labia. Take your time, there’s no hurry. When your close examination brings the result, that the girl is in accordance with the regulations, give her a smile, but elsewise, don’t wait, do what you have to do and give her what she asked for, a good fucking, cause she really wants it. She will enjoy it. During the whole procedure, let your friends make photos and videos to check later, what you can make better.
Comment By Jonny At 1/5/2009 4:05 AM

So three boys walked into my dorm room and made me strip for a peer inspection, but they also videotaped it all and had it going out live on-line on some website they’d created called ‘Big-Titted College Girl Made to Strip Naked’, with thousands of subscribers. Can they do this?
Comment By angie At 1/18/2009 11:16 AM

To angie.
I think there is nothing wrong with taking pictures or filming the nude girls anywhere on the campus or in the dorm. Far from it, it could be helpful for all to learn, whether the girls behaviour is in accordance with the CDC and the CCC or not. Its common that the examples, are published, regardless, if picture or video. All students should visit the websites and study the content intensively. To the boys: Whenever you publish any picture or video, showing the girls being inspected in accordance with the CDC, showering, tested about excitement, being punished due to the wetness rule by raping, or doing anything else of interest, send the link to all others to join it. The male students will always be thankful for getting interesting examples for their further education and pleasure. The girls may take it as an example to upgrade their behaviour.
Comment By Jonny At 1/19/2009 9:46 AM

Jonny, thanks for those apt remarks. Angie has been complaining since we filmed her inspection and over forty thousand people watched, but our innovative live strippings have continued, and since her comments we have inspected her three times, the last one with our new feature where people can suggest things in real time. She sure did look surprised when we tried out the new test for excitement known as ‘how many fingers can we stick in Angie’s cunt?’ (answer: five)
Comment By web-manager At 1/23/2009 4:24 AM

He girls, whats going on? Don´t make a fuss about the inspections. Let the boys inspect you. Let them exercise how to do it. Remember, practice makes perfect. It´s also a good lesson for the girls to resist attempts to bring them into a situation, where they would violate aginst the CCC-rules. Yesterday, i noticed two boys, inspecting three girls. Cause they were untrained and uncertain, what to do, i helped them. I showed them how to check the correct clothing and at lest how to test the sexual excitement. I rubbed the clit of the first girl, until she got wet and showed the other boys, how it works. They learned fast. Easy, the other girls became excited too. So every of them was guilty in accordance with the ccc and we had the duty to punish them. I started and fucked the first girl. The two boys followed my example. It was a great pleasure to see their success by perfoming their task.
Comment By Randolph At 2/2/2009 11:53 AM

Since the Peer Inspection system is supposed to operate in ‘private time’, when the normal uniformed inspectors are not available, questions had been raised as to whether Peer Inspections can also be enforced on the girls when they are OUT of the college campus. After due deliberation, the College Administration decided that as representatives of the college, the girls should be required to maintain the same standards of decent attire when they are ANYWHERE in the town.
Comment By nightplayer At 3/11/2009 10:52 AM

To enforce this, the above guidelines were suitably amended, to make it clear that boys from the college, either singly or in groups, may carry out Peer Inspections on any college girl, at ANY place or time of their choosing, either in the campus or outside it. The girls would have no option of refusing an Inspection even if it was to be carried out in an entirely public spot. Further, it would be in order for the boys to request the services of any willing male members of the public to serve as Witnesses. It was also clarified that all other ‘Pillars’ of the code of conduct would also continue to apply on the girls even when they were outside campus, including the ‘groping rule’, and the prescribed punishment for visible signs of excitement, i.e. Consensual Rape by EVERY male who happens to view the incriminating excitement in the girl’s nipples and pussy.
Comment By nightplayer At 3/11/2009 11:01 AM

The above clarifications have been welcomed by the boys. However, some girls have complained of being forcibly taken by boys to rough neighbourhoods in the town, for Peer Inspections. After reaching the public spot, she is subjected to a detailed inspection by each of the boys. And all the while, a large crowd of ogling men gathers around. Finally, the boys, using the excuse of the ‘tactile inspection’ to test for pubic hair, collectively rub the girl’s clitoris until she gets visibly excited. They then explain to the Consensual Rape rule to the gathered crowd of men. As the girl proceeds to be gangraped by large groups of delighted townsmen, the boys film the scene on their cameras, to circulate within the campus. The College Administration has taken note of the complaints by the girls, but has ruled that nothing in the above scenario violates the Code of Conduct.
Comment By nightplayer At 3/11/2009 11:42 AM

Beautiful Cheryl was one of the early complainants in the above context. A group of six college boys chose to conduct her Peer Review in a seedy diner in town, popular among truckers and bikers. She said in her complaint that the diner had at least 30 large and rough men in it, who lustfully watched her college-mates rub and finger her pussy into a soaking state! And the large grins on the Truckers’ faces were only matched by the size of their enormous erect cocks when they were told that, under the Code, they could ALL rape her at will…
Comment By nightplayer At 3/11/2009 12:07 PM

Cheryl’s complaint was dismissed by the authorities, who rightly pointed out that Consensual Rape is essentially a punitive measure, and hence the above humiliating scenario would only help to increase its efficacy.
Since then, the diner has emerged as a very popular destination for boys to take the most beautiful girls in college to, for Peer Inspections. And the crowd of Truckers there has been swelling in anticipation. Lovely Angelina, the latest girl to have been inspected there, reports over 50 big horny men having been present. She says that even though ALL her holes were filled with 9-inch cocks at ANY given time, it still took the men the ENTIRE night to finish gangraping her! Needless to say, the recording of her Inspection is one of the most popular videos circulating on campus right now.
Comment By nightplayer At 3/11/2009 12:16 PM

Hello, a friend showed me this site and I’ve been reading it over the last hour or so, most recently the one above on peer inspections. I think the ideas are funny and hot, and I was wondering how you would feel about a woman maybe trying to write something for the site? I’d try to fit into the general rules and would use new characters…what do you think?
Comment By Angela S At 6/12/2009 10:53 PM

I am a woman and I came up with and wrote the Peer Inspections rules you just read. I don’t like the consentual rape ideas, but I thought it was sexy, too.
Comment By Cheryl At 6/13/2009 3:45 PM

I love your Peer Inspection piece Cheryl! A sustained exploration of a whole fantasy world, and very hot. I also enjoyed all of the comments underneath, playing in that world in very naughty ways.
Comment By Angela S At 6/14/2009 11:33 AM

Even before Peer Inspections were introduced, there were complaints from the prettier girls about ‘profiling’, essentially implying that pretty or sexy girls were targeted by the Inspectors, who were all male, and enjoyed exercising their power by forcing girls they themselves found attractive to strip for them. These complaints have become more strident since Peer Inspections were brought in. A small minority of girls on campus, who are universally recognised as being ‘hot’, point out that they are are repeatedly subjected to Peer Inspections in public by different groups of boys. Some of hottest girls have pointed out that almost all their ‘private time’ is being spent in either being inspected by a group of boys, or subsequently being gangraped due to exploitation of the ‘tactile inspection’ provision. Often, they point out, a new group of boys descends on them, demanding a Peer Inspection, within minutes of them having been gangraped by a previous group.
Comment By NIGHTPLAYER At 6/21/2009 9:02 AM

To support their claim that the Peer Inspection process is being exploited by boys, the sexy girls have pointed out that the names of the ‘college hotties’ are often to be found on bulletin boards in the boys’ dorms, with ‘lists’ of the boys who have already raped them. Some of the hottest girls have already been raped by every boy on campus, often multiple times, thanks to the Peer Inspections.
Comment By NIGHTPLAYER At 6/21/2009 9:28 AM

And the situation has become much worse for the sexy girls ever since the Peer Inspection Rules were relaxed to allow boys full freedom in choosing WHERE they want to conduct a girl’s inspection, including outside the campus. The poor girl has no choice but to accompany them, often to places where groups of horny men have already been invited by the boys to function as ‘witnesses’ for the Inspection. And then she struggles desperately, and always unsuccessfully, to remain dry while the boys and the ‘witnesses’ mercilessly finger her clitoris and vagina as part of the Inspection. In conformity with the rules, a gangrape invariably follows. There are even allegations of boys accepting monetary rewards for such ‘staged’ Inspections, although more often the boys just want to enjoy the sight of the sexy nubile bodies of their young classmates being repeatedly abused by large groups of rough, lustful men.
Comment By NIGHTPLAYER At 6/21/2009 9:33 AM

To examine the complaints that Peer Inspections were being ‘exploited’ against beautiful girls, a Committee consisting of the Dean and all male faculty members was formed. The logic was that male faculty would be better able to understand the motivations of boys. The Committee invited all ‘hot’ girls for interviews about their experiences during Peer Inspections. The girls were required to be naked during the interviews, which were held in a public setting. Each ‘sexy’ girl was questioned in detail about how many boys had ‘inspected’ her, had to describe her ‘tactile inspections’ and whether she had been able to resist becoming wet, etc. The girls who had failed to remain dry were also asked in detail about their rapes by the Inspectors and witnesses.
Comment By NIGHTPLAYER At 6/21/2009 3:47 PM

After the detailed interviews, the Committee acknowledged that there did seem to be some evidence that girls regarded as ‘sexy’ were peer-inspected more often by boys. However, the Committee pointed out, these girls were precisely the ones who needed to conform more strictly to the dress code, since the wearing of ‘inappropriate’ clothing by them was more likely to distract the boys, and thus vitiate the academic atmosphere on campus. Therefore, the repeated group-inspections of these girls, both within and outside the campus, were a reasonable price to pay, for the privilege of being sexually attractive.
Comment By NIGHTPLAYER At 6/24/2009 9:43 PM

As for the complaints from the ‘hot’ girls about being forced into repeated inspections by different groups of boys, the Committee pointed out that the Code gave ALL boys, whether singly or in a group, the right to inspect any girl, at any time or place they preferred. This was necessary to make the Peer Inspection system effective, since the girls could otherwise ‘exploit’ it by getting their own boyfriends to Inspect them, and then claiming immunity from subsequent Inspections by other boys. The boyfriends of the sexy girls would naturally be interested in preventing them from being stripped, fingered and raped (if they got aroused) by other boys and men, and would thus cooperate with the girls in such ‘exploitation’. The Code was designed to prevent such exploitation, by making it mandatory for a girl to submit to being inspected by ANY boys who wanted to.
Comment By NIGHTPLAYER At 6/28/2009 8:10 AM

The Committee also dismissed the complaints against the new rules allowing boys to choose WHERE they wanted to conduct a girl’s inspection. The authorities pointed out that if this was not allowed, many girls might choose to stay WITHIN their dorms during all their private time. This would not only be unhealthy for their personality development, but may also encourage them to dress ‘sexily’ while within the dorm. So it was important for a girl to know that even when she is inside her dorm, boys could come to her at any moment and ask her to accompany them to a more public spot, for an Inspection. And hence she should continue to remain compliant with the dress code at ALL times.
Comment By NIGHTPLAYER At 6/28/2009 8:29 AM

The Committee closely examined allegations from some girls against ‘pre-arranged’ inspections in front of large groups of men. The Committee found no evidence to suggest that any boy had sought monetary or other rewards for allowing these ‘witnesses’ to participate in the inspections. In general, the Committee pointed out to the girls, a larger number of witnesses was better for the Inspected herself, because it made the ‘discretionary’ parts of the inspection more objective. The two main discretionary elements include decisions on whether or not the girl is fully free of pubic hair, and (later on) whether or not she is guilty of showing sexual arousal. In both cases, a small number of inspectors and witnesses might collude together to decide ‘against’ the girl. Therefore, it was important that every inspector was ‘witnessed’ by as large a number of males as possible, who could help decide these tricky points.
Comment By NIGHTPLAYER At 6/28/2009 9:17 AM

Continuing, the committee pointed out that when boys choose to Inspect a college girl outside the campus (as they are fully empowered to do), there may not be enough college boys present to act as Inspectors, which could lead to ‘unfair’ decisions against the girl. Hence, the interests of objectivity demanded that the boys should try to find spots where there were likely to be large numbers of OTHER males keen to act as witnesses. Since this was often more likely in parts of the town considered as ‘rough’, the boys were only following the spirit of the Code in choosing such areas for inspecting their beautiful class-mates. The girls should willingly accompany the boys to any spot they are instructed to. Any reluctance on their part would be seen as deliberate disobedience of the Code, and could be cause for disciplinary action.
Comment By NIGHTPLAYER At 6/28/2009 10:00 AM

To ensure full objectivity, however, the Committee again reiterated that ALL the witnesses should be fully involved in the Inspection, especially while taking ‘discretionary’ decisions. The tactile inspection of a girl’s pubic mounds, slit and clitoris, for example, should be carried out, one-by-one, by EACH of the witnesses, before deciding whether she has any pubic hair. Similarly, if the girl protests that she did NOT get sexually aroused during the tactile inspection, the decision should be left to the men acting as witnesses. The inspectors and witnesses could devise various methods to test for arousal. Before finally asking for a vote among the witnesses, the boys should ensure that the witnesses fully understand that a ‘positive’ decision would lead to the guilty girl being raped by ALL the Inspectors and witnesses, so that they realise the full gravity of their responsibility before pronouncing a binding decision.
Comment By NIGHTPLAYER At 6/28/2009 10:22 AM